Love Doesn't Magically Happen

High school was over. Every student in the nation had been tested, and marks had finally come out. For a young adult named Devon, it meant throwing his life in the trash unless he found a school that would accept him. Any school, it didn't even matter to him anymore!

Having black hair since birth, Devon only had one dream: to prove to the world that no matter the colour of your hair, you could do anything you wanted. Even if you had black hair and no magical ability, you didn't have to do hard labour to do what you want, to not be discriminated.

Everyone knew that the darker your hair, the less magical ability you had, but now Devon had entered a new stage of his life: a life where his abilities would be forever judged, no matter his accomplishments, no matter his achievements, where he had set up to prove himself in the world


3. Chapter 3: Magic, Advantage

Saturday 30th December 2017
"So all done?" asked Julius, as he poured himself a freshly brewed cup of peppermint tea. Slouched onto the back of their seats, everyone rested themselves from the full buffet served by the waiters for their survival. Soon after the incident, paparazzi and news reporters surrounded the hotel with cameras and microphones all set up in preparation for Julius's exit.

"I didn't know your hotel served had a 24/7 buffet right at its entrance!" burped Shrimp, as leaned over to pinch his third handful of butterscotch biscuits.

"That's because it doesn't, idiot!" said Ritzy, as she slapped Shrimp's back. "His waiters are giving him a buffet because he saved them!" Shrimp gave her a look.

"So are we up for the beach?" asked Julius, trying to break up the tension between the two rebels. The group nodded. "Well, swimsuits or..."

"W-We don't have to if you don't want!" interrupted Lisa, as everyone gave her a look.
"N-n-no! If you want to, l-let's do it!" Lisa faked a smile, as she waited desperately for everyone else's opinion.

"I'd prefer not to either..." agreed Devon. Everyone remained silent afterwards, expecting him to follow up on a logical reason to his decision. But Devon just sat there, arms crossed.

"Very well!" laughed Julius, after mixing in his second spoonful of sugar into his cup of tea, "everyone can just wear a T-shirt and shorts or something!"

"Seriously?" said Ritzy disappointingly, as she began to twirl her long blood red hair with her index fingers, "I thought could show off a few things..."

"I wish I could show off a few things too..." Lisa said disappointingly as well, as she placed her hands where her chest was.

Noon struck soon, as everyone got themselves prepared for the beach. Shrimp, being kicked out of his room, was forced to stayed the afternoon in Devon's room. Shrimp displayed a couple of shirts for Devon to pick.

"How'd you get these clothes?" asked Devon, as he held them each, one by one, in the air to see what the shirts looked like.

"I made them, of coarse!" he said, as he snatched the black one over, "dibs having the black one by the way." Furious, Devon almost snatched the shirt back, only to remember that he was not in position to complain. Devon quickly took the remaining shirt and a pair of pants before Shrimp take away anything else.

"F-fine," he said, as he closely examined the clothing doubtingly. "You sure these won't disappear on me?"

"Please," smirked Shrimp, "by the time they disappear, you'd already be walking your way to University!"

Devon took another look at the clothes before he headed to the bathroom with them. One step in, and he heard Shrimp clicking his tongue.

"What?" Devon said, turning back towards him.
"Why are you so chicken?" Shrimp provoked, as he raised both his hands up to create a 'L' shape, before tensing his biceps. Devon continued to enter the bathroom. Upon closing the door, he sees his Shrimp fiddling with his pillow. Regretting his choice, Devon opens the door to change outside. Shrimp grinned.

Shrimp took of his and hung it on one of the clothes hangers. A full body of muscle lay before Devon's eyes. Well built shoulders and pectorals, as well as the lack of fat around his waist made Shrimp look taller than he actually was. Anyone would have thought he was a model superstar if it was not for the fact that he was only 155cm. Shrimp gave Devon another grin, as he popped his T-shirt and shorts on. He stroked his bald head and raised his eyebrows, as if he was telling Devon to show him all he had.

Devon sighed as he took of his shirt. Standing at about 173, Devon's figure was lean but masculine in a way. His lean muscle gave him a 'fit' figure with a shirt on. Having thinner legs than Shrimp's, he looked a little weaker than Shrimp in terms of physicality.

"What's that?" said Shrimp, trying to take a closer look from across the bed.

"It's...a tattoo." said Devon, as he showed his back to give Shrimp a closer look. A tattoo of a demon's wing stretched across his left shoulder plate down his spine and around to the centre of his chest. At first, Shrimp thought it was a scar from his confrontation with Leticia.

"Don't tell Ritzy or Lisa," he said, as he put on the rest of his clothes. A small silver amulet with a blue diamond piece trapped within the silver hand-like metal caging, which was taken off before, was put back around his neck. Shrimp nodded in agreement, as they both left the room to find Julius.

Organised as expected, Julius had already was already prepared for the beach. Neat as always, he wore blue swimsuit to match his thongs and his beach bag, which consisted of a beach ball, several poles and a net.

"What's taking them so long?" complained Shrimp, slouching himself against a hotel wall. Julius smiled.

"Sometimes, you just have to be patient with people, because they take longer to do things." he said. Shrimp was not convinced. Rather impatiently, he stomped his way to the elevator.

"Well he's mad..."whispered Devon, before turning to Julius. "So what's with you and Leticia?"

"It's a long story, but since a young age, Leticia was being handed to her the important role in leading her fathers company," started Julius. "Since then, she has been outwitting everyone around her, including my father."

"Your dad? Outwitting everyone? What do you mean?" asked Devon.

"Well, not necessarily outsmarting them...more like knowing what you can do to get what you want. Loopholes, forbidden contracts..."

"Forbidden contracts?!" Devon was confused, "what do you mean?"

Julius explained. "Every contract from each company goes through the International Business Service, the IBS, in order to ensure that terms and conditions are reasonable. They're used to avoid companies from going bankrupt and having the government pay their loans, you know?"

"So...forbidden contracts are contracts that aren't being signed by the IBS, right?"

Julius nodded.

"Once companies go bankrupt from them, they have no other option but to sell their company to Leticia. And being an entrepreneur and having ownership of other companies, it's easy for her to pay off the government."

"That's BS..." said Devon, face palming himself. "Why would she being doing such a thing?"

Julius shrugged his shoulders. "It might be because of people around her setting such high hopes for her, you know?"
"You mean and friends?"
"And people who work for her...people she works with as well."

Devon rubbed the bottom of his chin. It definitely was not unusual for young powerful people to receive so much pressure, but why would she be pressured to make such decisions just to seem confident or powerful.

"This doesn't make sense," whispered Devon.
"How so?"
"She's not the brutal person everyone downstairs thinks she is."

Julius's eyes widened. "I believe so too, but I can't be sure. Nor can I confirm if there's anyone behind this. Devon nodded.

"She's different," he said, "she has compassion, and I feel like she is being forced to do what she does. Julius nodded. Devon looked down at his shoes, only to realise that his fists were clenched the entire time. He let them loosen. Nail marks were present at the centre of his palms.

"Anyways, what's taking them so long?" Devon asked, curious at what the girls were doing. "Girls do what they have to do," Julius responded.

Since beginning their conversation, Julius and Devon heard several noises within the room, knocking over glass ornaments and the sound of bumping onto the floor and walls. A moan echoed through the hallway as their conversation ended.

"Lisa...?" Devon mumbled, as the door opened. Lisa jumped out of the room to hide behind Devon, who stood in the doorway. Devon steadied his ground and readied himself for what lay behind the door. A hooded figure with a cape emerged from inside the room, with both its hands out grabbing a light blue two pieced clothing.

"Come-on Lisa! Why not try it on for me to see?"said Ritzy, with a towel wrapped around her neck, in her most motherly-sounding voice, but Lisa didn't budge. Unconvinced that Lisa didn't want it, Ritzy placed her hands on Lisa's waist to pull her. However, Lisa's grip was tight, pulling Devon with her as well! Julius sighed, as he loosened the grip of Ritzy. Ritzy frowned, as she tightened her towel on her waist instead. Wearing a full two pieced red swimming suit underneath her towel to match her hair, Ritzy showed off the curves and edges of her body.

After meeting with Shrimp, who was waiting on ground floor, the group walked themselves along the sandy, having felt the warmth of the sand step by step, the warmth of the sun's rays on their back. A few days left of school, yet everyone still felt like the school just ended. The five of them walked into a cafe, and everyone sat themselves to enjoy their drink after ordering. Lisa, a little hesitant, called everyone's attention.

"Everyone! W-what universities are you planning to go to?" she asked. Everyone was supposed to submit their preferences by today, and receive them in the next few days. Delipha's Magic Academy was definitely on everyone's list, but it was quite obvious that most of us weren't going to get in. And definitely not Devon, he thought to himself. But who wouldn't want to.

"I'm gonna try get into Delipha's!" he said. Lisa and Shrimp nodded in agreement.

"I'm probably gonna go for Drew's Knights Academy," said Ritzy. No one was surprised. The score requirement of their pathways were fairly low, but their international relations allowed them to achieve one of their highest employment rates for magic knights, wizards and witches.

"You think you can get into there?" laughed Shrimp.
"I know I will get in, that's why I didn't choose to try as hard."

"What about you Julius?" asked Lisa. Still thinking about his choices, Julius thought about it for a bit. Devon knew that he had to toss between one of the most prestigious schools, and what people thought about it if he did not go. But Julius shook his head.

"I'm going to Dryad's College." he said. Questions from almost everyone started flooding their way to Julius about what he wants to do, and why he does not want to go to Delipha's Magic Academy. Being asked so many questions before by his parents and others, Devon was sure that he was sick of that question being asked by himself, let alone all his friends.

"Most of my other friends are going to Dryad's though!" laughed Julius, as he shrugged his shoulders. Everyone sighed. Haven't seen each other for a fairly long time, it was undeniable that each of them would make more friends at their respective schools.

"It can't be helped guys!" Ritzy said lazily, as she lay back on her seat and took a sip of her drink. "But...I kind of hoped that we got a chance to stick know..."

Words of emotion flowed through the girl who usually spoke carelessly and harshly, as if she had only been looking forward to this moment to enjoy herself. Everyone felt the same. The talk continued to carry on with each of them talking about what they are planning to do. Ritzy aimed to have her apprenticeship in Drew's Knight Academy by the first nine months before transferring to Delipha's Magic Academy to become an officially recognised Magic Knight, whereas Lisa and Shrimp decided to pursue their dreams by entering the school in a few days. Julius had decided to complete his education away from the others in order to specifically train to take over his father's company.

"Guys, I gotta go to the bathroom..." said Devon, as he excused himself. Everyone already has aspirations to do what they want... he thought, as he lay on the grass hill, looking up into the sky. How was he even going to get into the school he wanted with absolutely nothing they needed. He took his diamond amulet out from underneath his shirt and looked through it.

They say that looking through a diamond amulet will grant your wish.

Devon dropped his hands beside his shoulders. If only he hadn't been weak. Maybe then, something would have changed. What if he did have the power of magic to do what he wanted?Devon just shook his head and picked his amulet up again, fiddling with it between his fingers. There was no point for Devon to worry about the past now. He only had two days left before school started, two days left to find out who's in charge. It should not be too bad, right?

Devon stood himself up to look up at the horizon. There wasn't much time left to hang out with his friends. The sun crept its way towards the hills, and it was only a matter of time before sunset was upon. By the time he made his way back to the others, they were already setting up the beach volleyball net.

"Hey Devon!" called Julius, "we're playing beach volleyball, but with Magic!"

"Uh huh..." nodded Devon, except...he did not have magic.

"Ey that's too bad for you, punk!" shouted Shrimp after tying the nets to both sides of the pole. The sun's rays shone so bright that it reflected off Shrimp's shiny bald head, almost blinding everyone.

"Everyone huddle in!" said Julius, as he created four sticks within his hand. As Devon went to grab one, Julius stopped him, and let the others take one first. "You get to pick which side you want to be on."

"Seriously?" Devon said unbelievably, "you know I can take on people with magic...right?"

"I believe you!" said Lisa, but the others weren't convinced. Devon sighed. He shook his head before he sat himself beside the court and observed.

The groups had been made, with Shrimp and Ritzy on one side; Julius and Lisa on the other. "Let me show you how to play!" said Shrimp, putting his finger into the hole of the beach ball. Almost instantaneously, the ball inflated. So Shrimp has Green hair huh thought Devon.

The toss of the ball by Shrimp flew very high, as both Lisa and Julius stood their ground, anticipating the shot which Shrimp will make when it the ball falls back down. The ball reaches its turning point, and falls down at a faster velocity than it flew up. It strikes Shrimp's palm and plummets over the net.

Lisa jumps behind Julius, who is within the trajectory path of the ball, and places her hands under her jaw and points her elbow towards the ground. Julius fires blanket of air into the ball, before dodging aside, letting the ball bounce off the back of Lisa's hands and back into the air. As the ball falls just above Julius, he returns the favour by smashing it just above the net. Shrimp, ready for the counter attack, jumps above the net to block his shot, only to be confronted by Lisa. The ball lands between Shrimp and the net, on his side of the court.

"Point one to us!" calls Julius, as he gives Lisa a pat on the back.

Shrimp rebelled. "That's not fair! You guys get such an advantage! Lisa gets to see into the future! That's CHEATING!"

"Only by a little bit!" Lisa chuckled and stroked her aqua blue hair. "besides, " followed Julius, "that's her magical ability, have you forgotten? "

Devon smiled, looking around to see people crowding around and cheering both sides. "You sure this is alright?" he said, looking at the crowd. Julius nodded. After all, they were playing in front of a beach cafe, why wouldn't it grab everyone's attention?

Two big figures shoved their way to the front of the crowd in order to confront the people playing volleyball. Their strong and tall figure, at about 190cm, could be compared to a body builder's...buff. Both wearing a tank-top, anyone would have thought they were siblings. The younger one walked through the court and towards Julius, waving the luscious green hair he clearly shampooed before confronting them.

"You in charge?" asked the 30 year old.

"Yep, how can I help you?" replied Julius

"A bunch of my party mates are in need of a bit of...entertainment," he said, looking back at the crowd, "can we join you in a game of 2v2? First to three points wins."

"Only three points?" laughed Shrimp, "sure thing!" The two 30 year-olds grinned.

The two players got themselves ready within the courts. Devon observed. The older one with green hair must be able to control wind, whereas the younger one with red hair... Devon wondered to himself.

"Ritzy?" Devon called, "what is your superpower?"

"You mean magical ability?"

"Yeah that..." corrected Devon, "what do you do?"

"I can control the temperature of objects!" she said, as she held up some sand from beneath her and rolled her hands into a fist. Transparent liquid started flowing from out of her hand before freezing into a blade-like shape. Ritzy held the glass blade up for Devon to see.

"Wow..." Devon said, as he took the glass blade and felt it's weight, "so that means...."

"I can control the temperature within the ball and make it fly faster or slower!"

"So that's what happened..." Devon murmured, focusing back onto the fight. Shrimp tossed the ball up into the air and over the net. Something wasn't right Devon thought, as he took a look around the audience. The stranger's friends stood diagonally across to them, all observing the game seriously, each tracing the ball with their eyes. Something was seriously out...but what is it?

The ball was blocked by the older brother, as it flung into air. Before reaching its peak, the younger brother jumped and smashed the ball at a sharp angle. Over the net. Towards Julius. Lisa's eyes opened wide, before she fell to her knees and cried.

The ball curved in mid air and changed direction. It was only a split second which passed. The next thing Devon saw was Shrimp lying on the ground, eyes closed, head bleeding...

Glasses shattered.

"YOU DID IT," shouted Devon, as he made his way to the challenger's side of the court and grabbed his top by the collar. "WHY DID YOU DO IT." he repeated as he gleamed over to see their friends chuckling. They planned this all along...all of them. With only a flick of the wrist, the older brother pushed him down into the sand.

"Why don't you give it a shot, black head?" he said
Devon got back onto his feet.

"You cheated..." he whispered.

"...I won't let you get away with it."

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