Whose Mistake?

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  • Published: 17 Feb 2018
  • Updated: 17 Feb 2018
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This is about an imaginative argument of a soul with the god. He was suffered by external locus of control when he was alive and even could not able change it even after death.


1. Whose Mistake

    There are many souls waiting at the doorsteps of hell. They were human, once. Some of them has already understood the fact that they have already died, They are able to sense that they are really very different from their mortal remains. Some of them are yet to overcome the evacuation of their living and non living belongings.

    They are able to see another mob of spirits sat and playing among themselves, from a distance. There is a glass partition between them which is so thick that it is not allowing any communication between them. surprisingly the other group does not pay any attention to this group.

    They are actually in a confusion about their senses. They are able to perceive the other souls, but they don't know weather they are really seeing them or not. They could feel that the place is dark, cold and damp but they are not actually touching anything. The pleasureful activity in the other group is confusing them.

    Suddenly, the gates before them are vanished. The surroundings in front of them became very very bright that they could not able to see or perceive anything but the brightest of light. They understood that they are in front of the almighty.

    A soul of a medical doctor started communicating with the glorious light before him, by talking or through perceptions, which even he cannot distinguish. "God... its you?!" he does not have any fear, love, or shock, but only utter disappointment. "How could you be so mean to me? What sins I did?... " paused with melancholy.

    The bright light replied " son.... yours are baseless allegations on me. I had given you everything more than you need "

    Doctor's sorrow turned into anger "yes....., you gave me everything, despite I lived life as a nobody, isn't it?"

   "You were in a respectable profession, you inherited ancestral property, you were married to a nice lady. All these are virtues, aren't they? " God replied.

   Doctor started becoming more and more tenacious " I always wanted to become a cardiac surgeon but my parents bought me a seat in gynecology"

   "I gave you enough brains to get seat in your choice of education. You put your expectations neither on me nor on you, you just left them with your parents will" counter complained the God.

   "Ok, then..." sighed the doctor "when I was a child ours was the wealthiest family among our circle, but, with time, we almost crawled to the bottom."

   "No...!" objected the God "you did not do anything with your properties and stayed there where you are, and people crossed over you"

    Feeling humiliated, the doctor said "Though my wife was good looking and sincere, she always searched for mistakes in whatever I did. My children never respected me."

    Even God became furious this time "stop now... you always had expected them to think about you and your needs and wishes , but, you never recognized that they also might have similar expectations on you. In real sense, they lived on thier own with nobody playing the role of a head. I pity them"

    Annoyed by not getting any sympathy, doctor shouted " Above all this, my fellow doctors with skills and intelligence are very inferior to me, honored far better than me." stopped with desolation for a while, " I don't need to show you proofs or certifications as you know everything"

    God quickly sensed that he is becoming more and more unstoppable and interrupted him "People who are ready serve the socity and who could feel empathy will get honored by society. Answer to yourself, have you ever felt bad for your patients pain or ailments? "  Being not convinced and feeling deceived even by god, the doctor stood in silence. God started again "I did not created the whole universe for your needs. Each part of them have their own assigned duties. I did not created your friends and family members to taking care of you. They also have lives similar to you. They also wish to become somebody and get affection and recognition from others. The society was not there to feed your ego, you are simply a part of it. a very very small tiny part "


   "Still I can not understand " doctor replied

   "You can never understand, even now itself you are not into introspection. Through out your life you tried to find the reasons for failures in others, as if you are insulated to any expectations, standards, rules, values. If you start expecting something from yourself first, while trying to deliver it to you you will get to know the value of the life I have given to you. "God paused for a while " Are you willing to take another birth and experience what I just said?"

    “First of all, tell me this, why did you created me with a mentality like that? I would have behaved properly if you had created me with a ideal attitude. Isn't that the injustice you have done to me?

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