Pick A Side

I think society puts a lot of pressure on people to pick sides in certain debates. Due to this, a lot of people don't realize that there are more than two sides they can pick from, and that they don't really have to pick at all.


1. Pick A Side


Why do I have to pick a side?

Why do I have to abide by an arbitrary system

Where real human emotions aren’t allowed to exist?

You either choose to conform or get out of the way

We’ve come so far, but we still live in a place

Where a boy can’t be hugged by his boyfriend

Without strangers making a scene

Where a girl can’t kiss her girlfriend

Without being turned into a sexual fantasy

Does no one see that we’re just playing games?

Toying with the people who are brave enough

The ones who put everything on the line

To stay true to who they are

And we shoot them down with round after round

Until they’re too beaten down to care


Why do I have to pick a side?

Why do I have to be either straight or a lesbian?

We don’t get to choose who we are

We can’t change with the flip of a switch

Up or down

On or off

Why does it have to be one or the other?

I don’t choose who I’m attracted to

I don’t get to open up my head and wire my own brain

To make sure I fit every contradictory social standard

If love was a choice, we all would’ve picked differently

But we didn’t and that makes us who we are

All we can do is trust in ourselves

And stop tearing down others over what they can’t control

We’ve built castles out of social constructs that deconstruct the community

We’ve put crowns on people who only stand for one when they could stand for all

We’ve made kids feel like they have to choose

When the choice isn’t there’s to make


Why do I have to pick a side?

Why do I have to identify as either a boy or a girl?

It’s all this or that

Why do we have to fight about apples and oranges

Instead of making a damn fruit basket?

Society just keeps piling the pressure on me and so many other teens

Trying to tell us how we feel

About an issue that they don’t understand

You can’t unravel emotions you’ve never experienced

Don’t pretend to understand just to tell me I’m the one who’s wrong

You don’t live in my head

You don’t fight my daily battles

This side or that side

I’m so tired of all the yelling

Why can’t I erase the lines we've drawn between ourselves

To free ourselves

To be free to be ourselves


Why do I have to pick a side?

Why does even my mind have to be up or down?

I don’t need outside pressure from traditionalist culture

When I get enough bullshit from my bipolar brain

I’m on top of the world or I’m freezing in the rain

Why isn’t emotional stability an option?

Why can I only know I’m fucked up or not realize how much I need help?

There are still people who think who I am is a choice

I can’t change who I am, I can only embrace it

Every fucked up, fractured piece of my personality

I’m sick of other people trying to tell me who I have to be

If it’s not up to me

It damn for sure isn’t up to you


Why do I have to pick a side?

Why do even non-conformists try to put me in a box?

I still have to pick

All of the above

Or none of the above

Why the hell can’t I pick some of the above?

Not every option will always apply

To how I define myself

I might as well be listed on the title page of the Oxford dictionary

Since I have to write new definitions to expand your two sided vocabulary

It’s scary to think about

How many people feel lost like me

How many other kids refuse to follow the program like me

How we simply wish we could reprogram society

The world is round, so why do we have to have sides at all?


Why do I have to pick a side?

Why do I have to go with the flow when it’s flowing the wrong way?

I’m more than my sexuality, my gender identity, or my bipolar disorder

I’m a non-conforming non-conformist with a couple of hidden gifts

I’m the voice for those still stuck behind closet doors of every kind in their minds

And even in reality

I won’t back down, but I still have to wonder

If I won’t pick a side

What does that make me?

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