LIfe of a SuperNatural: Book 1b Felicity's Story

"All around me, friend after friend is consumed by the fire. The flames laugh and cajole me to join them as they murder those I love. Soon they are gone and I am alone as ash falls like snow.
My eyes snap open. It is only 3:09 AM. I take deep breaths to calm myself. I am so close to finishing my mission and I must remain in control of my emotions and powers. It's my only option."

Felicity has been alive for a long time. On the run from Zeke ever since his sister, Melanie died. He has gotten much more dangerous now. She's been searching for Melanie's spirit in hopes she can use her to defeat Zeke. Is Melanie Amy? If so does she have to kill the only true friend she has made in a lifetime?


Author's note

*Please check out the sister story to this book: Life of a SuperNatural: Amy's Story*

3. Chapter Three


Familiar earthen walls appear around me. I am in a long tunnel. I know from experience that a trap door is hidden above me. From above it is indistinguishable from the roots of a large tree. The woman who had teleported me looks hesitant.

"Are you sure you don't want me to take you closer?" she asks.

"I'm sure." She still appears uncertain but teleports away regardless.

I begin walking. The tunnel is dark but the floor is smooth so I am in no danger of falling. It is clearly not a natural tunnel. The walls are too smooth and the corners too precise. I know that tree roots poke through into the tunnel every few yards but unless Maria has grown lazy they will all have been carefully coaxed into curving back into the soil. The tunnel angles down and to the left slightly. There are tunnels branching away from this one regularly but they are all either dead ends or alternate entrances. I keep going. It's a long walk probably why the teleporter was so hesitant to leave me at the beginning. It is unusual for someone to pay a teleporter only to choose to walk several miles to their destination. I am eager to see Maria again but the walk helps me clear my mind and put my emotions back in my control. The events of yesterday strained my composure and I would like to regain it before I enter Maria's domain. Friend or not she would throw me out if I broke one of her rules. By the time I reach the door at the end, I am a couple miles below central park and my mind is calm.

Behind the door is a room filled to the brim with stuff. Tables fill the floor space with narrow paths between them and hooks line the walls. The hooks are nearly empty with only a few bags or coats hanging from them but the tables are heaped with weapons. I know that many of them will never leave this room. Maria's biggest rule is no weapons past this room and while nearly all of her guests enter this room for the first time carrying one, many of them choose to leave their weapons behind when they go. I hang my duffel from the hook closest to the door. I won't need anything from it during my short visit and it is easier to leave the whole thing than to dig all of my weapons out. On the corner of the nearest table, I sit feeling the heavy weight at the end of my braid and retrieved the 8 small knives hidden on my body. I feel naked without them but it is worth it to see Maria so I shove my inherent paranoia away. I am perfectly safe here.

I move through the second door and into the large empty chamber beyond. A woman approaches me from one of the many doors that lead away from the chamber. Her hair has gone grey and her face is heavily lined. I am struck by the realization that it won't be long before Maria leaves me too.

"I'll be here for a while longer yet Ellie," her quiet voice echoes through the room. For a moment I am startled because my mental shield is still in place. She laughs at me, "I am reading your face, not your mind. I've known you long enough that I can tell when you're stupidly berating yourself for being human. I may be old Ellie but I am strong enough and stubborn enough that I'll be around for many years yet if only to keep you company."

I hadn't realized that she could read me so well but I shouldn't be surprised. Even though my face is normally blank and cold it is not completely expressionless. She is already moving to the next door to continue her rounds. I hadn't realized it was already morning. I shadow her as she checks in on the residents of each dorm. They all greet her warmly and she nods to them all. She helps some of the youngest ones dress. They are far too small to be here and my heart aches at the thought of what must have driven them to leave their homes.

Only one person dares to be anything but respectful to Maria. He is 15 maybe 16. His arms are scarred and is obviously new here. He has been picking fights with the others if his roommate's glares are any indication. Then again that might just be because of how he is speaking to Maria. At first, he is simply rude but then he blatantly insults her. My features twist into a snarl and I move forward to teach the ungrateful brat not to treat one of the only truly good people in the world like dirt. Maria is kind, selfless, and good. She does not deserve such disrespect.

Before I can move more than a single step Maria places her hand on my shoulder briefly. She does not use enough strength to hold me back but it is enough for me to understand her intention. Reluctantly, I reign in my anger and step back.

"No one is forcing you to stay Jacob. If you won't show basic courtesy and abide by the rules here then you will not be allowed to stay. Please return the stolen items in your nightstand before noon or you will have to leave," she commands him without any noticeable difference in her voice from when she cares for the little ones.

She finishes her round shortly after and I shadow her to the kitchen. I help her cook breakfast bringing it to the large tables where many of the guests are sitting. They chatter amongst themselves as they wait and even more so while they eat. I sit quietly beside Maria. She spoons large helpings onto my plate and gives me a pointed look until I begin to eat. I don't even finish half the plate but Maria appears satisfied and once she finishes her own food she leads me down a hidden corridor. At the end is a lounge where 12 people sit. They range from about 20 to nearly 40. Assuming they follow the usual pattern they have probably lived with Maria most of their life. I recognize the teleporter from last night. She is the youngest but not the only new face. In fact, only 2 of the others are familiar. They are sprawled around the room lazily but when we enter they stand up.

"Michael, did you prepare the papers?" Maria asks.

Michael is one of the younger men. He appears only a year older than the teleporter. He nods and hands Maria a manila envelope that she immediately passes to me. I check them over. The birth certificate has been carefully treated to appear aged. The same has been done to the social security card. It is unsigned and I will do that later. The license is the enhanced version to allow me to ride my motorcycle and the picture of me has been edited to appear a year or so younger. All in all, it is done very well. I find the receipt to check that they not only forged the documents but put the appropriate documents where needed to put me in the government system, even the computer stuff. It is truly amazing what the combination of a hacker, teleporter, and conjurer can do. It is up to my standards but I had little doubt. Anyone working with Maria ensures the best.

"I've already transferred the funds," I inform them. I would normally leave without another word but Maria's increasing age is affecting me. I would offer her my solution but I know that she would not take it. "I will visit again soon Maria."

She nods and grasps my shoulder. The action surprises me. She very rarely makes physical contact unless it is absolutely necessary. I give her a small smile and leave. I have a meeting to attend.


As I approach the building I carefully feel the connection between my body and soul. I twist it very slightly, not enough to truly shift but enough that I age several years. I stop in a nearby restaurant and change into a cleaner less worn clothes. I twist my braid into a bun and pin it with an elaborately carved silver hair pin.

The moment I enter the building my assistant, Bethany, moves to flank me. She is a tall woman who exudes professionalism. She has worked for me for many years and she knows this company better than I do. She immediately begins handing files and rattling off information as we walk. I sign most of the forms and approve many of the designs but several I hand back to her. The board of directors never stops trying to slip things by me it seems. Bethany knows to give them back to their respective designers and employees with a note that they were declined. By the time we reach my office I am done. I sit the approved files on the far side of my desk.

"Give Natalia a raise. Her designs have improved. Fire Liam, he has continued to plagiarize the intern's ideas. Figure out which of them made the ones is file 3 and offer them Liam's job. Increase overall pay by $25 a week. Revoke James' company car," I order. She writes them down quickly. We spend nearly an hour going over everything before the board arrives.

"I'll make this quick. You are all fully aware of the protocol for when I'm away. Follow it. I'll check anything you send between 5 and 7 am. Bethany is to be treated as if she was me. I'll be gone for several months this time," I state.

They spend an inordinate amount of time protesting and arguing but I ignore them until they I have finished my paperwork. I plan to be done here by three so I can get to my cabin in Geheim by nightfall.

"Enough! You heard me and my decision stands. Bethany is more than capable as are all of you. If you think otherwise then I'll have to find someone who is capable and give them your job. You are dismissed,' I command. They filter out. They don't like me but I don't care. They are good at their job and I'm good at mine. That is all I need.

I bid farewell to Bethany at the door and head to the parking lot where my motorcycle awaits. She's a 1966 kr750. Perfectly tuned and custom painted in black with swirls of cold blue.I can't help the smile that creeps out. I throw on my windbreaker and helmet. In a single fluid motion, I put the kickstand up, swing onto the bike and hit the kickstarter. Her engine roars to life and I tear off down the street. I maintain the official speed limit as I weave between the cars that clog every street in this city but once I reach the winding country roads, I ignore the speed limit and drive. I really race around the turn. My smile hasn't left but I barely notice.

When I arrive I stop for a moment. I stand there and stare without moving. It's been an eternity since I was last in Geheim. I correct myself. I'd been here not too long ago but the events from an eternity ago are the only ones I really remember. For a moment all I want to do is leave. I want to get back on my bike and run away but I am no coward. My instincts tell me I need to be here and I will listen to them, even when they tell me to go to Geheim of all places.

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