In the summer before 7th year at hogwarts, Slytherin and Griffindor meet up and duel.What happens when Draco looks into Heriones eyes? It’s my first fanfic so be gentle


2. The great hall

”First years you and your peers are forbidden to go into the forest inside of school grounds unless you would like to suffer the most painful death” boomed McGonnagal over a silenced hall “I would also like to inform you that we have new prefics: Luna Lovegood , Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. Your head girl is Hermione Granger and your head boy is Draco Malfoy.” As silence ends and food appears, Draco and Hermione share glances. “I’m gonna have to spend the rest of my year with this little prick” she said trying to make herslf look angry. She looked around at people stuffing their faces and noticed Harry and Ginny holding hands under the table. She screamed “YAYY!! “ in her head she wasn’t the only one with a undying love for someone in secret. If only he knew.



Pansy and Blaise sat either side of Draco, congratulating him on becoming head boy. But all he could think about was them hazelnut eyes and brown ringlets of hair and that sexy ass. All he could think about was Hermione Granger. The girl he was supposed to hate and did hate for the last 6 years.

“Draco you ok” Blaise asked hoping he was. “Yeah fine” Draco grumbled in reply. All he wanted was to touch her, to feel her. All he wanted was HER. The only sane one out of the golden trio. The sensitive one. The one with the most beautiful smile. The one always with Weasel and Potter. “CURSE THEM”he shouted in his head hoping nobody would notice his anger




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