Life of a SuperNatural: Book 1a Amy's Story

Dear Diary,

Today I was walking to Starbucks for some coffee, to keep me awake for the day. I never seem to get any sleep anymore. The same could be said for Mark, we're nearly inseparable these days. Just watching out for each other. Watching children's movies all night long reminds me of when we were innocent without a care in the world. Spoiled rotten. I was doing fine, seriously, I didn't think of her at all that morning. Until an old classmate came up to me. Honestly, the only thing I remember of the incident was her words. "Amy I heard what happened I'm so sorry for your loss". And just like that all the work I put into stopping the pain was diminished...

Everything changes when Amy's mother dies and her 'change' happens. In search of answers, what secrets will Amy unearth? What side will she fight for? Who is this new girl, Felicity? Why is she stalking her?


Author's note

*Please check out the sister story: Life of a Supernatural 1b: Felicity's Story.*

10. Chapter Ten


So not even my real parents wanted me? My parents....adoptive parents who barely spend any time with me, were going to drop this bomb on me? She chose another child over us, whoever this Jenna girl is, my sister? And keeping Amy? I don't want to deal with this right now at this point I don't even want to party, I just want to drink away my problems. Hopefully, in this outfit, there will be no end of people wanting to buy me drinks. This letter is just so frustrating she expects me to forgive her just because she explained her situation if she's giving up even one of us she should have given up all of us so we... I wouldn't be hurt like this. Who is this Ayo Sanders? Wait, Sanders? Isn't that the President/CEO of Vincere? The company that provides holographic learning to schools. She was that rich and she didn't even try to get in contact with us so that she could raise us? Or at least be involved in our lives, my life. 'Cause I sure would have loved to see her in the last four years, when I needed parents ... a parent.

That's it I'm done feeling lonely when I'm surrounded by a group of people I'm going to do it today. Leave, die I don't really care anymore.

Picking up the gift bag the pale yellow exterior holding lies and pity gifts. I walked out of my parents' room, tucking the letter into my small red purse, right next to my phone. Putting a fake smile on my face I called out 'I found it' to my friends who were scattered all over searching for my birthday present.

I heard Tanya's voice ringback, "It's about time! There's probably a long line at the club now!"

Peeking downstairs I saw her in the living room searching behind the couch.

As heard the rest of my friends yell their acknowledgment I continued down the short hallway to my room and to placed the gift bag on my bed.

I'll get to it later when I'm ready. I don't want to see the pity gift they left for me.

As I was about to leave I saw Philip, Tanya, Ami, and Kiara behind me with expressions varying from impatience and excitement.

"So, what did you get?" Philip said, his piercing blue eyes lighting up in excitement. His clothes slightly ruffled from searching.

"Yeah, I want to know what was in that bag," Tanya said fixing up her hair, " 'cause if it weren't for that I'll be partying right now."

"Tanya don't be rude, I'm the one who asked for this," Phil responded.

"So it was you, that stopped me from partying," Tanya said putting her hands down staring accusingly at Phil, "Why is it alwa---"

"Guys stop fighting, let's just go to the club." Kiara said stepping in between them, "It's obvious we need to let loose before we start fighting." Looking back and forth between them to make sure they were really going to let it go. Once she was satisfied she backed away not even a hair out of place. Of course, she would intervene as the unofficial referee of frequent Phil and Tanya's arguments. Somehow, though, I didn't think she was just talking about Phil and Tanya.

"Yeah," Ami agreed, taking my hand and leading the way to Phil's car.



We arrived at the club

I was the only one who had to pay

Darn marketing ploys

But hey my friends need me

And it's not as if I don't want to party

It's my best friend's birthday

She deserves to be happy

I know she thinks she's a great actor

But we can tell

When she says she's fine

We know she's not

We can see the sadness buried deep within her eyes

We're worried about her

That someday she will dive off the deep end


Or worse

I was watching everyone

I may not get to drink

But I won't tolerate having to nurse

Their drunk arses home

Kiara, Ami, and Tanya were dancing

The strobe lights flashing

The music blaring

The vibrations pulsing through our bodies

I couldn't hear them even though I was mere feets away

I shimmied away

The only way to make any progress getting across a dance floor

Flirted with some guys

When I was sure the others weren't looking

I only came out to Sam

Haven't outed myself to the others yet

Sam respected that

Even amongst the teasing I'm sure she suffered

I saw Sam by the bar

Someone was feeding her drink after drink

She looked uncomfortable

Sitting there wondering why no one was stepping in

They showed all the signs of a predator

Leaning over her

Blocking her exit

Her eyes were speckled in fear

She tried to get away

Not trying to upset them lest something bad happens

The patrons were too drunk

Too drunk to notice what's going on

I shimmied over

Putting my hand on the bulky one

Told them to step away from my friend

Lest they want the bouncers on them

They backed away

I checked to see that she was okay

I asked her why she didn't stay with us

That immediately we went in the club

She drifted away

Said she didn't want to dance

Just wanted a drink

But then you never came back

Was it because of them?

She only said that she wanted to go home

Our planned had failed

Her smile gone

All we wanted to do was make her happy

Before we all said our goodbyes

Those stupid guys

Who don't understand no

I brought her out to the door

Looking out for those men

The bulky and lanKy one

As she said goodbye

Promising to take a cab

Barely walk out the door in her heels


She peeled them off handing them to me

Walking barefoot onto the city streets

I checked over and over again

If she wanted me to give her a ride

She said no

That she would be fine

I wasn't sure about that but,

I shook my head

Made sure she was fine

Then went back to the others



Leave me alone I said jerking my hands away. I just wanted to go home and no one else was ready to leave so I was just about to hail down a cab when these goons from the club dragged me away. Reassuring concerned the few concerned citizens I was their cousin and went out without permission all the while threatening me with a knife pressed against my waist.

How dare they, we don't even look alike. Two other people have claims to that.

All while other witnesses had their phones out some recording and laughing at me-- what they believe is a drunk girl busted by her guardians at the club.

At least the drunk part isn't wrong, but I was sobering up the panic making me focus.

As the big one pushed me and stuffed me into their car. Climbing in after me, no doubt to make sure I wouldn't make an escape for it. Sitting right next to me holding the knife on my neck as the lanky one drove smiling at everyone passing by. "Hey, Boulder," stopping at a red light, "How's she doing back there?"

Letting the blade trail down my body, "Oh, she's doing fine," as a throb of pain echoed from where he cut me. Putting his other hand on head twisting and twirling the loose braids as he patted the spot he stabbed me with the knife, "Can't you see Blade that's she's doing fine?"

Do they even brush their teeth?

Seeing my look of disgust, "You think your too good for us don't you?" Yanking my braids hard. Pushing my head closer to her his pungent breathe in my nose, "Well, we'll see about that."

Blade flashed a sneer as he started driving again bringing me to a dark unfamiliar part of the City. The tinted windows at night made it harder to see where we were going. Boulder got down holding the door open and Blade was on the other side blocking the exit.

No escape that way.

I stayed in the car fearful. I wished I stayed at home. I was debating the difference between staying here and dying or facing whatever they wanted to do out there. Boulder decides I was taking too long and dragged me out by my foot as I kicked and screamed ignoring the knife in his hand as red drops of blood dripped off my body adding new tears to my clothes.

I knew the only thing that awaited me out there was certain death. This birthday had been a bust form the start. All my wishes came true but at the price of my happiness.

I need to get out here. On my feet, I grabbed a hold of Boulder pretending to be meek when I brought myself closer until my right leg was side by side with his. Taking a deep breath showing panic in my eyes to catch him off guard. I waited for the moment he would least expect it and shoved my knee up as hard as I could. As he clutched his 'family jewels' I pushed him away and I ran for my life as Blade came around the car and ran after me.

Where am I? Where did they take me? What do they want?

I kept running turning a corner as my bare feet hit-- what I could only hope wasn't excrement. Legs pumping, landing in puddles as I kept turning corners looking for anything familiar. The holes in my body suit stretching as I flexed the little muscle I had. The pain from the cuts numed out by the alcohol still coursing through my veins. My little red purse flapping against me with every stride I took. My outfit could do little to anything protecting me now from this cold summer night. Every turn I took only revealed the same empty alleys of NYC streets with trash littering the ground.

Why isn't anyone around? I need to get to a more populated area.

As I ran I tried to avoid broken glass and rocks, but my head was still clouded by the alcohol. Sharp pain echoed in my feet as they hit the debris on the ground. I saw a hooded figure in front of me-- maybe he can help?

Running towards him I yelled 'please help me', mere feets away he turns around a creepy smile plastered on his face-- Boulder. I tried to run away but I was too late he wrapped his arms around me squeezing me tight. He yelled, "I got her." As he whispered into my ear, tales of the horror that awaited me, his rancid breath made me want to gag as his tongue glided along my ear. As Blade approached I tried to get out of his hold.

I knew those guys were creeps when I saw them. They didn't look like they'd leave me alone, thank God Phil showed up when he did. I don't want to think about what would have happened in the club if he didn't. I wished he could save me again. Take me away from this horrible fate. You know what I'm tired of wishing. It never comes true anyway and if it does it only becomes twisted. I wished for siblings my age, turns out I'm a triplet. I wished my parents would spend more time with me, turns out they're not even my parents and my real Mom left a contact me letter. Tried looking her up, guess what she's dead and left everything to her 'only' daughter.

"You know if you had just came with us quietly," brushing one of my stray braids away, " then maybe we wouldn't have to kill you after we're done." Blade said as he stepped away with a sneer on his face. His mustache and goatee standing out clearly against his pale yellowish skin and brown eyes. His physique the complete opposite of his partners. Blade was tall and lanky while Boulder, his partner, was built like a mountain.

I know he was lying, they never intended to let me leave alive. I saw their faces, I could snitch and imprison them.

Blade pulled out a swiss army knife, licking it slowly, "Boulder don't let her go, I want to take my time with this one." As he stepped closer to me, his eyes leering all over my body.

"You know if you just listened all we would have done is take your wallet, but you had to make us chase you. For that you gotta pay."

I don't want to die. Not anymore, not like this, not before I got a chance to live. Especially when scum like him get to live.

My panic escalated as I felt the cold touch of the blade on my skin, "Don't squirm, you never know what I might cut." His words scared me straight, but I was tired of being scared, I closed my eyes, anger soon replacing my fear as I felt the ground trembling underneath my feet. All I wanted was for them to disappear, that the very ground we stood on would swallow them whole. I waited expecting the knife to cut my skin, tear my clothes, for the bad thing to start and with it my end, but nothing happened. As I kept picturing it, their demise I felt, Boulder? Boulder's grip gets tugged off my body, I hesitated what if this was a trick, what if this was a game. Like a cat playing with a mouse before feasting, giving me a false sense of safety before they took it away. Hearing their screams as it faded away I kept my eyes closed and sniffed the air, I don't smell them anymore, maybe they're gone? Slowly opening my eyes I watched as the pavement cover their heads the rest of their bodies sucked into the ground, the only thing left of my pursuers their snake tattooed hands sticking out from the ground.

Did I do this? Did I kill them? I didn't want to kill them I just wanted to live.

"Hey guys, I think they said they were over here."

Scum, they called their friends. My anger boiling up the fear of what I may have done gone with the wind, as the ground shook and trembled underneath my feet. Rocks and stones rose in the air as the very foundations of these old abandoned buildings quaked.

Am I doing this?

"Guys, is there supposed to be an earthquake today?"

"No, it's probably nothing."

Well, whatever I'm doing I better keep doing it or else, they may start asking for answers I don't have. Questions like how did their buddies get buried alive.

Just like that everything grew silent. I willed the earth to obey me and nothing happened. The ground stood still, silent, disobeying me. I tried focusing on a pebble as their footsteps drew near.

Maybe if I knew how I was doing it, I could control it?

Their footsteps seemed to mock me, I couldn't tell how far they were or if they were even after me. No one knows where I am, my friends thought I took a cab and went home. All I did in the club was hang out at the bar until they got a little too frisky and Phil stepped in. I closed my eyes and pictured my home. My room that was decorated with my hopes and dreams. Today will be last I see of it if those guys show up. As the footsteps stopped, I slowly opened my eyes-- I was home.

I was home, I was home, I was home! Wait how was I home?

Wait I killed somebody, those guys know there was someone else there. I'm black I just killed someone and I'm pretty sure the law won't look favorably on me, even if it was in self-defense. Ugh, I could still feel their eyes, see their faces, and feel their... hands all over my body like an itch I can't get rid of. Even if I tried to fight back that accusation the trial part would be more traumatic. I already know what people are going to say, Why were you walking by yourself at night? Should I not live because of fear that someone is going to rape me? Should I dictate my life around it? 'The way you were dressed you were asking for it' Am I not allowed to dress my body as I please? Males don't fear getting raped just because they took their shirt off. The reality is, the victim is thrown through more slander than the perpetrator. Even though more than ninety percent of rape/ sexual assault accusations are true, everyone blames the victim somehow someway because society makes it seem that false reporting happens more often when it doesn't. I just don't want to go through that, but I can't stay here. For all, I know those guys were in a gang or just have people willing to avenge them.

I need to leave. I wanted to leave before, but this is different. If I don't, what will my parents think? They'll blame me first and I can't deal with that. Their first response is gonna be why was I there in the first place? Wearing those clothes?

There go their dreams of med school for me.

Grabbing my bookbag I tossed it onto my bed, everyone already took their stuff so there's no reason for them to rat me out to my parents tonight. I'll leave a note, but I can't say I killed someone that will be an open admission to the police. If they come investigating. Taking out my bun the tensions bothering me it feels to tightly tied together now. Rushing to my closet, I need clothes. Clothes, money, food, hair stuff. Thank God, for braids because I can't carry all my products with me. Can't pack too much, might alert the neighbors if I leave with a ton of stuff off my back. They may be used to seeing me coming and going at all hours of the night with my backpack, sometimes a suitcase, but having all that with me today of all days will alert them if someone comes a knocking asking questions.

Tossing a few jackets out of my closet. I need pads. When's my period coming again? Tossing everything onto my bed, minus the food. I packed it all in.

Good thing I don't keep my money in the bank. Don't need a digital trail following me.

I changed out of my dirtied outfit, my bare feet still hurting from the pavement. Tossing off my clothes seeing the dried blood on my skin made me want to hurl at the images that flashed through my mind of how I got them. I wrapped a towel around me and walked to the bathroom. Turning the shower on I looked in the mirror as I waited for it to heat up. My face was dirt, sweat removed most of the makeup and my tears blurred my mascara. Stepping in the shower I scrubbed off the memories the fingers, the faces all of it until my skin turned brownish red. Drying myself and stepping out the shower I walked to my room and changed. Rethinking what I needed, I took out my clothes leaving only one change of outfits, underwear being the one thing I packed multiples of. Adding to my bag a few family pictures and my phone's charger and cable. I walked downstairs dressed in practical clothing; skinny jeans, sneakers, t-shirt, and a hoodie. Not my most fashionable outfit but it will do. Grabbing fruit, snacks, and water from the kitchen I looked up Bracha Kleiner. Recognizing one of the towns that popped up I picture it in my mind. The happy smiles of my parents as we played in the arcade. Beating them in all the games. When I opened my eyes I was there.


So, guys, this is Sam's last chapter for a bit until she and Amy meet at least. Is this how you thought she end up like? What about her powers? Please let me know in the comments.

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