The Night Cabin A novel

Richard Kenny Lowe, an English teacher from Louisiana, senses something is wrong at Harold Cabin, a place where several murders happened a decade ago back in the summer of 2008. When he spends his vacation there, he feels his sanity slipping towards madness.


4. The Cabin-Part Four


Louisiana, August 4, 2013;

4:00 PM.

​Sheriff Dale Chambers, Jr., smoked a cigarette. He shook his head as he saw Deputy Sheriff Anne Blanchard grimace. "There's four more bodies nearby. Blood is everywhere", she uttered. She wore a red sweater. Her black boots drifted in the cold snow. "It's the 'Black Hooded Man'", the Sheriff said. He threw the cigarette away. And stomped on it with his right boot. "We'll get the bastard", she said. He looked at her...then nodded as a half-dozen police cars...and paramedics...arrived to deal with the aftermath of the recent deaths.

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