Another Dimension

Anti-social seventeen-year-old Y/N is on a train to Daegu with her classmates at her school fora field trip. She falls asleep and wakes up finding herself in another dimension. A dimension where the seven boys she loves the most not only know her name but is her neighbors and classmates.

Rated 16+ for because of violence or strong language

I do not own BTS or any places or songs that may be in this. All rights belong to the original owner.


1. Obvious A Dream aka Denial

As soon as I walk onto the train I plug my earphones into my ear. Tony Montana plays almost on full volume. It's always like this...loud classmates. I'm still not used to it, although I've been with most of them for 4 years now.

    I sit down next to an empty seat near a little boy who looks about 5 years old who is eating a bag of potato chips. The little boys stare at me for a while until a lady that looks like his Mom moves him away from me with an annoyed expression. "This is why I don't like people," I say to myself in my head, "so rude." I lean back in the seat and close my eyes to fall asleep as the song changes to Cypher Pt.3.


   "Hey, wake up," I hear a familiar voice talking to me as I struggle to get up because of the crook in my neck. "Huh, what is...,"I stop talking once I realize Yoongi is sitting next to me. This is obviously a dream...I must still be asleep. I think to myself.

  "Come on, the doors are closing soon," he says as he grabs my hand to follow him out the train and towards the crowd of classmates. 

   I look at Yoongi closer and notice he's wearing my school uniform. Is he a student at my school. For a dream, this seems to be too real. "Where are we going?" I ask him playing along with the dream.

   "Don't play dumb, you know where we're going," Yoongi replies.

   "The museum for...," I say but Yoongi interrupts me before I can finish my sentence.

   "Hell no, what the hell are you talking about. We're meeting up with Jin and the other stupid boys once we all separate in Daegu.

   "Huh," I say confused.


   "What took you guys so long," Namjoon says as he hugs me.

   Normally my nightmares last this long, my good dreams only last for a short period of time. Either way, I'm enjoying this dream. 

   "Where's older brother Jin," Yoongi asks Jeongguk who's blowing on his ear. 

  They are too cute. I think to myself fangirling.

   "He went somewhere to buy food for us. He left a few seconds before you and Y/N showed up," Hoseok replies.

   As I sit near a fountain Yoongi walks over to me. "About the secret, we told you Y/N, remember...if you tell anyone, I'll kill you personally," Yoongi whispers into my ear with a change of tone. A tone I've never heard him in when I'm awake.

   Am I really dreaming I crazy? Is this really happening to me?

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