Life of a SuperNatural: Book 1a Amy's Story

Dear Diary,

Today I was walking to Starbucks for some coffee, to keep me awake for the day. I never seem to get any sleep anymore. The same could be said for Mark, we're nearly inseparable these days. Just watching out for each other. Watching children's movies all night long reminds me of when we were innocent without a care in the world. Spoiled rotten. I was doing fine, seriously, I didn't think of her at all that morning. Until an old classmate came up to me. Honestly, the only thing I remember of the incident was her words. "Amy I heard what happened I'm so sorry for your loss". And just like that all the work I put into stopping the pain was diminished...

Everything changes when Amy's mother dies and her 'change' happens. In search of answers, what secrets will Amy unearth? What side will she fight for? Who is this new girl, Felicity? Why is she stalking her?


Author's note

*Please check out the sister story: Life of a Supernatural 1b: Felicity's Story.*

15. Chapter Thirteen part Three


"Excuse me?" She looks appalled but then again most are when confronted by an unbelievable truth.

"Amy, you have powers, I have them too, in fact, two other members of your group's powers have awakened also. This is what your Mother meant by 'change' in fact I helped guide her through hers." Mark and the little girl look up surprised while Amy looks at me in disbelief as I continued, "Don't worry child, a lot of loved ones get hurt when our kinds powers are newly awakened."

"Let's say I believe the load of garbage you're telling me. Are you saying I should get over it because it happens a lot?" She retorted.

"No, I'm saying don't beat yourself up about it. The newly awakened don't know how to control their powers. Especially if it is awakened 'actively' and not 'passively'. "

"Active? Passive?"

"Perhaps it will be easier to explain if Mark tells you how he got his."

" How did you know?" Mark said.

"Well, dear, that's my power," I said as he nodded.

"Well," he starts off, "my Dad kept abusing my mom and one day it looked like he was gonna kill her and I, and I protected her. I don't really remember but my Mom told me that was the first time I turned into a wolf. Now he's dead from a 'heart attack' and Mom's alive."

"Mark, you never told me this---," Amy started saying but Mark quickly cut her off, "---I don't really want to talk about it right now."

His story doesn't surprise me with all the romanticization of abusive qualities in media nowadays our young don't realize what a healthy relationship really is so as a result when the abuse starts happening against our kind powers are either awakened in parent or child in self-defense.

"Thank you for sharing," I said. "That must have been hard. Are you the only one in your family with powers?"

He shook his head no, "My Uncle on my Mom's side had powers too."

"What's his name? Maybe I know him."

"I doubt it he died shortly after his powers appeared."

"I see, I'm sorry," I say unable to find words that will actually give him comfort. I turned my attention to Amy and said, "Amy, an active ability is a power that's awakened because something triggered it. Mark saw his Mother in danger and protected her. The danger was a catalyst to awaken his powers. You mentioned you were drugged that night perhaps the drug was your catalyst. A 'passive' ability is an ability you learn over time."

"Okay." She responds.

"Your sisters are currently at my school," I hold my fingers up to quiet her, "I can see that you still don't believe me about your abilities so how about the little girl shows you. She can shift too."

The whole group looks surprised at the little girl, she meets my eyes and slowly nodding she slowly transforms into a little baby squirrel. I believe she can transform quicker than that, but her nerves slowed it down. It must be her first time doing it in front of others.

The little squirrel hops on the table nudging Amy's fingers as Amy slowly starts to pet her.

This is strange she's not as surprised as I thought she would be seeing it. It's more like she was prepared for at least this if she came and saw me.

She looks up as she gathered the squirrel into her palms,"Anyone else have powers I should know about?"

"Well, Mark also has super strength and Ethan has the potential for powers and as for you." I hesitated, "You have telepathic and agnikinetic powers and others too once you awaken them." I said letting it all sink in.

Amy looks bewildered as she says,"That makes no sense. I think I would notice if I could hear someone's thoughts or ...," She trailed off realizing what I meant and what I've said earlier. I watched as the little boy whispered into Mark's ear asking what telepathic and agnikinetic means.

I hurry to cut the connection to Amy as I felt the first taste of despair echo through the link, <Maya unlink me. I can't feel these emotions.> The fresh feelings of despair and self-hatred of losing a loved one from your own failure. The link was quickly gone but the images already awakened ones of my own, ones, for the most part, I try to forget. Although I didn't show it I knew Maya knew of my emotions.

The little boy had tears in his eyes as he realizes what it means. Mark led him away while I let Amy sort through her emotions. She barely registers the fact they were gone as the little the squirrel rubbed her little head against Amy's neck. The lapse of time barely noticed by us as I focused on the old book smell and read the titles of books that surrounded us, trying my best to not think of the past. The screams and the pain in my feet from walking so far.

Finally, she spoke, "You mean I killed... my mother?" She asked it as a question as if to leave a possibility that it wasn't her. That it wasn't true. I pitied the child but sadly people die when those with agnikinesis or pyrokinesis powers awaken.

She shook her head in disbelief as she took my silence as a yes as she continued, "My sisters, you said they were... were at your school. Tell me about it."

I messaged Maya saying that I trust her and to be in position for if she wishes to attend our school I only brought Maya to make sure Amy wasn't malicious and didn't plan to kill her Mother. It's obvious now that is not the case. Although I will be discussing with our scientists on what drugs could force a Supernatural to awaken.

"Well, put simply its a school for young Supernaturals, that's what we liked to refer to ourselves as, to learn how to control their powers before they start college. We find the late teens are when Supernaturals tend to be awakened because that is when they're discovering themselves and more likely than not their powers interrelate with their personas." I said.

"What do you mean?" Amy asked.

"Well, take for example air, those who possess this ability tend to be happy and carefree. Your sister, Jenna, has the ability of flight but she hasn't unlocked it completely yet." I respond.

"So she's happy? What about Sam?" Amy asked.

Such a curious little child.

"Sam, Sam's well stubborn. You'll see if you want to go to our school."

"Stubborn? So earth?" She asked.

"Yes, exactly. Your mother had the ability to control technology or more specifically code it came from her love of learning how to code. Hence she had a 'passive' ability."

"Interesting, I guess that's why I never knew she had powers. What else does your school teach?"

"Well, we teach basic to advance self-defense, special classes for elemental abilities and abilities similar to them, therapy, anatomy and Supernatural history."


"Well, a lot of the students got their abilities from a tragedy of sorts or have issues. Some are runaways. So yeah, therapy. We have a mandatory group therapy class once a week to help them talk about their emotions and teach them better ways to cope. Besides, therapy is for everyone."

"Okay, let me guess you can't opt out of certain courses either."

"Correct. The school is coed and we do have a little elementary school for children. All students live on campus in our little town called Geheim. Housing and tuition are not charged to attend our school which poses as an elite internship to the outside world, however, students do need to pay for their food. This cost is alleviated by a 20% food discount for regular students and 40% food discount for speedster students, this discount is automatically taken off when you swipe your student id. "

"So do students live in dorms like on a college campus?"

"Yes, we even teach certain classes by semester. Our administration provides the class schedule for the freshmen. All classes are mandatory although if you do miss one or two during the day you must go to your teachers after school to make up the class."

"I can't live in a dorm--I have children. Is there any houses for sale that I could buy or rent?"

There was a mansion on the outskirts of our campus that's been there as long as I've been alive. We never did anything with it because it was registered to the town and every so often someone would come and check it out. Our campus is cloaked but we are always wary of newcomers poking around.

"There is one abandoned building on the outskirts of the campus. I can get people to fix it up if you wish to buy it."

"That sounds perfect if its really big I'm willing to house other Supernaturals if they want alternative housing choices. How do I get there?"

"Now child, that's the tricky part. Our school has rules you see. Rules that must be enforced. This one, in particular, is related to getting to our school. Your sisters followed them. Now is your turn to choose whether you want to follow them also. The only way to get to my school is if I a telepath communicates the directions step by step. This way you can choose to go back without endangering the location of our school. Our school, our town, is not on the map and I like to keep it that way." I said.

"Endanger?" She asked. "Who would want to hurt your school?"

"You would be surprised," I said.

I watched her closely she was weirded out by the prospect of it like Sam was but she wasn't desperate.

"Well, I'll think about it." She said. "How can I let you know about my decision?"

"It's simple all you have to do is think 'Geheim' and my people will know," I said.

It's time to cards up now. No need to breed more distrust in her---which will happen if I let this go on longer than necessary.

"Are they monitoring my thoughts right now?" She said.


Looking visibly disturbed she said, "Well, I got to go check up on my little brother. Maybe I'll see you later."


"Remember," I called out as I watched her get up with the squirrel in hand, "if you wish to see your sisters they're at my school and you're more than welcome to attend."

"Okay, bye." She waved as she placed the squirrel on the floor, "Let's go, Sarah, you can turn back now."

The little girl--Sarah went and grabbed her hand as the walked out of the nook and left the writer's cafe.

I hope to see them soon.

Maduka appeared behind me, "Wetin remain?"

(What else remains?)

"Watch them for a little bit until they come to their decision. I think the little boy's powers are about to awaken" I said as I peered out of my nook and saw how distressed the little boy looked.

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