The Curse of Narrow-black Lake

In the old town of Narrow-black, Tessie and her best friend AJ Rivers begin to notice something strange as teenagers start to disappear near the Narrow-black lake. AJ thinks it's just a prank and everyone is in on it but as more people start to disappear, Tessie thinks it's something more sinister...


1. A killer's note

Today is the day, the day they reopen the famous Narrow-black lake for the first time in a decade. I think they closed due to many deaths and drownings in and beside the lake. I can't wait to cause havoc... but first, I have to go to school and find my first victim. Oh and by the way I'm Dennis and I love Narrow-black lake.

Before Tessie and her stupid friend tell you everything that's happening, I will tell you about the lake before it's closure. The story was a young boy went for a picnic with his family, later before they left the little boy went for a swim.His family glanced across the lake just to check he was ok. As he got deeper and deeper he felt something grab his legs and began to drag him down...he screamed and screamed but his family couldn't hear him. Then as his brother turned to check he was ok, he saw the little boy being dragged down into the murky water. He screamed and ran in the lake after him. The family were crying, screaming and the families father called for an ambulance. 

As the older boy reached the boy, his face was flat on the water. He turned the boy's body over to see his face covered in scratches and blood. One of the boy's eyes were bulging and the other was rolling on the surface of the water. That older boy was me. Yes. Me. All that anger took over me, now i am a killer. So be prepared for a grueling death, people of Narrow-Black... 


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