Love Doesn't Magically Happen

High school was over. Every student in the nation had been tested, and marks had finally come out. For a young adult named Devon, it meant throwing his life in the trash unless he found a school that would accept him. Any school, it didn't even matter to him anymore!

Having black hair since birth, Devon only had one dream: to prove to the world that no matter the colour of your hair, you could do anything you wanted. Even if you had black hair and no magical ability, you didn't have to do hard labour to do what you want, to not be discriminated.

Everyone knew that the darker your hair, the less magical ability you had, but now Devon had entered a new stage of his life: a life where his abilities would be forever judged, no matter his accomplishments, no matter his achievements, where he had set up to prove himself in the world


2. Chapter 2: Magic, Authority

Friday 30th December 2017
Christmas day was followed by days of laughter and excitement by everyone. This was no exception to Devon. Countless sleepless nights and drinking by both Shrimp and Ritz resulted in more trouble for Julius to handle. Everyone was a good way that is. Every night at the hotel for Devon was another adventure, a new memory he would remember of his friends which he never thought he would have.

And there he was, waiting for Lisa in the hallway. It was 8:30 still, even though they were supposed to meet at 9 o'clock. Maybe it wasn't such a great idea to come out this early he thought, as he made his way back to his room. Just as he was about to twist the handle, a door from a distance away swung open.

"Oh hey!" whispered Julius as he gentally closed the door behind him. "You wanna grab breakfast?"

Quietly, both Julius and Devon made their way to the ground floor for the hotel's breakfast. As the elevator doors opened, the sweet scent of apple honey maple sauce and the floury aroma of rich butter pancakes gushed into the noses of the high school graduates. The sourness of the lemon tarts and strawberry jam with fresh scones enlightened the main hall with sweet deliciousness! After both taking a seat, waiters carrying around English breakfast began to bring around their entrees. A combination of English muffins, scrambled eggs and cheese filled sausages mixed to create a divine smell! Complimentary tea was also served to the guests' liking.

"Despite being surrounded by sweets, tasting the savoury dishes doesn't seem to bother me !"

Julius laughed. "That's because the waiters use wind magic to maintain the scent of the food they are carrying!"

Devon's eyes lit up with amazement as he looked around to find that every waiter and waitress had green hair. "Is there anything you CAN'T do with magic!" he said sarcastically.

Julius gave a smile. "There are different sorts of magic in this world. Most of the magic you're allowed to use within buildings, however, is magic that cannot be used to harm people...not even with the smallest possibility of doing so.... unless granted permission of course."

"So.... " trailed off Devon.

"So, that means that you cannot use magic to create engravings..."
"Right... "
"You cannot use magic to bend anything..."
"You can not use magic to break anything either"

"Well...on the bright side, I guess it's being used to protect people, which is working so far...but that's kinda boring, you know?"

Julius shrugged his shoulders.

"Anyways," said Julius, as he shifted the subject, "how was your stay last night?"

"The same as every other night," said Devon, munching on his muffin, "sleepless, yet fun."

"Make sure you're not sleeping too late," said Julius, carefully cutting his sausage into small slices, "it's bad for your health and disturbs neighbours from their sleep! "

"Like Ritz and Shrimps' shouting don't disturb their neighbours!" complained Devon, as he stabbed his remaining sausage with his fork and took a large bite out of it. "I'm the bestest red head, NO, I am! " mimicked Devon in a childish voice, before cracking up at his own joke.

"Devon, " said Julius, "YOU are his neighbour! Both of us!"

"Exactly!" furthermore complained Devon, "you strategically placed them between both of us so that nobody else got disturbed, right?"

Julius didn't deny it.

"They only make so much noise when they're drunk anyways! I'm sure it's not too bad!" he said, hoping it wasn't too much for Devon.

Time almost stood still, as they both talked about what they had missed since their high school terrors. After becoming School Captain, Devon had started devoting more and more of his time into making his school better for the lives around him who didn't have the chance to go to better schools. On the other hand, Julius, with the same intentions, used his powers to raise funds of his school. After buying his high school just a couple of weeks ago, the school had become renowned as the most expecting school of 2018.

"I'm even more surprised that he didn't request another room." commented Devon. 
"You mean Shrimp?" asked Julius, "he did mention getting another room.."
"And then?!"

"I offered him mine, because the other rooms on our floor was booked out, but he turned it down."

"Probably because he doesn't want you to feel left out. "

Julius nodded as he took a sip of his peppermint tea, before adding a spoonful of sugar into his cup.

"And now they're both in the same room, eh?" Devon cheekily grinned, causing Julius to almost spit out the mouthful of tea back into his cup.

"Don't get the wrong idea," he said, wiping his mouth and the tea remnants on his blonde and blue hair. "Shrimp is sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and Ritzy is sleeping on the bed!"

"That's what I thought........
"What was that?" questioned Julius.
"Nothing!" said Devon, as he called a waitress for a refill of freshly baked bread and a glass of Raspberry hinted ice mocha.

"So have you thought about which University you want to attend?" asked Devon awkwardly.
"I have a few that I have considered," he said. "Dryad's College is a good place to learn Business and wizardry, and Queen's Academy is also a great University to study in as well!"

"Well with your all-so fancy blonde hair and blue tips..." murmured Devon, "why aren't you going to Delipha's Magic Academy?"

"Well..." Julius said, as his eyes averted Devon's, "it's a long story...with my dad and his company Serya Class Corporation... but overall, I don't think think their education system is suited for me."

"Not suited for you?!" Devon was shocked. Delipha's Magic Academy, also known as DMA, was widely regarded as he best university to study magic in across the world. It was being renowned as the most prestigious University ever to exist, and it would only be a dream, for most people, to have studied in such University.

"There's just something I'm against...their process of teaching and's not my cup of tea."

Devon sighed before letting him off the hook. The two students sat face to face across the table, one who desperately wants something the other has the power to grant. Yet, no one is satisfied with the same pathway. But Devon respected Julius's choice.

"What about you, school captain?" laughed Julius, as began adding another spoon-full of sugar.

"Please..." said Devon, "my school was dumb. Me being chosen was out of pure control and pure luck. The teachers manipulated the voting system, and I ended up being the one in the midst of it all. Nothing else. Anyone could have become school captain. Anyone."

Julius was left speechless, and it remained that way for quite a while.

"Hey, let's go up and get those sleepy-heads!" said Julius, checking his time. It was five minutes till nine, and breakfast ended at 10:00AM. Plenty of time to eat desert, Devon chuckled to himself. As the elevator doors closed.


Julius opened the door to his room and Devon followed. Everything was neat inside. From the toiletries near the bathroom sink to his bedside table, everything was neatly placed, as if each item belonged in a particular place.

"Wanna wake the other two up?" asked Julius.

Devon's face lit up with a cheeky grin, as smashed open the door connecting both rooms.

"WAKE UP RED HEA-!" screamed Devon, before covering his mouth, and retreating back into Julius's room.

"Shh, you're being too loud," Julius complained, before noticing Devon's eyes had widened.
Julius peaked into other room noticing Ritzy lying on top of Shrimp on his mattress.

Face to face

Lip to lip.

"Alright..."whispered Julius, as he signalled Devon to follow his lead. On opposite sides of the mattress, they both gently grabbed the arms and legs of Ritzy. Slowly and gently, the two of them lifted Ritzy's body from Shrimp's.

"Don't look inappropriately!" whispered Julius heavily, as he carefully placed Ritzy's legs onto the bed.

"For goodness sake I'm not perverted!" Devon answered, placing her body and hands gently. Both of them sighed before 3 loud knocks on Julius's door woke the two up.

"Wha-a-ah, I'm the bestest red head!" mumbled Shrimp, as he sat himself up with his eyes closed.
"No you stupid!" mumbled Ritzy, "I'm the bestest red head! You don't even have hair, dummy!"

Julius opened the door to find Lisa, dressed neatly and ready to go.

"Devon it's for you!" he said, as the two switched locations. "L-Lisa!" he said, surprised at how neatly she dressed. She wore a light green sweater with rose-like petal decorations in addition to her aqua blue skirt, which matched her hair. Neat brown leggings and dark brownleather shoes added the hint of formality to her overall outfit.

"Don't stare at me for too long, i-it's a bit embarrassing.." she blushed.

This is literally taken out of "a pervert's absolute dream of having a girlfriend scene" thought Devon, as he withdrew his attention from Lisa's choice of clothing.

"Sup?" he asked.
"Oh nothing much! I think I'm ready!" she said, peaking inside to see what was happening inside, only to find Shrimp and Ritzy walking to the bathroom half-asleep.

"Are they alright!?" she asked, before seeing Julius running around the room, fetching additional toiletries and necessities for his zombie-like friends.

"Take Lisa down for breakfast first!" said Julius, "we might be up here for a while!"

"S-sure!" said Lisa, as the pair approached ground floor. You can never get use to the sweet scent of deserts thought Devon as the elevator doors opened once more. The two approached a seat closer to the sweetened bread and croissants.

The savoury dishes are sure taking a long time to be made... Devon thought.

"Want me to show you a special way to eat the croissants here?" asked Devon, as he grabbed two croissants, one for Lisa, and filled two dishes of warm liquid chocolate.

Lisa nodded eagerly, as she took a dish and a croissant. Following Devon, she took a towel from the side of the table and tucked it into the mouth of her sweater.

"Now the trick here..." explained Devon, "is to press the croissant onto the top of your mouth with your tongue, and feel the texture of the chocolate and croissant ooze within your mouth. "

Lisa blushed a bit.

"You sure, Devon?" asked Lisa doubtingly, as she dipped the croissant just like how Devon did.

"I'm sure of it!" he said, "everyone here does it all the time! It's know...a cultural tradition!"

Devon grinned, as Lisa slowly raised the warm chocolate and croissant into her mouth. The warmth of the chocolate coated the soft buttery texture of the croissant. Lisa's eyes widened, as she touched her mouth, as if she never expected such taste. "It's good right?" asked Devon.

Lisa grinned happily.

Liquid chocolate still in her mouth flowed from the corner of her grin and down her face, off her cheek. Devon extended his hand behind Lisa's napkin to catch the drop before it dropped onto her blue skirt. Lisa looked at Devon in shock, not sure whether or not to be sorry, amazed at his reflexes or embarrassed by how close his lips were to hers. "A-ah u-uh...sorr-ry," she uttered.

"No worries," Devon replied, "just remember to use your napkin! It's there for a reason, you know!" Lisa nodded in sorrow.

"Hey I said it was no problem, right?" said Devon in a cheerful manner, as he patted her on the head before taking his seat again. "I'm just fortunate that it didn't ruin your dress!"

At last, waiters with green hair brought out the freshly prepared savoury food. Freshly baked sausage rolls, hot dogs and other western foods set their feet onto the table first, followed by a Japanese cuisine of fresh sashimi , tuna and other seafood.

"Did you know that they use wind magic to avoid mixing the scents of different dishes?" said Devon, intending to surprise Lisa.

"Of coarse!" she exclaimed, "why do you think every waiter and waitress has green hair? That's obvious!"

Bummed, Devon continued to finish the deserts he had piled on his plate. Just as he was about to take his first bite of his chocolate cheese cake, the front door of the hotel was pushed open carelessly, causing the doors to collide with the pot plant beside it to fall and shatter into pieces. Something's not right thought Devon, the door definitely weighs heavier than a few normal human could have pushed it down that easily, not without the help of...

People in black robes lined in lines of two marched into the hotel, each armed with a sceptre in hand. The marching suddenly ceased, as each soldier turned to face their adjacent partner and took a step away from the centre, which gave way to a young lady of about the age of Devon's. Her fair pearl white hair with pink tips makes her noticeably different from the guards even from afar.

"L-Leticia.....v-vi Lyd-dia?" stumbled Lisa, as she turned her head back to face Devon.

This isn't good... thought Devon, as he took a look at the time. It's 9:30...Julius should be down any moment now...

But Julius wasn't there.

"Wait here," he told Lisa, as he walked through the people crowding around the outrageous incident. The closer he got, the more people in black there stood. Finally, he saw the young girl approach the head counter.

"I am Leticia vi Lydia, and I order the young Julius vi Serya to appear before me." commanded the young girl. The staff, frightened yet strong, rebelled against her tyranny.

"The young master is not present to see you, n-nor will he be any position to see you in the nearby future." One said. 
"Leave this place at once! Y-you don't belong anywhere near the Serya Class Hotel!" followed another.

"Oh really?" provoked Leticia, as she stared deep into the two waiter's eyes, evoking fear. One of her guards handed her a booklet. Devon looked closely. Delipha Records? Never heard of it before.

With a flick of her wrist, Leticia opened the book to a page for the waiter to read.

The waiter peered down at the book to examine it, sliding his fingers along the lines and whispering the sentences in a quiet manner. Suddenly, his fingers froze at the end of the book. As if in disbelief, the waiter takes a deep breath and starts all over. From the very top of the book, sliding his finger across even faster than before until he reached the bottom of the book, where his finger froze at the exact same location. Shocked, the waiter was left speechless. His mouth opened, then closed, as he hesitated, thinking of what he should say to the lady who had just evoked such terror within him.

Magic? thought Devon, No, magic should require summoning patterns...a hand movement of some sort at least. This is true fear...a fear of losing something precious....

"He s-signed it..." the waiter said at last, before dropping to his knees. The other waiters, all in shock, dropped to their knees as well. The guards in black began making their move, each one of them approaching a waiter or waitress in green, locking their hands with high classed magic.

This is going too far...

"I am here to negotiate on behalf of the Serya Class Corporation." said Devon arrogantly as he made his way out of the crowd and in front of Leticia. The guards stopped moving and payed their attention to the young boy who had appeared just before them, before returning to their neat lines once more.

Devon closely examined Leticia. One good look at her clothing and anyone could tell that they easily costed ten to twenty times more expensive than the average person's clothing.
This is pretty bad....Devon sighed But it's the best I can do to stall out time for Julius.

"You?" She asked rhetorically.

Leticia laughed.

"Out of all people, they chose YOU to represent them now? What are they now, DESPERATE?"
The guards started chuckling. "And look at his black long sleeves and jeans," called one of the guards, "I bet they are almost as well regarded as his HAIR!"

Devon bit his lip till it bled. He saw it coming, but he didn't expect it to hit him that hard.

His heart raced, his fist clenched, his eyes closed, but he couldn't escape the situation. "Oh look at him go!" said another guard, laughing his head off, "he thinks he has the magic power to save everyone!" 
"A zillion choices? More like a Nil-lion" said another, as the guards in line began to laugh even louder.

This is the world he was born into. A world where there was the rich and the poor. The world Devon wanted to change for himself. For others to live in, peacefully and happily. Yet he was the one being put under its grasp. The world was cruel, and Devon knew he was helpless in his situation.

The mocking and jokes continued on for several minutes before the guards ran out of laughter, and rearranged themselves back into their original two lines.

Devon opened his eyes to look at Leticia. He expected to see a face of confidence, a face of terror, a face that mocked him. A face that looked down on those with dark hair, a face that showed superiority those deemed inferior.

But he didn't see it.

Pity. Sorrow. Regret. Disappointment in herself.


So she's human after all he thought, before releasing his tightened fists.

"I am here to negotiate on behalf of the Serya Class Corporation, Miss Leticia vi Lydia," repeated Devon once more. A guard began to smirk.

With a click of her fingers, a mystical chain wrapped itself around the guard, as he fell onto his knees.

"Do NOT speak out of you UNDERSTAND" she shouted back at the guards. Not a single one spoke.

"The Delipha Records have been signed by your boss," says Leticia, as she flipped to a page regarding the trades of property.

Upon activation of the records, all accommodation property belonging to that of the Serya Class Corporation or within it must be surrendered to Lydia Incorporated

"Such conditions have not been met by the remaining members of the family yet," says Devon, pointing to to the last remaining blank line, reserved for Julius's signature.

"I intended to have a discussion with him about his part in this exchange," said Leticia, "but if he is not present, according to the records, a full exchange can be undergone without his supervision or contribution, as we have his father's permissio-"

"Leticia vi Lydia!" echoed a shout from the deep hallways near the elevator.

"Julius vi Serya," said Leticia as she approached him to give a handshake, only to be denied such courtesy. "It's been a while since we have met, hasn't it?" she said

"Way too long in fact..."he replied, "you've grown quite a bit!" 
"To yourself as well!" she returned.
"Whether its for the better or worse, only fate will tell us apart."

Provoked, Leticia ignored his comment and handed him the records and a pen. 
"I believe you understand your benefits from this exchange, Serya?" Leticia asked.

"I do," he said, before pressing his pen against the paper and swiping it from one corner to another. Speechless, Leticia closed the book for it to be caught by her guards.

"Why..." she whispered, "why don't you accept what we have to offer-"

"If your offer means taking away something our family has worked so long for, we will never accept such offer from such greedy people."

"But you-"

"I don't know how you got my dad to sign it." Julius cut off. "He would never agree upon such treacherous exchanges, and neither will I."

Embarrassed even more, Leticia marched out of the hall, disappointed. If only she hadn't negotiated with him, if only he hadn't felt pitty or sorrow from him. After the last soldier left, everyone in the hall cheered for their survival and for their hero, Julius, to protect them in the future.

"H-hey D-Devon!" said Lisa, emerging from the cheering crowd, "I thought that was really c-cool." With her face blushing, Lisa gave Devon a hug. Devon returned the favour by putting his hand on her shoulder and rubbing her head.

"Great job stalling time!" Julius said, as he gave Devon a hard pat on the shoulder, "It really saved my company this time. Julius called Shrimp and Ritzy from the corner of the hallway.

"Nice job on getting those bastards away." complimented Shrimp.

Julius and Devon smiled at each other. "Why don't we go eat our breakfast!" said Julius, "It's already 9:45! You only have 15 minutes left."

"No problemo! Ritzy said, as she and Shrimp ran to the waiter serving Mexican cuisine.

"Ahhh you can stop hugging me now!" said Devon, as he gently pushed Lisa away from him. Wet puddles were left on Devon's black shirt. Lisa grabbed Devon by the shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes.

"You can't do that anymore...PROMISE?" said Lisa. "You have to promise me!"

Devon laughed. "I won't do that anymore! Besides, what are the chances that I'll come across a situation like this! It'll be impossible!"

Lisa nodded unconvincingly.

"Anyways, shall we finish breakfast first?"

Lisa nodded more convincingly this time, as the two made their way to join the rest of the table at the morning feast to celebrate the success of saving the hotel.

"What should we do in the afternoon?" asked Devon, as he finished his last slice of chocolate cheese cake on his plate.

"I know a good place around here!" said Julius.

"There's a beach!"

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