What have we gotten ourselves into?!

*Percy Jackson and the avengers crossover* Diamond is none other than the daughter Of Hades. She is Percy’s Best Friend and Annabeth’s to, though their probably the only ones she can talk to without going all secrety, since they are the only ones who know her major secrets. Plus she went to tarturus with them. But one day S.H.I.E.L.D glanced at her file, Percy’s file, and Annabeth’s File. Realizing how many criminal activities are listed and how little they know about them. So what happens when earth ‘mightiest hero’s’ meet demigods who’ve gone through hell and back, literally.


2. Now we get our coffee!

“We should go tell Chiron” Annabeth said. “I mean when have they ever ganged up like that?” She looked worried. “But I want coffee!” Percy whined. Annabeth and I exchanged glances, then shrugged. “We can get coffee first then.” Annabeth said. Then we continued on to the coffee shop. We all ordered the usual, and sat down at a table in the corner. Percy was sprinkling blue food dye into his drink. “Now we get coffee!” I stated gleefully sipping my salty carmel latte. My expression changed to serious “Maybe we can IM Chiron?” I said to Annabeth. She nodded and we exited drinks in hand. We walked into an alleyway and Percy used his powers to make a rainbow with water. I tossed a Drachma through it and said “oh iris goddess of the rainbow show us Chiron”. The rainbow faded to show Chiron sitting in a wheelchair. “So Chiron we’ve got a problem.” I stated. Annabeth continued “earlier a bunch of hellhounds attacked us, it was weird. They acted like a pack of wolves. They seemed to follow suite of the largest Hellhounds, or as I like to call it, the alpha.”. “I know, there have been reports here and from the satyrs that say monsters are hanging up on people. It is indeed weird. We’re going to need you back her to protect the new campers” Chiron said back. We nodded and ended the IM. I threw my empty cup in the trash as we walked out. Annabeth and Percy were holding hands. I cleared my throat “not that I don’t love to ship Percabeth, but I’m feeling like the third wheel here”. They blushed and pulled apart. 




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