Love Doesn't Magically Happen

High school was over. Every student in the nation had been tested, and marks had finally come out. For a young adult named Devon, it meant throwing his life in the trash unless he found a school that would accept him. Any school, it didn't even matter to him anymore!

Having black hair since birth, Devon only had one dream: to prove to the world that no matter the colour of your hair, you could do anything you wanted. Even if you had black hair and no magical ability, you didn't have to do hard labour to do what you want, to not be discriminated.

Everyone knew that the darker your hair, the less magical ability you had, but now Devon had entered a new stage of his life: a life where his abilities would be forever judged, no matter his accomplishments, no matter his achievements, where he had set up to prove himself in the world


4. Chapter 4: Magic Makes No Difference

Saturday 30th December 2017
By now, more and more people had begun to crowd the net. So much that people began using wind magic to elevate themselves, creating a stadium-like view full of people.

"Get yourself prepared," said Devon back at the brothers, as he made his way to aid Shrimp.

"Get away from them," Shrimp said, keeping his eyes shut as Ritzy helped clean off the glass from his face. Luckily, none of the glass got into his eyes.

"We ain't running," said Devon as he helped carry Shrimp to a nearby bench. Having being hit by such a powerful shot was not normal...not even for someone as buff as the challengers. Ritzy lay Shrimp's head on her lap, as she started chanting a healing spell for the injured boy.

"Let's go," Devon said to Julius, as both of them made it onto the court. The two big men were already prepared to deal another, and so were the other his friends.

"Devon? Can you hear me?" said a voice. Devon looked around him, only to see Julius focusing on the opponents.

"Devon it's me Lisa! We're using telepathy right now so they can't hear us! Think your thoughts out loud so I can hear you!"

"Lisa?" thought Devon.

"Right now we don't have the time to talk, one of the brothers has the ability to use wind techniques, and one can control temperature."

"Yeah I know, the others are in that diagonal corner at the left."

Julius took a look to find a group of serious looking people amongst the fun and excited crowd. Knowing that they have no clue that they have discovered their main threat, Julius knew that if he wanted to win, he would have to make each distraction look like a coincidence. No direct attacks.

"Your ball," Devon said, as he threw the beach ball over the net. Usually in volleyball, magic cannot be used on the ball when it passes the net. Right now, the rules have been changed.

The older brother starts the match off by punching the ball hard across the net. It's a hard change to your corner below the net. Despite the ball travelling towards Julius, Devon dived towards the pole on his side, hands out, legs extended. With a quick turn, the ball suddenly curved away from Julius's arms and towards Devon's. The ball bounced off his hands and into the air, where Julius smashed it between the legs of the younger brother.

"Great timing!"

"Great dive! If you're going to hit the ball, make sure you hit it before their gang focuses onto the ball. From your angle, it should give you plenty of time."

Devon nodded, as he took a look at the two challengers at the other side of the court. The older brother, mad, stared into the eyes of his 'friends'. Cheating was confirmed.

"One zero," said Devon, as he tossed the ball up just above his head, before hitting it over the net. Bending lower, the younger brother saved the shot. The ball seemed to float into the air, before the older brother jumped to hit the ball, slipping just a bit before jumping, he swung his hand, causing his shot to head straight to the bottom of the net. Devon loosened his shoulders.

"NOT YET!" echoed Julius's voice. Devon looked up, find the ball suddenly bouncing up over the net from a point which seemed like it was impossible. The ball headed down close to the net before Julius used his wind technique to catch the ball.

"Julius!" Devon called, as he lined himself at the line furthest away from the net with his hands next to his cheek. Julius nodded, as he tossed the ball straight towards Devon's head. Devon leaned back a bit, as he threw the ball above Julius. Julius jumped for the ball and smashed it near the far back corner of the court. Sand filled the air, and flew into the audience's mouth and hair. Slowly and slowly, bit by bit, the air cleared.

It was in.

"Nice job!" said Devon, as he gave his friend a high-five, before looking at the gang within the crowd. Blinded by the sand, they remained low to the ground, trying to clean it out. The crowd cheered Julius and Devon for the play.

The brothers, both angry, grabbed the ball. One more point until they lose. One more point left for Devon and Julius to win.

"Losers' ball!" laughed Devon as he trash-talked his opponent. The younger brother threw the ball up and served it over to the far right where Devon was standing. The ball floated in mid air for a bit, then passed the out line.

"Julius don't let your legs..." thought Lisa, but it was too late. Solid glass surrounded Julius's legs, disabling him from any harsh movements. The ball's path changed midway, heading for Julius's head.

"FORWARD!" shouted Devon, as he ran towards the net, only to be confronted by the older brother. With a quick change of pace, Devon side-stepped, and ran towards the right side of the court where the pole lied. As the ball came, Julius held his hands out. Looking around, he spotted Devon making his way to the end of the court. "Not the end..." he thought, "he's going beyond it..."

Julius re-angled his hands towards the air. The ball struck his hand at immense power, before it bounced out his hands and into the air.

"You have 3 seconds"

Devon stopped his motion, as he ran his way to the back left corner, and back again to the right. The older brother, using his wind ability, slowed himself down to line himself with Devon.

"2 seconds."

Devon took a few steps to his left again. With his left leg extended and right leg at the back, he let go of his left leg and spun anti-clockwise to face his right. The older brother, being fooled by his movement, floated to the opposite side of the court. Unable to stop, he called his brother for help.

"1 second."

Devon took a leap at the edge of the court with his right leg and angled himself to face the diagonal corner at the opposite side of the court. The younger brother leaped to match Devon, but his bounce was far less powerful. His hand reached for the ball, as if it was his last resort. The ball seemingly landed in the middle of Devon's palm, before he smashed it through the younger brother's defences and straight into the ground. The crowd cheered and clapped for the victors of the court.

Game Over.

Julius chuckled in disbelief, as he slowly got himself out of the glass mould. Taking Devon's hand, both Julius and Devon made their way to the other side of the court.

"You're trash," Devon said to the two competitors.

"You think you have any rights...huh black head?"

"You ain't calling my shit, coz you're dirty," Devon replied, as he shoved the older brother aside, only to be grabbed by the collar of his shirt. Enraged by his loss, he pulled Devon's face closer to his. The cheering and clapping stopped immediately. The challenger wrapped his other hand around Devon's throat, and the audience began to flee. Devon twisted his head to avoid suffocation, only to see the gang surrounding him and Julius.

"Don't move." Julius thought, as he took his stance, being ready to defend himself. "I can easily take them down, but you have to be careful."

The beach evacuated. All that was left was them.
"'re gonna drop everything you have...or els-"

"Or else what, young man!" innocently called an old man at the cafe. Getting up from his seat, he leaned on his walking cane and approached the big man holding the teenager. Provoked, the older brother threw Devon beside and walked towards the old man.

"What do you think you're doing, old man?" he said, as he extended his hand to grab the old man, only to freeze at his chest. The old man chuckled as he slapped the older brother's hand away. He sighed, as he used his walking cane to push the frozen corpse onto his back. After looking at what the old man did to their gang leader, the rest of the gang ran away, including the younger brother himself.

"Well that escalated quickly!" said the old man as he stretched his back and made his way to Devon.

"Brilliantly done!" he said, lifting Devon on his feet, "how old are you!" he asked.
"18," he said, dusting off the sand. The old man chuckled even louder.

"Young blood, I think you have a great life ahead of you! Where are you planning to take your tertiary education?"
"Probably...Delipha's Magic Academ-"
"PROBABLY?!" laughed the old man, "it should be no problem fo-" he started, before regretting what he said, before talking again.

"For someone who has physically talented as you...someone with the right mindset, I'm sure you'll be fine." Julius, noticing the conversation, guided Lisa towards Ritzy and Shrimp, who were still sitting on the bench.

"Honestly, I can't make it." Devon admitted at last. "I'm well below the requirements, and most of all...I can't use magic!"

The old man sighed.

"Just because things go the opposite way, doesn't mean you have follow the flow." The old man reached into his pocket and grabbed a mail, before signing his signature. "Devon, wasn't hit?" he said as he wrote his name onto the envelope and handed it to its new owner.

Devon closely examined the envelope. The front was neatly polished with a light tint of blue, and its address lines blank. A silver wax seal of an eagle was present at the back. A letter of invitation the the Magic Academy.

"But how..."began Devon, " do you know me?"

"Let's just say..."

"I have my ears everywhere." thought the old man, as he made his way back to the cafe.

Devon stared down into his hands in disbelief. His dream coming true with a blink of an eye...being able to go to his dream school. How was it possible? Just as the old man left, the sun began to set. Night was close, and all the street lights began turning on.

"Devon! It's time to go!" called Julius from afar. Devon wiped his eyes.

"Coming!" he said
"What did that guy give you?"

Devon hid the envelope behind his back.

"WHAT? I didn't hear you!" Julius shouted.


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