What have we gotten ourselves into?!

*Percy Jackson and the avengers crossover* Diamond is none other than the daughter Of Hades. She is Percy’s Best Friend and Annabeth’s to, though their probably the only ones she can talk to without going all secrety, since they are the only ones who know her major secrets. Plus she went to tarturus with them. But one day S.H.I.E.L.D glanced at her file, Percy’s file, and Annabeth’s File. Realizing how many criminal activities are listed and how little they know about them. So what happens when earth ‘mightiest hero’s’ meet demigods who’ve gone through hell and back, literally.


3. My Achilles heel


the st          *Steve’s POV*

Fury handed me three files, then handed the rest of the team each three files. “Since when has S.H.I.E.L.D had only one slip of paper on someone?” Natasha said. Fury shrugged “just track em  down and bring em in for questioning”. Tony used Jarvis to track them down and we were of.

           *Diamond POV*

We were about halfway there when the walking American flag landed in front of us, along with red hair girl, robot man,  and bow guy. I knew they were the avengers but didn’t know their names\Alias’. “What do you want” Annabeth asks kinda savagely. “We just wanna bring you somewhere so our boss can as you questions” American flag said. “Yeah no way” I said. “If you don’t work with us we have to bring you in by force.” Robot Guy said. Percy chuckled. “You’re not gonna worm with us then” Red hair said. We all shook our heads, and red tried to grab Annabeth, who dodges. My sword was out now. “Don’t touch her” I growled. Red tried again. I went into defense mode, and punched her knocking her out. Knowing that they wouldn’t get us to go with them without fighting they pounced. I knocked bow guy out easily, as well as robot guy. Then American flag charged and I slid my arm connected with his shield and sent him him flying back. Oh yeah I should probably explain that. You see when I was younger I was dipped in the Styx. Giving me the curse of Achilles. I won’t tell you where my Achilles heel is yet though.   Percy Annabeth and I continued our walk to camp as if nothing happened.


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