A Confused Mind

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  • Published: 18 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 18 Feb 2018
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It is a story of a young man who never tried to find out the good and bad in a situation but rigidly stuck with opinions formed in childhood. The luxury of not having ab obligation to accepting responsibility to one's own deeds is often penalized by the price in the form of badly hurt self confidence, deteriorated self image and lack of self esteem and confidence.


2. Insults to Injuries

     He was the ray of hope for his parents. They wanted him to achieve a prominent position in their circle. But the remarks they were hearing from the teachers and co-students of bubby, were making them frustrated.


     One day, bubby sat quietly and studying for the upcoming examination. His mother , who were just felt insulted by a warning of the bear teacher for the dumb image of Bubby came and saw him. "Why do you sit all the time with those books" asked the mother, "go and sit with your classmates, you will learn how to study al least, first of all"

     Bubby's eyes are filled with tears, he could not speak of anything as his voice is blocked with anguish.

Misunderstanding his silence as reluctance, mother raised her voice more "You don't need to play dramas of studying to escape from helping your father. If you study or not, there is no difference, anyway we are not gifted with the virtue of enjoying the pride of our off spring's achievements.Go to the farm and help him. There is no free lunch for us, get out of my sight now"


     Months later, examinations were over and summer holidays were declared. Bubby was very happy as his cousins were coming so he could play a lot. But, his happiness didn't lost for long. On a hot summer day, Bubby's mother has made a tasty mock tail with all seasonal fruits. Bubby has asked her mother to put more mangoes in there, but she refused as it could spoil the flavour of the drink. But, secretly, a cousin of bubby has mixed more mango pulp in it. as he is very much fond of mangoes. Mother found this while serving and she immediately called bubby and asked about it. Bubby has seen his cousin bringing mangoes into home, he didn't mentioned it with his mother as he should not blame anybody without having firsthand accurate information and facts. His mother didn't believe his mere" no", and scolded him accusing being both disobedient and untruthful.


     When schools were reopened, regular life resumed. The school management decided to host a sports event. All player animals from surrounding schools were participating in that event. One small girl from a near by village school has met with Bubby and asked him if he could help her to cross a stream passing near by the school so that she can offer prayers in the temple other side of the stream. Bubby was happy to help, and made her sit on his shoulders and crossed over the stream. Later he came to know that there were a game like hide and seek in the sports event which consists of two groups, one to hide a thing and the other to search and find it. The hare, that took the help of Bubby, was from the opponent team of his School's. Unknowingly, he has helped the opponent to find a unpredictable place to hide the thing.

      Bubby went to his father and told about the incident. Instead of consoling him, father shouted at him for his foolish and irresponsible behavior


     Another day, poor bubby witnessed a theft in his school. He found a cunning boy stealing food from the class leader's lunch box. Unknowing the fact that the class leader and the cunning boy were bound to retain their friendship as they are partners in many secret activities, Bubby immediately went to the teacher and reported it. But, unfortunately, when questioned by the teacher, the class leader lied, and the blame of alleging a false crime on a co student was fell on Bubby. On that evening, to add fuel to the fire, the father of the cunning boy came to Bubby's home and complained about the stealing drama to Bubby's father. Again that night witnessed another insult to Bubby, by his father this time.


     As days are passing by incidents that are pulling towards misconception on Bubby are started to happen more frequently. His parents, because of their misunderstanding on their son, getting more and more depressed.

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