The Hare and The Tortoise, after the running race

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  • Published: 18 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 18 Feb 2018
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A funny thought of what could happen next for old cock and bull stories. This time the hare and the tortoise


1. The Hare and The Tortoise

      Once upon a time, in a deep forest, a hare and tortoise had ran a race. The hare, out of his over confidence, lost the race. Its the story we all know, but, what happened in the next day between them? That’s a story not known by many.


    The immediate next day, surprisingly, both the animals felt sad for their hostile attitudes towards each other and became friends. Very soon, they had become the icons  for ideal friendship. However, as fate has no mercy, the hare died with age. The tortoise, blessed with a very long life, mourned deeply for her friend. As the days were passed by, the tortoise consoled himself and decided to take care of the off spring of her friend hare.

     After some years, the tortoise also had became a father. The baby tortoise had grown up slowly and become young. Meanwhile, the hare's off spring has passed through many generations.

     Suddenly, The young male in the hare's offspring and the young tortoise decided to ran a race. The tortoise was puzzled by hearing this. Later he came to know that this is all because of the crafty deeds of cunning fox. It seems the fox poisoned the young hare's mind with exaggerated content of the previous race between his ancestor and the old tortoise. Being felt insulted, the hare came to the young tortoise, asked him to win a running race against him now, if the tortoise fraternity has any courage. Stirred young tortoise instantly accepted the proposal with out any second thought.

    It is now the old tortoise’s turn to be worried. He doesn't want the friendship between his family and the hares community to get destroyed. But what to do? Sadness surrounded him. He went to his old friend, bear, and explained the situation. After brooding over for sometime, the bear had promised the tortoise to solve this amicably. Tortoise had returned home, but he could took his friends words with a pinch of salt.

      Day of the race had come. That was a fine cloudy morning. The participants of the race, enthusiastic other animals had arrived. The old tortoise, his bear friend, many of the hares blood relatives had also reached eagerly. Umpire for the race, a big lion, was in place. Cover on the running track was removed by two rhinos.

     The bear winked at the tortoise as if nothing would going to happen, but the old tortoise closed his eyes with grinned face as this day would end the friendship among the tortoises' and hares' communities. Suddenly, he heard the screams of a monkey, saying that human hunters are coming.

      Every body got shocked by seeing the running track. It was fully covered of various fruits, nuts, and fishes. Many of the small birds in the visitors started picking the nuts with their beaks. Animals like cows and hippos started eating fruits by standing in the middle of the track. Needless to say, animals like foxes and dogs had gone for fishes.

     The participants, the young hare and young tortoise got disappointed. Alas, nobody were interested in their achievements! They were the ones who asked them about the race given so many advices! They provocated them in many possible ways to become a winner and earn pride for their species. However, they are now concerned about their own food, they even forgot temporarily that they were on the running track and the race is about to start.

     After patient waiting for some time, when the food on track was gathered completely by the animals, arrangements for race had started again. Soon the arrangements were finished, both the participants reached their positions and got ready.

     A massive disruption had occurred, all the animals started to ran with panic. The participants also wanted to run, but unfortunately the hare was in the middle of a stampade. The old tortoise had reached the place in time, and saved the young hare. After a while, only the participants, old tortoise and his bear friend were left in that big , frighteningly silent open place.

         The bear broke the silence, addressing the hare, “son...., what do you say now”

         Hare put a blank place “what does it mean?, did I loose, no. After all the itself has not taken place”.

        “What did you want to achieve by winning this race, first of all?” asked the bear.

        “I want earn back the pride of our species which was lost by loosing a running race to this uncle” answered the hare.

        “Well, what are the losses you have faced by you great grand fathers defeat?” asked the bear.

        “No material losses though, but all the other animals are thinking we are vulnerable and timid” hare replied with less confident tone.

        “Do they tell this to you, by words or by actions, except the cunning fox?” questioned the bear.

       “No, but when I decided to ran this race, many of them patted on my back told me to go on” hare answered in a low voice, as if he is telling to himself.

       “Do you consider them as your well wishers?” bear asked but didn't paused for response and continued “nobody cared for you when they had found something for their own good, they stood in the middle of your race course to gather food, right?” again, after a small pause bear started again “ they did not even bother about your life when you stuck in the stampede, aren't they? ”

       “Yes” replied the hare with disappointment.

       “It is your uncle who came for your rescue, isn't it? Why should he save you, when you are seeing pride in defeating them?” straight question baffled the hare.

     “Yes, now I understood the bigger picture” saying these words to the bear, the hare went near to tortoise and said “uncle, the cunning fox's words had caste a spell on me. I did think in very wrong way, please excuse me”

       Moved by his tears, both the tortoises hugged and consoled the hare. Secretly, the old tortoise had given big treat to the his friends the bear and the monkey.


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