Love Doesn't Magically Happen

High school was over. Every student in the nation had been tested, and marks had finally come out. For a young adult named Devon, it meant throwing his life in the trash unless he found a school that would accept him. Any school, it didn't even matter to him anymore!

Having black hair since birth, Devon only had one dream: to prove to the world that no matter the colour of your hair, you could do anything you wanted. Even if you had black hair and no magical ability, you didn't have to do hard labour to do what you want, to not be discriminated.

Everyone knew that the darker your hair, the less magical ability you had, but now Devon had entered a new stage of his life: a life where his abilities would be forever judged, no matter his accomplishments, no matter his achievements, where he had set up to prove himself in the world


5. Chapter 5: The First Moments

Monday 1st January 2018
Days passed since Devon received his invitation to one of the most renowned schools in the world. After his few-day vacation, he opened the envelope by his desk. Not believing what lay in his hands, Devon read the invitation.

Dear candidate #2002
Thank you for being apart of the selection process of Delipha's Magic Academy. We are thrilled to confirm that your application has been accepted by our board members. Please remember to bring this to the opening day alongside the envelope. You will be required to meet at the main hall at 10:00AM on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

Your talent and magic powers will bring greatness into the future, and we are here to guide you. There is no turning back now. Your path has been chosen, and we shall help you in achieving your dream. You will never be forgotten, as you are one of 2000 people being chosen to be the leaders of the world.

As the Head Master of the school, I have personally selected you as a pupil of the school. I am sure I will not be disappointed by this decision.



Devon chuckled to himself, as he collapsed onto his bed with the card held up into the air with one hand. It was 4:30AM, and he knew he was going to be sleepless throughout the day before school. After watching fireworks with the others, he wished Julius and Ritzy the best of luck in following their dreams, in hopes of seeing them soon. As for Shrimp and Lisa, both of them took separate paths home. Luckily for Shrimp, whose glasses shattered, his house was on the way to Lisa's, so Lisa guided Shrimp and his almost blind eyes to safety. No one knew about Devon's invitation to the school, or the score he had been given for his final exam...not the real one at least.

Devon smiled as he read through the note once more. Despite half of it being a generic message written by the staff, he felt as though it was all written especially for him! Not to mention the fact that he had received an invitation before they even came out! He hugged the invitation tightly to his body, before he released it in hopes of recovering any crinkled marks on the envelope. 

Devon checked the time once more. 5:00AM. He tossed and turned on his bed, debating on whether or not he should go to sleep, or wait until 6:30AM to hear the results from Lisa and Shrimp. It was like it every year. January 1st at 6:30AM was the time which all universities released their choice of students, having decisions being made that night, alongside school starting the next day. Everything was planned out perfectly, with no time in between for delays.

I'm probably gonna stay up... thought Devon after rolling around several times on the bed, as he checked his phone. It was already 6:30AM. Quickly, he ran down stairs to check his mailbox. By now, the internet was probably flooded with millions of students waiting to log into their account. Nobody was home, so Devon switched on his lights and waited patiently for his mail to arrive on a silver tray next to the door. Despite already knowing that he would already get into his first preference, he continued to wait eagerly for his offers. 

Suddenly, a white mail appeared out of nowhere and landed onto the silver tray. Devon excitedly pulled the page out of his mail and...

No Universities accepted

That's not right... thought Devon, as he closely examined his page. A timer-like logo flashed light blue. All lights suddenly switched off, and Devon tripped over his feet. Recollecting the sheet of paper, he saw the logo continue to flash light blue. Underneath a table glowed another blue light. 

It was the invitation.

Carefully, Devon took out the invitation and placed it on top of the glowing blue logo. The light grew brighter, and suddenly all the lights in his house turned back on. In front of him layed a single paper.

Delipha's University has accepted you as one of its students

Delighted, Devon took out his phone to take a picture, purposely covering the number of his student application.

After heading back upstairs and lying on his bed, Devon checked his phone to see how the others went. Surely enough, everyone got into their preferred school...except Shrimp. Being just below the minimum points required, in order to get into his preferred University, he had to do study in Magical History. But everyone knew that he hated history. So much that when the teacher asked if he would pick history or clean the men's bathroom, he got up without asking at headed straight for the bathroom! With no other choices up his sleeve, he chose to stick with History.

Devon spread his arms wide on the bed. Within seconds, his eyelids felt heavy. Not having nearly much rest, he had fallen asleep in no time.

Tuesday 2nd January 2018
Today was the first day of school, but Devon didn't have nearly enough time to prepare himself. His clock read 7:00AM...wasn't too bad if he lived next to the school...but he didn't. The school was in an entirely different could he have missed it! He checked his phone for the alarms he had set, being absolutely sure that he had set at least five alarms to wake himself up early.

[on] 5:40: Wake Up!
[on] 6:30: Fine you know what who gives, you be late for your first day...

Devon sighed to himself, as he got himself quick out of bed and opened his wardrobe. Tossing on his black jeans and black shirt. Just before exiting the door, a monstrous stench crept out from his clothes, so he changed his mind and slid into a striped blue and white shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. With the envelope in one hand, and half a loaf in the other, Devon managed to close the door behind him, and ran straight towards the express train station. 

After climbing the last flight of stairs to the train station, Devon checked for any trains about to leave. It was 7:21. The next public train leaves at 8:00.

Devon took his seat next to the stairs to take a munch out of his bread and looked around for any other trains. Various companies and work places had their own personal train which left at a specific time. Some were small steam trains with small carriages big enough to only fit one person in each of them, whereas some were huge express trains which seemed as if they belonged in a luxurious cruise across the oceans.

 One train stood out the most. 

A bullet train with a curved nose, slim designed body stood amidst the rest. With a coating of silver along the whole body, and white painted patterns, the train looked like the fast type, like the type of cars which were designed to race. At the back of the train stood people wearing a uniform, hands out, as if they were ready to cast a magical ability. Devon picked himself quickly and ran towards the train.

"E-Excuse me!" said Devon, as he ran out of breath from just sprinting. "Which train is this!"

"It's an express train going directly to Lydia Incorporated," said one of workers. They were neatly dressed from top to bottom, from their black hats with golden decorations, to their posh-looking black blazers and luscious white pants.

"Can I come in?" asked Devon
"This vehicle is reserved for the Lydia family and the major shareholders of Lydia Incorporated." replied another guard. The others nodded with agreement.

Devon sighed, as he looked around to see if any other trains were available. Loud footsteps approached him. The sound appeared to come from the stairs. They got closer and closer, each step bringing tremendous fear to those around the stairs. People sitting around it started leaving their seats, in hopes to find other ones around the train station. Suddenly, the march-like stairs stopped, the girl with white hair and pink tips made her way up the stairs and towards the carriage, only to be confronted by a boy with slightly messy hair from the lack of time to comb it in the morning.

"Hi Leticia!" said Devon, "Can I hop onto the cart with you please?"
"I beg your pardon?" Leticia said. Devon saw a guard peak out of the stairs to the platform, only to be spotted at the corner of Leticia's eyes. Fear pierced through his heart, as he hid himself behind the stairs immediately.

"Well, I'm heading over to the academy, and I was wondering if you could help me o-"

"What academy?" Leticia asked in curiosity, peering down at the envelope in his hands. Devon showed her the back of the envelope he had in his hand. A blue crest with a silver eagle shone brightly on the piece of paper. Initially shocked with disbelief, Leticia closed her eyes and accepted it.

"Congratulations to you for getting into the school!" she coughed, "just to let you know, I never had any doubt in your skills." Devon laughed. "Of course...," he said sarcastically, "so about the train ride...can I hop in? or..."

Leticia looked down at her shoes and took a long sigh before agreeing to Devon's request. 

Loud footsteps from the stairs echoed once more, as two lines of guards marched forward to Leticia, before stopping in front of her. A large masculine figure with long orange hair arose from behind them.  The figure wore a large coat similar to the guards, and baggy pants to fit around his waist. The piece of clothing was tailored to his body, including his immensely round stomach. Standing at around 190cm, he towered over both Leticia and Devon himself. Even his double chins, or more accurately, triple chins, were larger than Devon's palm.

"Didn't I tell the guards to stay close to you, Leticia?" scolded the large figure, as he extended his hand and reached for Leticia's pink tips.

"I don't like being touched, dad" she rebelled, before slapping her father's hand away from her body, "nor do I like being followed by a group of useless guards. It's embarrassing."

Her father flinched at her, before seeing the black haired boy standing behind her.

"Get away from that boy," he said, as he pushed Leticia away from Devon

"He's my schoolmate," she said, stopping her father from anymore doing. Her father turned and looked at her, before looking back at Devon, then staring back at his daughter. 

"Your...friend?" he asked.
"A schoolmate," she corrected.
"That goes to Delipha's M-"

"Yes dad," his daughter interrupted, "and if you will excuse us, we will be heading straight for school now." 

Leticia grabbed Devon's wrist, and both of them headed straight for the train. Furious, Leticia's father followed them into the train. Despite being a fairly small-sized train, the interior design was spacious and comfortable. A hall from the inner side of the train connected many private rooms, in which red leather chairs and a hand-crafted stone table lay. Each of the two took a seat opposite of each other, both laying their phones on the table. A waiter entered and served the two students a cup of tea.

"You're dad is very doubting of me," Devon said, only to receive a backlash from Leticia.
"Of course he would be, who wouldn't?" 
"It's coz I have black hair, isn't it?" replied Devon.

"Anyone who doesn't suspect a black-haired witch or wizard is a fool on their own." Leticia took a sip from her cup. "Regardless," she followed up politely, "it's quite hard to get into a school with what you have, so...g-good job!"

Devon smiled. "Thanks for your encouragement."

"Not at all," she said quickly, before leaving a moment of silence. "It must be tough for you, right?" she whispered. 

"What was that?" Devon asked, only to be confronted by Leticia's palm out in his face, asking for his silence. "Where's your bag?" she asked.

Devon's face went red, as he looked around himself. With only his envelope in one hand, how could he have forgotten to bring a bag, books and stationary! Devon tried to cover it up, telling Leticia how he planned to buy some stationary in a store around the academy, but Leticia didn't fall for his lies.

"Stationary is exceptionally expensive around the academy because they know it's convenient for students to buy it from there," she said, "you'll have to look around at the station we are headed to." 

Remembering Leticia's words, Devon lay himself comfortable on the seat and closed his eyes. After running to the train station, and only having 6 hours of sleep the night before due to nervousness, Devon was already exhausted. A few hours passed on the train whilst he slept.


After waking up, Devon dragged his hands towards the table in search of his phone to check the time. 9:10. 50 minutes left until school starts.

"We are almost there," said Leticia, as she peered out the window. Having approached the central nation, the train had elevated above ground level even more. Thousands of glass and metal buildings stood high block after block. All the buildings were tall due to the large population and popularity of the city. Amidst all the buildings, a floating tower lay above all the sky scrapers and apartments. 

"That's Delipha's Magic Academy!" she said, as she pointed to the large floating building. Powered by an immense amount of Magic, rumours say Delipha's Magic Academy had only stayed afloat due to magical chants by thousands of mage lords. The castle stood out from the rest of the buildings. Aside from the fact that it was floating, magically enchanted air, pink and purple in colour, lightly covered the castle's black and blue walls. White clouds covered the air around it.

"It's beautiful," said Leticia.
"'s like a galaxy of stars," added Devon, "an infinite plane of mystery we will never full uncover."
"You REALLY know your way around words, don't you?" commented Leticia, as Devon pulled out a cheeky smile.

The train stopped, and both students made their way down to shop for Devon's forgotten stationary and bag. The orange haired bowling ball stopped them in their path just as they were about to take a step out of the train. 
"Leticia, would you like me to accompany you to the school?" he asked politely, but Leticia just shook her head.

"But please Leticia, let me accompany you! I'm sure I can assist you in getting to school faster," her father insisted even more.

"I promised Devon I'd go with him to buy something," his daughter replied, as she dragged Devon through her father's arms.

"Devon huh..." her father uttered,  "Don't think you're the same as us... "

Hastily,  Leticia and Devon left the carriage. There was not much at the train station. Most of the bags were those cheap ones you could home make given you had a sowing kit. But Devon had no choice. Go in barehanded and come out with a massive handful? Or go in with a bag and come out hands free. Devon took a black bag from the stand and put it on himself. Without a doubt, the colours didn't match. The navy blue and white shirt didn't match the midnight black bag.

"Why do you like black so much?" Leticia asked, recalling the first time they met at Serya Class Hotel. Devon looked at Leticia. Dressing much neater than himself, Leticia was wearing a white dress with a neatly cut designed at her sleeves; it was the type of dress you would wear to your grandparents' place for a nice lunch without looking too fancy and not under dressed at the same time...the type which tells your parents that you still respect them.

"Is there anything wrong with it?" he asked in return.
"I's just know what I mean?" 
Devon thought about it. "You mean like my hair?"

Leticia shrugged, as if she didn't want to describe it like that.

"Well put it this way," Devon continued, "I already have black hair, so I feel like my personality has already been defined by the black colour I'm wearing. It suits me, you know?"

Leticia held both her hands out. "N-No I d-didn't mean it that way!" she said.
"No no no! I didn't in a bad way!" Devon said quickly, "what I mean is that I like wearing black! I don't really care what everyone says."

Leticia sighed, as Devon took the bag, a book and some stationary to checkout. 

"Let me pay for this," said Leticia as she squeezed in and swiped her card. Speechless, Devon remained silent for a few seconds, before reopening his mouth.

"Why?" said Devon, having the cash in his hands.

"People in the central nation aren't as pleasant as you think they are," she said, giving the newly bought bag to Devon in exchange for his money. Holding out $350, Leticia only took $200, leaving the $150 in his hands. "I only payed $200," she said.

After heading out of the train station, Leticia brought Devon to a peculiar looking skyscraper with an eagle logo in the centre of it. After heading to the upper-most floor, Leticia guided Devon into a strange room. Metal plates filled the floor, all of which had glowing blue lights surrounding them. Leticia stepped on a plate, and Devon followed.

"Repeat after me," she said, "Aros, Vwela, Sith." Devon repeated the lines. Suddenly, the plates beneath them glowed green, and Devon was teleported to a far land.

The land was rich. There was luscious green grass everywhere, and cream-coloured concrete in all places. A fountain stood grandly in the middle of the plane, which was in the way of the giant pillars behind it. As Devon observed even more closely, he realised that the pillar extended upwards to join another piece of concrete which spread far across the land. A large clock was placed on that building.

"And that..." said Leticia, "is Delipha's Magic Academy."

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