What have we gotten ourselves into?!

*Percy Jackson and the avengers crossover* Diamond is none other than the daughter Of Hades. She is Percy’s Best Friend and Annabeth’s to, though their probably the only ones she can talk to without going all secrety, since they are the only ones who know her major secrets. Plus she went to tarturus with them. But one day S.H.I.E.L.D glanced at her file, Percy’s file, and Annabeth’s File. Realizing how many criminal activities are listed and how little they know about them. So what happens when earth ‘mightiest hero’s’ meet demigods who’ve gone through hell and back, literally.



Percy, Annabeth, and I were just walking to the coffee shop when we saw the Hellhounds. I out of instinct touched my bracelet and it turned into my sword. My sword is half diamond half celestial bronze. I looked around and saw Annabeth and Percy had done the same thing with their weapons.  Percy yelled “STUPID HELLHOUNDS “ and I wanted to slap him, but Annabeth slapped him first. The hellhounds Pounced and we sliced them to peices, which turned to dust. I went to Percy and ‘accidentally’ slapped him in the face, which caused him to mutter “you are so like annabeth”. “say that again and I’ll slap you again” I replied. “What’s wrong with being me?” Annabeth asked. “Nothing!” I said quickly.


I know it’s short, don’t judge me!


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