A Confused Mind

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  • Published: 18 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 18 Feb 2018
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It is a story of a young man who never tried to find out the good and bad in a situation but rigidly stuck with opinions formed in childhood. The luxury of not having ab obligation to accepting responsibility to one's own deeds is often penalized by the price in the form of badly hurt self confidence, deteriorated self image and lack of self esteem and confidence.


3. Deception in Disguise

     Some how he has finished his education, and started working as a clerk in a bank. He has met with a cute lady customer in the bank and fell in love immediately. Soon they both became friends and talking with each other nicely. He helped her in getting loans for her cottage industry in all the possible ways, even by exceeding his limits, giving his personal surity etc acts. The peace of he found while spending time with her, was a new and happiest experience in his abandoned life. 


      one day his lady love asked Bubby weather she is well behaving or not, with a sad face. Disturbed by her upset face, Bubby immediately replied, "No, No, you are so good, gem of a character". "But, somehow, I am suspecting that people in my circles are not feeling like that," she stopped this discussion there and diverted the topic.

      next day evening an old man caught Bubby in the surroundings of the bank , and asked Bubby about the lady customer . When he uttered all good words about her, the old man asked him about weather she was loving somebody from this bank. Bubby thought for a while and said "no" as he found no reason to tell about them to a third person, more over, if their love became public before their marriage people might under estimate her character.     

      But later Bubby came to know that his lady love married the old person's son and he confirmed the marriage  only after talking with Bubby.

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