In the summer before 7th year at hogwarts, Slytherin and Griffindor meet up and duel.What happens when Draco looks into Heriones eyes? It’s my first fanfic so be gentle


4. Tryna make her mine

It was now Dracos mission to make Hermione his. Just before Hermione came out of her room Draco hid his boxers and put a towel around his waist. "Morning Hermione" he chortold "would you like some bacon?" Hermione stood there still and watched the slim muscular man slave over the stove. "Oh and also have u seen my boxers?" Hermione shook her head but ran down the steps to cone face to face with the stormy eyed Draco. She didn't know what she was doing, her body was taking control. Hermione hand slid up Dracos leg "No wonder they call him the sex God" she sad to herself. Draco smirked. Now the action was about to begin. Draco dropped is towel and watched open mouthed Hermione admire him. "Wanna help me find my boxers?" He asked Herr. "Not really" answered Hermione quickly. Draco picked up Hermione and pinned her to the wall. Passionately he kissed her and slid his hand under her skirt. Hermione moaned and wished for more. She unbuttoned her blouse and unhinged her bra. Draco sucked one her breasts and fingered her at the Same time. "You like thAt?" Draco asked her. She moaned in reply.Draco pulled down her skirt and pants. He let hornyness take control. The tip of his penis touched the soft wetness of her vagina and dove in. Moaning Hermione begged "please don't stop Draco please." He went faster then be for and started to cum. "I'm nearly there" Hermione breathlessly said and at that he went faster then he had ever had. Grinding on her. Then they stopped lying on the floor borne breathless and tired. They slotted in to place and fell asleep in each others arms 



 -2 hours later-

There was a knock at the door that some both Hermione and Draco up. They quickly got dressed and opens the door. It was Blaise and Pansy. "Hey Draco" Pansy and Blaise said in unision. "We was wondering if we could have a sleep over with head boy and girl" Blaise said winking at Hermione. "Sure mate" Draco replied "as long as you don't touch her."

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