LIfe of a SuperNatural: Book 1b Felicity's Story

"All around me, friend after friend is consumed by the fire. The flames laugh and cajole me to join them as they murder those I love. Soon they are gone and I am alone as ash falls like snow.
My eyes snap open. It is only 3:09 AM. I take deep breaths to calm myself. I am so close to finishing my mission and I must remain in control of my emotions and powers. It's my only option."

Felicity has been alive for a long time. On the run from Zeke ever since his sister, Melanie died. He has gotten much more dangerous now. She's been searching for Melanie's spirit in hopes she can use her to defeat Zeke. Is Melanie Amy? If so does she have to kill the only true friend she has made in a lifetime?


Author's note

*Please check out the sister story to this book: Life of a SuperNatural: Amy's Story*

1. Chapter One


I carefully maneuver my way around the throngs of tourists flooding off the ship I had taken to the island. I readjust my grip on my duffel bag when a small boy jostles me. Immediately I snap out my other hand to grab his collar. He instantly begins to struggle and protest.

"Kid, gimme my wallet back," I tiredly demand, although I keep my voice gentle. He is only 7 or 8 and his bones poke out harshly. He nearly slips from his ragged shirt to escape but I quickly grab ahold of his shoulder instead. "Look, I'm not mad and I'm not going to rat you out but I've got things in that wallet I can't replace.

He stops his struggling and I can feel his posture change. He is still tense and wary but he is no longer poised to run the moment I let go. I slowly release his shoulder and he turns to look at me. His eyes are sharp and harsher than any child's should be. He stares at me intensely as if he is judging my soul from the shadows in my dark eyes. I know there is some truth to the old age saying, "the eyes are the window to the soul," but I also know that merely looking into them is no guarantee that you see the truth of someone. The eyes are more difficult to read than one would think and even the soul is no true indicator of what someone might do or who they are. Sometimes the gentlest souls commit terrible acts and the darkest could perform miracles. Knowing all this I wonder idly what he sees in my eyes. I didn't the thought as foolish a moment later. When he is satisfied with whatever it is he sees, he holds out my well-worn wallet. As I take it he goes running but I catch his arm. His face shows alarm and betrayal but before he can spew whatever profanities he has learned, I begin digging through my bag. Finding the pocket seam on the right side I pull out the contents.

"I don't keep my money in that thing anyway, kid," I inform him as I hold out the wad of cash I'd retrieved. He is astonished but hurriedly snatches the money from my hand.

"If you can get to New York City, go to where the two rivers meet. Under the tree closest to there is a trapdoor. It leads to a safe haven for anyone who needs it," I tell him.

"Thank you, Miss! You.... are you an angel?" He asks in awe.

I am already walking away but his question stops me. I am frozen for several seconds. It seems he misread my eyes.

"I'm no angel, kid. I'm a lot closer to the opposite."

Looking at him, I can easily see that he doesn't believe me. I am not good and my heart squeezes harshly at the thought of someone believing otherwise especially with the proof I'm anything but good already constricting my heart and weighing down on my mind. I have to make him understand. I call up my anger and carefully spark a fire to play along my eyes. I am blind for several moments as the light blocks out everything beyond it but when I stop the fire, I can see it worked. The boy has fallen as if pushed down. He stares at me in fear and shock now instead of awe. I feel both relief and regret at how well that worked. He is only a boy and I terrified him for no reason except to calm my own pain and guilt. The moment passes and I walk away.

I do not stop again until the city is far behind me and only the occasional house interrupts the empty land. The roads are rocky and unpaved but I remember when this was an unnamed forest. My steps are sure as I approach an empty lot. Even my Sight can't see anything but the illusion. I pass through it and enter the space beyond it.

My heart stutters at the sight and my eyes sting as I take it in. The foundation of the cottage is still barely visible in places and there is a metal lump where the kitchen was. It is mostly hidden and gone. The blackened Earth and flowerbeds are gone. There is little left here. The Earth has healed and reclaimed this land. The only true evidence that this is more than the empty lot the illusion depicted is the two marble headstones that stand in the center of where the cottage had stood. They have no names or dates and there were no bodies to bury beneath them. The first has pressed lavender and moonflowers behind a glass window set in the front of the headstone. The second has allium and daisies. I blink away tears and walk up to them. I kneel in front of them.

"Hey Mama, baby sis." The tears are burning my eyes and my throat is clenching closed. I search for words that just don't want to come. "It has been awhile since my last visit. To be honest I wasn't gonna come back. What point is there in talking to the dead when I know that your souls were reincarnated ages ago? You cannot hear me and I know you aren't the people I knew anymore. I came back though. I'll probably visit the others as well before I go back to my search. I still haven't found any trace but it's a fool's errand anyway. It always has been," I chuckle bitterly, "to find one specific soul among every living being on the planet would take a miracle and God has never favored me. I have to go now. It's a long walk back and I have to get the keys to the cabin I'll be staying in before the office closes. Goodbye Mama, Baby sis."

I walk away with the tears finally spilling down my face. My steps are uneven. My heart is clenched painfully. Even after I cross the illusion that should hide all traces of the clearing, the scent of burning wood and flesh chases after me.


Hey guys, thanks for reading my story! Please be sure to check out my other one: Life of a Supernatural Amy's Story. This book and that one are written as "sisters to each other". Detailing the major of events in both stories from Amy's and Felicity's perspective respectively. I'll try to update this story and Felicity's Story every week until it's done.

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