A Confused Mind

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  • Published: 18 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 18 Feb 2018
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It is a story of a young man who never tried to find out the good and bad in a situation but rigidly stuck with opinions formed in childhood. The luxury of not having ab obligation to accepting responsibility to one's own deeds is often penalized by the price in the form of badly hurt self confidence, deteriorated self image and lack of self esteem and confidence.


1. Early Days of Hesitation

    What is confusion?, In general, it is our inability to judge among alternatives or consequences. It is a temporary state of mind when we encounter a problem or choice. However bubby's case is not same. He always stays in a confused state of mind. He gets more confused when he thinks about his abnormal confusion.


     He is donkeyish, not because he is a donkey, but he behaves like a donkey. He was very normal like other kids until he entered into school. But, after starting attending school, his mind started getting stirred occasionally. His mother taught him to be generous and honest. His father showed him good behavior by practicing morals and values through his behavior. He always wanted to be polite with his teachers, and considerate with his fellow students. His attitude towards nature was really caring and sensible. then, what went wrong?


    An old, retired military man was his first teacher. The teacher knows how to inculcate interest in students and make them focus on their studies. Almost all his sessions were interactive discussions. However, being told by the mother to behave nicely with fellow students, he had never tried to answer any of the questions asked by the teacher(remember I already told you that he is very donkeyish ). Whenever he was ready with a sure shot answer, he saw a fellow student willing to stand up and answer. In all such situations he had been faced, he left the chances to answer to the other ones. This sincere practice of politeness and courtesy had given him a dumb boy impression with his teacher, as well as with his fellow students.


    He wss very healthy, handsome and good at sports. Ironically, no students' group wanted him to be in their team, as he was against to bluff and going against rules of the game, the team leaders thought of him as a white elephant in their team. Being unwanted is hurtful, really. So he didn't wanted to stay in school for sports and extra curricular activities classes. He had always left for home immediately when the normal classes are over.



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