The Captain’s Curse


1. Prologue

I walked down the road, closer and closer to the beach. It was so pretty down there….
“Alaina! What are you doing?!”
I turned and looked at my mother, who was running towards me.
“I was going to the water Mommy.” I answered.
Her face went pale and she snatched me up and walked back to the palace.
“You know that you're not supposed to go anywhere near water.”
“Why?” I asked her.
“I'll tell you when you're older.”
“I am older Mommy. I'm already three.”
She smiled at me, but didn't respond.
When we got to the castle, she set me down and held my hand as she led me back to the nursery room. My brother looked up and waved with a smile. He was three years older than I was.
“Hi Lainy!”
I walked over to see what he was doing, all thoughts of the water gone.
“Hi Jared.” I said with a smile.
“Want to play with me?”
I nodded. “What are you playing?”
“Well, I was playing with my horses, but if you don't want to—”
“I love playing horses!” I said, clapping my hands.
He smiled. “Okay. You can play with this one.”
He handed me a dark blue horse with white spots and a white mane and tail.
My eyes glowed with happiness. “This one is my favorite! He’s so pretty!”
We laughed and ran around while we played with our horses. We had a lot of fun and time flew by quickly. Eventually, our nanny came in to get us for dinner. She led us down the halls to Jared’s room, where a man was waiting to help him dress. Then my nanny and I went to my room where my maid could help me get ready for dinner too. After that my nanny left back down the hallway we had come down.
In my room, my maid, Colette, took a pretty purple gown from the closet and helped me into it. Then she sat me down and did my deep brown hair. When she was done, I looked in the mirror and saw she had curled it, then put it into a four strand dutch braid.
I smiled, clapping my hands and jumping up and down. “I love it!” I said with a little squeal.
Colette smiled. “Thank you, Your Highness.” She walked over to the chest with my shoes and opened it, pulling out a pair. I went over to her so she could put them on my feet. After that she took my hand and led me to the dining room.
Jared and our parents were waiting for me. He smiled and waved, then turned to our parents.
“See? I told you she wouldn’t be late.”
I folded my arms and gave him a fake pout. “Of course not!”
We both broke into a fit of giggles. Our parents smiled and then led us each to our seats. As we ate our dinner, we each told what we had done that day. By the time dinner was over, I was getting pretty tired, so Jared and I went to our rooms and got ready for bed. When we were all ready for bed, Jared came into my room and told me a story about the people that lived in the water long ago. When he finished with the story, he hugged me, told me goodnight, then went back to his room. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. Then I climbed into bed and closed my eyes, drifting to sleep.


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