Life of a SuperNatural: Book 1a Amy's Story

Dear Diary,

Today I was walking to Starbucks for some coffee, to keep me awake for the day. I never seem to get any sleep anymore. The same could be said for Mark, we're nearly inseparable these days. Just watching out for each other. Watching children's movies all night long reminds me of when we were innocent without a care in the world. Spoiled rotten. I was doing fine, seriously, I didn't think of her at all that morning. Until an old classmate came up to me. Honestly, the only thing I remember of the incident was her words. "Amy I heard what happened I'm so sorry for your loss". And just like that all the work I put into stopping the pain was diminished...

Everything changes when Amy's mother dies and her 'change' happens. In search of answers, what secrets will Amy unearth? What side will she fight for? Who is this new girl, Felicity? Why is she stalking her?


Author's note

*Please check out the sister story: Life of a Supernatural 1b: Felicity's Story.*

9. Chapter Nine


Letting out a deep breath of relief, "Look the foods arrived let's finish up changing and go downstairs and eat."

"We'll let you off the hook for now only because there's food," Ami said as she pointed her finger at me slowly walking backwards to the door. "Annnd you need to finish changing."Smirking she spins around and opens the door.

Tanya follows after her, but not before giving me a long knowing look."But you're going to tell us who this mystery guy is."

No, I'm not. I'll keep dodging the whole night until you're all too drunk to remember.

Hearing the chattering downstairs as the girls join Phil leaving me alone with Kiara.

"Let's go downstairs before they eat it all---" I start as see a look of realization hit Kiara's face.

"It's Nick isn't it?"Kiara said.

How did she know?

"No.. no it isn't."

Heartbeat was racing a thousand miles a minute as the room started closing in on me.

"Sam you've never been able to lie to me"

I bite my lip and look towards the ground.

Just think in a little bit you will barely feel anything.

"He's a teacher Sam. If he even tried to date you in high school I would have reported him."

How dare she? It's my life.

"If you did that I would tell your mom about your stepdad."

Fine. If she wants to mess with my life then I'll mess with hers. Her mother deserves to here just how much of a creep and pedophile the man she married is.

"That's different Sam."


"Because if he had done anything to me I would have reported it." Putting her hand on her hips, "And you wouldn't have. You want it."

"For me it's different. There's nothing wrong with having a crush on a teacher." Besides, it's not like I'm pretty enough for it to even happen. "Besides nothing... happened."

"Wait you tried something?"

Yeah, I tried something but it didn't work.

"I don't want to talk anymore," I said walking away from the expression of disbelief and disappointment that showed in her eyes. I can put on everything else later it's only a little past eight.

Once I was downstairs, I put a smile on face. "Hey, guys did you save me some?"

"Yeah, your two slices of pepperoni are over there by Philip," Tanya said taunting me.

Watching as the girls carefully ate not wanting to get stains on their outfits.

"What's that?" Philip said.

"Nothing," Tanya responded.

Ami wanting to take a stab at Phil,"It's just you only let Sam call you Phil-----"

"----- You're not allowed to call me that."

"Our point exactly," Tanya said.

Great now two people I can't look at. I got Phil by my right staring at me. What if he thinks... I don't... especially since I know...ugh why does everything have to be so complicated? I can't meet Philip's eyes because he thinks that maybe I like him and I can't look into Kiara's eyes because she's judging me about a crush I have. A crush I did try to act on---

"----- Where's my salad? And you guys better not have finished the bread rolls."

Kiara entered the room but I couldn't meet her eyes. Tanya asks,"What happened between you guys?" Patting the spot next to her for Kiara to sit down beside her.

"Nothing. Right, Sam?" Kiara spat, I could feel the venom in her voice.Her words bared no warmth.

I couldn't, didn't want to look in her eyes and see her emotions reflected in them. I know I was in the wrong but I just didn't want to stand there and be judged. She means well but she basically told me not to love him. I can't stop loving him. He's the only one who gave me any form of attention that could be misconstrued as parental but at the same time, it wasn't.

"Right," I replied softly not looking at her. I continued to stuff my face with pizza.

"Ami pass me the coke, please?"I asked.

"Sure," handing me the coke.

"Everyone if you mess up your clothes I officially don't know you when we go out tonight," Kiara stated.

"You don't mean that," Tanya said nudging Kiara with her elbow.

"Try me and you'll see," Kiara said as everyone finished their food. "Now is everyone done eating?"

A chorus of yeses rang through.

"Now it's my time to shine," Phil said rubbing his hands together.

"No Philip it's hair then makeup" Tanya responded.

"No makeup then hair."

Before a fight could breakout I suggested that it would be faster if everyone picked what they wanted to do first.

"Well, I want my hair finished. I want to take out these rollers now." Kiara stated.

"Gurl, I got you," Tanya said jumping up and down almost knocking the rest of Kiara's salad on the floor. "Whoops sorry"

"It's fine," Kiara said as they begun walking up the stairs to the bathroom.

"Sam makeup?" Philip said making a come-hither motion with his hands. "I can get rid of those puffy eyes."

Putting a stray braid behind my ear I struggled to calm my beating heart. Now that everyone's insinuating that they like each other it feels different being around him. Ignoring Ami wiggling her eyebrows in the background I responded, "Sure."

"Great!" Hooking his arm with mine he turned around, "Ami we're just... friends." As we walked upstairs he paused, "Ami you don't wear makeup do you?"

"I do Philip and I already did mine. What are you trying to implying Philip." She strained through gritted teeth.

"Nothing just making sure." He smirked as his eyes widen in surprise as Ami hurls a pillow toward him as quickly ducks dragging me down with him. "You missed!"

Standing up I tugged him into my room, "Phil we don't have time for this."

"Fine we'll continue this later" Phil said as he squinted his eyes at Ami. As he finally entered my room gravitating towards my vanity table as he examined what I had.

"Why do you do things like that?" I said as Phil shrugged his shoulders. Pulling out my chair by my vanity table he gestures for me to sit down. He starts applying the makeup paying careful attention to detail. Feeling the ticklish brush glide over my skin I kept slightly moving.

"Stop moving Sam I want this to look perfect."

"I'm trying."

"Do... Do they know?" Phil starts nervously. "No of course they don't or else... they wouldn't think you... like me."

I stay silent this conversations making me uncomfortable.

"Sam do you like me? Becaus----"

"NO!" I blurt out interrupting him, putting my hands over my mouth. I take a deep breath and relax, "Not like that I mean."

"Okay, you... don't have to be so defensive about it," Philip said raising his eyebrows at my burst twirling his finger in a you're crazy motion where I could see it. The bum.

"Whatever. Are you done yet?"

"Almost Miss impatient pants" Philip mocked as he continued applying makeup putting contours to highlight as he called 'my best features,' "Just... a little... bit... more. There!" he finishes and steps away from the mirror.

"Philip this looks amazing! I look amazing."

I can hardly recognize myself with Phil's technique I went from ugly duckling to beautiful swan.

"Your welcome." Philip gestures towards the door. "Now you need to leave my other appointment is waiting."

"Okay fine let grab my stuff Mr. Impatient pants." I mock at him. Grabbing my stuff I leave my room and almost walking into Kiara. She looked amazing her hair having more body in it with the heatless curls. Ignoring my she enters my room, "It's about time Philip."

Feeling awkward I leave my room.

I ruined it didn't I? Of course, I did I'm just a big screw up. Can't blame her for listening to me, I'm the one who said I wanted to stop talking. Worst birthday ever. Worse than the usual ones.

As I leave I hear Phil go, "Perfection takes time." With Kiara going, "Well by the time your perfection is done I would have been an old lady past her time"

Walking down the hall I peeked in on Tanya. "Tanya, you need any help?"

I need to feel useful.

"It's okay girl I'm already done. I was just packing up."

There goes that. I just don't want to be alone right now. Who knows where my thoughts will take me.

"Okay. Wanna wait downstairs for Kiara to be done?"


As we went downstairs we saw Ami pretending to be dead. After ignoring her for a while she revived saying,"Are you guys are done yet can we go? There's gonna be a huge line at the club at this rate!"

"Well while we're waiting let's figure out who's gonna be the designated driver this time," I said as I sat down on the couch, Ami and I looked towards Tanya. Putting my heels on I strapped on my small red purse.

"It can't be me again I was the designated driver last time!" Tanya protested.

"Well, it can't be me it's my birthday," I said as Tanya and I looked imploringly at Ami.

"Why should I be the designated driver I didn't even drive us here!"

"Then who drove here then?" I asked because they should be the designated driver. It's only fair if they want their car home with them tomorrow.

"Philip did," Tanya said a slight smile appearing on her lips.

"He's gonna be mad if we make him the designated driver," Ami responded because he's almost always the designated driver.

"Let him be mad. How else would the car end up at his house?" I said I loved messing with Phil.

"Whatever you say lover girl" Tanya taunted me.

All of us looked up to see Kiara's makeup done her eyelids sparkling from the gold glitter eyeshadow on them. She was going to be attracting a lot of attention at the club tonight. I barely noticed Phil and he was standing right next to her.

"Phil," I said. As Tanya and Ami started smirking.


"You're the designated driver."

"Don't I get a say in this?"

"No, the majority voted you lose."

"I demand a recount!"

"Everyone who doesn't want Phil to be the designated driver raise their hand," I said as I surveyed the room and saw only Phil's hand raised as pleaded with the group but none of us were swayed to join him.

Pouting he said,"Fine."

"Let's go!" Ami happy that everything was settled.

As we all made a motion to leave Phil stopped us, mischievousness glee dancing in his eyes.

"Wait! Sam promised me that we'd get to hunt for the birthday present her parents left her"

"Ooh, that sounds fun!" Tanya said encouraging him.

"Where do you think they would hide it?" Ami asked.

"Probably in their room," I muttered.

"Okay let's make this fast. Sam, you check their room and we'll search everywhere else." Kiara said, staring directly at me but I still couldn't meet her eyes.

Looking away at the family portrait on the wall in the living room, I said okay. Walking upstairs toward the bathroom, next to the bathroom was the master bedroom. Opening the door I turned on the lights. Taking in the neatness of the pale blue I approached their king-sized bed where there was a gift bag and an envelope addressed to her.

It must be money for college.

No it can't be the envelope looks too old, no longer the bright white it must have been. Slowly opening the envelope I read it.

Dear Jenna and Sam,

Happy 18th Birthday! I'm your biological mother, Ayokunumi. I know as your reading this you won't know who the other one is, but that's exactly the reason I'm writing this letter to the both of you. So you would have knowledge of the others names if you choose to meet each other. You are identical triplets after all! Do you know how rare that is?

Giving birth to you guys was probably one of the scariest experiences of my life. I was scared of giving you up to your parents because that meant I was letting you go. They seemed like nice people and I knew they would raise you guys well and provide for you in ways I couldn't. At least not at the moment. Sam, you were the feistiest of your sisters when you were born. Always squirming around asking for attention when all your other sisters were sleeping. Jenna, you were the calmest baby, only getting fussy when all your other sisters were crying. Then there's Amy, Amy would either be feisty or calm there was no in between. You guys should know Amy wasn't put up for adoption like you guys were. Amy stayed with me because when I was putting up you guys for adoption I thought I was having twins and then Amy popped up on the ultrasound. I kept repeating to myself when I found out "There are three of you." When I was pregnant with you I already regretted my decision to give you and Jenna up. After I gave birth and had the two of you practically ripped out of my arms and given to your new parents I just couldn't bring myself to place Amy up for adoption too, even during the months I was pregnant. It broke my heart in half having to give you and Jenna up. So, I kept Amy to get an idea of who you are and what it would have been like to raise all three of you. I am not writing this letter as an excuse for giving you up, but I just wanted you to know that I was 20 years old when I had you guys. My parents didn't want me to have you, but I couldn't bare having an abortion. Reality didn't add up, they say pro-life without mentioning the conditions that that child would grow up in. All they are really saying is pro-birth because what's the point of giving life to a child if you can't afford to feed them or give them everything they want.

How I wished you and your sisters would be raised together. Sadly, my prayers fell on deaf ears as I had to split you up. Jenna went to a small town upstate with her parents, Martha and Thomas Miller, and Sam you got to live in the NYC with Margaret and Carlton King. My name was Ayokunumi Oluwafemi. I know it's quite a handful to say. My friends call me Ayo. After my parents abandoned me I changed my last name to Sanders, the last name of your father. As a reminder to never forget how he changed my life.

This part is important if you are ever experienced something that you feel can't be real please reach out to me or Bracha Kleiner. Bracha Kleiner helped me when I was young and was dealing with the same thing. I'm sure if anything were to happen to me that she will gladly be able to help you. The last I heard of her she was being appointed headmistress of a school that dealt with things like that, I don't remember what it is called. I do know that Bracha is located in New York. She changes her address often but she can't now that she's being appointed headmistress if a school. Your parents have my email, you can use that to contact me. I would give my address to your parents, but that could change in 18 years and I want you to be able to contact me no matter what.

With all my love,

Ayokunumi Sanders


Biological mother? Sisters? I'm a triplet?


What do you guys think Ayo's letter? What do you think she means by '...if you are ever experienced something that you feel can't be real please reach out to me or Bracha Kleiner.' ?Please let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading my story! As always please comment, vote, or follow and check out the sister story Life of a Supernatural: Felicity's Story.

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