What have we gotten ourselves into?!

*Percy Jackson and the avengers crossover* Diamond is none other than the daughter Of Hades. She is Percy’s Best Friend and Annabeth’s to, though their probably the only ones she can talk to without going all secrety, since they are the only ones who know her major secrets. Plus she went to tarturus with them. But one day S.H.I.E.L.D glanced at her file, Percy’s file, and Annabeth’s File. Realizing how many criminal activities are listed and how little they know about them. So what happens when earth ‘mightiest hero’s’ meet demigods who’ve gone through hell and back, literally.


6. The proposal

             It had been a few days since we had gotten back to camp. Everything was swell. So, Chiron allowed us to go out of camp borders. So.... we decided to go to the Park , honestly I only agreed since Percy said he was going to propose to Annabeth when we got there. Yeah I know their only 19 and ‘to young for marriage’ but honestly, I was suspecting him to propose the second they were both able to get legally married. I mean with all they’ve been through together, it makes sense. Anyway, when we got there I made an excuse to leave them alone. I climbed a tree without them seeing and watched it play out.

                  *Percy POV*

I was fidgeting uncontrollably. Annabeth noticed “are you ok perce?”. I got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. “I will be, if you marry me” I said. Annabeth made a sorta squeal “YES PERCY YES!”. I slid the ring on her finger. She kissed me. That will always be the best moment of my life. 

                 *Diamond POV*

    I smiled when they kissed. Honestly I had made the right decision to not be near them, it would have put to much pressure on Percy. I hopped down from the tree and shadow-traveled behind them. Look they may have been having a moment but it was funny to see their faces when they had just been scared. “BOO!” I jumped at them. Percy let out a little squeal. “So you Finally proposed?” I emphasized finally. Annabeth’s eyes lit up. “ YES HE DID! WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!” She screamed. “Woah calm girl.” I said, but she went on to saying everything she was gonna do to make the wedding perfect, which was a LONG list....                 



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