The Note


1. New chapter

There was a girl who lived in Maple Leaf, NC; she was 18 and had just started college. She wanted to be a school counselor but she also wanted to be a professional violinist. On the second day of her college journey, she notices that there was a piece of paper in her book bag that she knows was not there before she takes it out and all it says is “Hey ~ August W.” She did not know names yet because she had only had each of her classes one time she had no clue who this person was and this had never happened to her before. She did not know what to think and this was a little creepy. After this, she carefully listened in all of her classes to the names of her classmates as the teachers called out the role. Finally, when she was in her sociology class the teacher calls out the name August Write, she thought to herself that it had to be the person she looks around the room while trying to be discreet and noticed that it was the person right beside of her. She then remembers when he came into the room that first day he was wearing a white fedora and very nice clothes and remembers how she only looked for a second and then looked down in fear that if she continued to look then he would see a smile come across her face and then he sat beside her and she couldn't help but to think out of all the people and places he could have sat he chose me but why. No one ever noticed her especially the ones that were well oriented. It being the second class we had to get up in front of the class with our partners that were assigned in the previous class and when it was his groups turn she listened with curious ears when his partner started to introduce him saying what he does, what he likes, and random facts about him. There were 2 things that stood out to her more than anything, that he was single and liked Shakespeare. She was obviously single but she also liked Shakespeare, she also loved poetry, she read poetry but she also wrote poetry. Then when he was not looking she took a piece of paper and wrote: “Hey ~ Hope R.” and slipped it into his binder. They continued to talk like this for a couple weeks and then he slipped a note asking for her number and by then she trusted him enough so she gave it to him. From then on they talked every day whether it was face to face, on the phone, or even on social media, they become best friends and they finished college together. Now they are married, August is a huge film director and hope did become a school counselor, she also plays for anyone who wants her to she even plays in the orchestra for all of Augusts films and he is the director for all of her music videos as well. All in all, they live a very beautiful and happy life together.

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