What have we gotten ourselves into?!

*Percy Jackson and the avengers crossover* Diamond is none other than the daughter Of Hades. She is Percy’s Best Friend and Annabeth’s to, though their probably the only ones she can talk to without going all secrety, since they are the only ones who know her major secrets. Plus she went to tarturus with them. But one day S.H.I.E.L.D glanced at her file, Percy’s file, and Annabeth’s File. Realizing how many criminal activities are listed and how little they know about them. So what happens when earth ‘mightiest hero’s’ meet demigods who’ve gone through hell and back, literally.


4. Images of Tartarus part: 1

When we got back to camp we went straight to the big house. To Percy and Annabeth everything seemed fine, but I could sense the heavy scent of magic. It started to weigh me down, and when we got to the big house porch, I collapsed. 

‘ I lay on the ground my limp form shivering as the monsters approached. I opened my eyes when they got closer and looked up in fear. I had had it with this place, but every time I tried to get out a monster stopped me. The empousai laughed as they approached, a sound that peirced the air. They eventually got close enough that they could kill me right then, but they weren’t gonna give me an easy death, they knew that would only help me. I only whimpered knowing my fate’

‘I stayed silent as the footsteps approached. They sounded human but I had grown to trust nothing. The curtain that hid my hideout pulled open and revealed-‘




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