The Recipients

The story begins when young Karl Siegmund foun


1. First Chapter: A Young Recipient

The Recipients

Chapter 1: Young recipient

It was around eight years ago when the humanity first learnt that there was a way to manipulate natural phenomenons. Whether it be directing the direction of the lightning or igniting a flame out of a thin air, it was possible through the understanding of the mechanics behind it. Because of this, learning all the mathematics, chemistry, and physics involved in manipulating these powers became important. 

However, only few percentage of humanity actually possessing this power, and there were apparent limits as to what degree humans could change the natural world. Society began to call these nature-manipulating humans as "Recipients" and they were regarded as a potential danger. This view of the recipients continued until the major war broke out about two years ago from the present day. This ongoing war brought the necessity of recipients to the surface. Many of them joined at their will to prove that they aren't potential criminals but an ordinary citizens like everyone else.

Unfortunately, I wasn't one of those recipients. The moment I heard about their existence, I was so tempted about becoming one of them that I literally spent entire night and weeks learning every required subject that I needed to know about. However, the moment when I heard that I didn't have the aptitude for it, I heard my life shatter in pieces. Though my years of effort ended me up in a program that halved my years in education to become a doctor, I still can't understand how disappointing it had been for me.

"Forget it. There is no point in meddling with the past," I stood up from the chair and stretched out my discomforting body for a while.

"Karl! Don't forget about the meeting in the conference room an hour from now!" Natalie, a nurse who is about an year or two older than me, 

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