The Night Cabin A novel

Richard Kenny Lowe, an English teacher from Louisiana, senses something is wrong at Harold Cabin, a place where several murders happened a decade ago back in the summer of 2008. When he spends his vacation there, he feels his sanity slipping towards madness.


3. The Cabin-Part Three


Louisiana-Saturday, August 4, 2013

Forty years' later....


Richard Kenny Lowe shuddered. He was imagining Gretel's touch. She had died recently before they were married at the beautiful Church in New York; they were together for a decade. Louisiana wasn't like New York. It was in the Deep South. It was time for a break. Richard, who was thirty-eight, sensed someone was watching him. He hated to feel uncomfortable. "Richard Lowe. I'm Mandy Davies. I'm the owner of the cabin. I'm glad that someone's in there....especially after the trouble we've had over the decades". Richard shook his head. He was happily single. And women didn't need his attention at the moment. The traumatic effect losing Gretel to cancer had drained his memory. She was only thirty. And too young to die. "I need a place to free my mind of the dangers we all face", he said. "I heard about your wife. I'm sorry-". Richard stopped in his tracks. "How did you know about her?". Mandy shifted uneasily. "We have to do all background-". Richard's face went beet-red. "I don't appreciate the FBI, CIA, or NSA, or you interfering in my business. If that's the case, I'll leave the cabin now". He walked to his blue 2002 Ford. "Richard! I'm sorry. Please come inside. There's a piece of legal papers to oversee. I'll get some coffee and cake". Richard shook his head. "Fine. I'll sign them. I really need the cabin to get over her death". Mandy nodded. "I lost my husband, Ross, to pneumonia two year's ago in the winter. He wanted a family. His loss-". Richard shook his head. "Let's not think of that; let's go forward. I hate to be too sad; I hate to think about the nasty things in New York. Crime is up, like in the nineteen seventies, and nineteen eighties. Louisiana isn't like a Brian Garfield novel". Mandy nodded. She wasn't a big Charles Bronson fan. "Let's take a tour", she said. She looked around, and Richard followed her into the darkness.


"Up ahead there's the kitchen, Dining Room, and bedrooms. The last room is padlocked", Mandy said. Richard shook his head. Locked! Why was it locked? He frowned. "Two women died here a long time ago. They were murdered by the 'Black Hooded Man'". Richard stared at her. "I've heard about him. He was like the Zodiac killer". Mandy shuddered. "Except the Zodiac killer wasn't caught". Richard flicked on the lights with his hands. "I need to go to the restrooms". He headed past Mandy. And he opened the door to his right, and went inside...leaving her alone to ponder whether she it was a mistake to have a man here whose own future was unclear.


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