A Confused Mind

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  • Published: 18 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 18 Feb 2018
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It is a story of a young man who never tried to find out the good and bad in a situation but rigidly stuck with opinions formed in childhood. The luxury of not having ab obligation to accepting responsibility to one's own deeds is often penalized by the price in the form of badly hurt self confidence, deteriorated self image and lack of self esteem and confidence.


4. A Good Escape Route

     Bubby has started thinking of fleeing away from home, but, being conditioned to behave like a timid boy, he could not dare to do so. Sometimes he thinks of even suicide also. however he neither know the reason for such feeling nor the reason for his loved ones' do not care attitude.   


     He changed his job. He joined in a marketing firm, which demands extensive travelling. He chose it as he want to escape from him self. But he found more confusion in that sales job. Now the confusion started to gripping him around more and more. "what exactly should i do?" he asked himself. "should I be honest, or cunning?, should I be ethical or practical?, should I aim at the target sales or customer satisfaction and retention?" But he don't have a clear understanding of perceptions and opinions to judge. Emotionally he has got hurt so badly to think in a proper way. He escaped himself into books. 


One fine night, Bubby woke up suddenly, he saw a priest like person standing in front of him. He got frightened at first, the calmness and glory of the priest helped him in gathering his guts.

      Bubby asked "who are you"

      Priest said "I am the gist of the books you are reading, you yourself should possess me into you, but you are not ready for it"

      Bubby confused again.

      Priest continued "I don't want you to confuse more, Just listen to this to come out of all your confusions"

      Bubby shouted eagerly "tell me now, what you know"

      "You always behaved in a manner that satisfy a person, leave that immediately. Be your own judge. use your common sense. don't try to postulate theories to find out what is good and what is bad, it changes with circumstances "

       Bubby liked internally what was being said to him, but he asked "we should listen to parents and elders, isn't it"

       Priest smiled "yes, we should, but we should face life from our body, our identity, They see the issues from their perspective, but ultimately it is us who needs to face the consequences. many times, Likelihood of escaping from responsibility disguises as respect for elders, many times. understood?.."


       Next day, Bubby woke up from sleep to start life from a lively new perspective. Could he?

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