In the summer before 7th year at hogwarts, Slytherin and Griffindor meet up and duel.What happens when Draco looks into Heriones eyes? It’s my first fanfic so be gentle


3. Oh No

McGonnagal lead the heads to their portrait of a lion and a snake ready to battle. "Hermione password" McGonnagall asked in a stern voice. After a good hard think, one came to mined "together we are one." Draco scolded at the petty password but the potrait came swinging open. It was magnificent. Red and green decorated the walls accompanied by pictures of past heads. On the floor stood a big roaring fire with a pot of floo powder hanging off of it. The armchairs and sofas were red,green and downright comfy." I'll let you guys get settled in" McGonnagall said watching the students awe. As she stepped out the portrait swung shut. "Malfoy" Hermione whispered "this place is magnificent."  But Draco had allready ran up to his room, not able to look at the light from the fire hitting her face making her more beautiful then she was before. Hermione headed up to what she thought was her room. She opened the door and found Draco lying shirtless, reading. She slammed the door shut and slid down it. "I love Ron not him I love Ron not him" she said to herself as the door swung open. "Uhh Granger what is it?" Draco asked. "I'm terribly sorry I thought that that was my room." Draco Sat down and Put a hand on her cheek "Its alright" he said going In for the kiss. Hermione pulled away "You don't understand" she whispered. "Oh I do" Draco replied "I love you more then anything In this world. Draco pulled her in and landed a soft kiss upon her Apple red lips. He would do anything for her, anything in the world. "Draco," Hermione whispered "I love Ron."


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