Love Doesn't Magically Happen

High school was over. Every student in the nation had been tested, and marks had finally come out. For a young adult named Devon, it meant throwing his life in the trash unless he found a school that would accept him. Any school, it didn't even matter to him anymore!

Having black hair since birth, Devon only had one dream: to prove to the world that no matter the colour of your hair, you could do anything you wanted. Even if you had black hair and no magical ability, you didn't have to do hard labour to do what you want, to not be discriminated.

Everyone knew that the darker your hair, the less magical ability you had, but now Devon had entered a new stage of his life: a life where his abilities would be forever judged, no matter his accomplishments, no matter his achievements, where he had set up to prove himself in the world


1. Chapter 1: Future? What Future

Monday 25th December 2017
"Devon..." whispered a feint voice.

"Devonn....." the voice repeated, growing clearer and clearer, as if it begun to emerge back to the surface from a long underwater journey.

"DEVON!" Julius snapped at Devon.
Woken back into conscience, Devon gasped a bit, shocked, before easing himself and rubbing his eyes.

"Sup?" he uttered.

"It's your turn already! Remember?" Julius stared at him in disbelief, as Devon looked around to recollect his thoughts. 

"Right right right...." said Devon. High school had finished ages ago, and since then, young wizards and witches have been waiting with anxiety for their results. High schools allowed students to pick any subject they wanted. Subjects which were deemed 'useless' in our Magical lives had their scores ultimately decreased when calculating their end total. On the other hand, subjects involved in magical studies had extra points added onto their original score. With a total of 4 subjects, the total scores all contributed to a final score out of 400.

"So? How'd you go?" impatiently asked Julius.

"How'd you go first?" answered Devon. The whole group sighed with disappointment. 

"Come-on you serious now?" said Shrimp. He was a short figured baldy who apparently wore 5+ prescription for both of his eyes. Some say he lost his hair from studying his ass off during last year's summer holidays, however only his true friends know how he lost it. 
"We had to hear through Julius's 15 minute long lecture just to hear this?"

"Better than waiting a whole year bald for my lover to say yes," chuckled Devon.

"Better than having zero magi-" cut off Shrimp.
"Who says I don't have magic?" followed Devon. 

"Enough fighting guys," stopped Julius. "There's only five of us here anyways, it wouldn't hurt to just repeat our scores, right?" The group agreed.

"I got 298"
"329" smirked Shrimp.
"387" said Julius.

"Come-on guys you're practically asking me to tell you an almost perfect score here," laughed Devon, "can't you cut me a bit of slack?"

"Why should we?" said Shrimp. "You're the school captain of your high school, weren't you?"
Being nominated by the school to become their captain, Devon, alongside a female were being selected to represent their school as icons. As changes were being made to schools, the captains were put in charge to confirm this, earning the 16 captains of the high schools in the neighbouring countries their name engraved on pillar within the most prestigious University. 

"I even remember questioning how a black haired boy got to be so highly regarded" laughed Shrimp, "how could someone like you have represented over 20,000 students?"

"It just goes to show that I don't even need to use my magic to be recognised as the highest in my school, bruh" 

"You don't even have magic, don't you even remember your classes on biowizardry?" laughed Shrimp, "Oh wait didn't take any wizardry classes, did you?"

"You don't even have the physical capabilities to!"

"You wouldn't dare..." whispered Devon.
He was right...partially anyways. Everyone knows that the lighter your hair, the more abundant your body has of mana, which can be used to cast more powerful magic. More colours represent the ability to master several types of magic. Until the age of 25, it isn't uncommon to find several colours growing on each person, but the maximum amount found a person has not exceeded 3...not recorded in history anyways.

It was not long before Julius eased the situation once more.

"Guys, we are all here for a reason: to have fun and reunite!" Reiterated Julius, "It's been several years since we have separated, and it will be several more before we get to catch up with each other, all five of us! At least enjoy our time together!" 

There was a moment of silence, before both parties ceased their arguments.

"So what did you get, blackhead?" asked Shrimp.

"Firstly, please don't call me that," replied Devon, "and secondly..."
Devon didn't want to say his score. After picking non-magic related subjects, he thought he could prove to the world that he could accomplish something the world could not. To ace the exams he had been put through trial, and to come out accomplished and prove to the world the magic is not their future, that even without magic, you can be the greatest. Out of 100, each of Devon's four subject remained over 90. Arts, Biochemistry, Mathematical Sciences and Social Sciences.

But the fall back of his subjects was too great.

Arts: 67
Biochemistry: 71
Mathematical Science: 72
Social Sciences: 58

A total of 268

All of his friends did subjects of witch craft and wizardry. If only he did.

But what has there to prove. The education system was already corrupt the way it is right now. If you didn't get above 350, you were already guaranteed to try find a full time job by the end of high school. The highest earning jobs don't even want to look at students without the wizardry work approval after completing University, and 35% of all large companies won't even look at your resume unless it comes from Delipha's Magic Academy, located in the centre of all 8 nations.

"Devon, we are waiting!" impatiently growled Shrimp, as he begun staring into Devon's eyes.

"330" said Devon, as he grinned proudly at his friends. Is what I would've gotten if my last two subjects didn't have practically half their marks taken off.

His friends' eyes open widely, as they laughed in amazement. All except Shrimp.

"How could you, out of all people. beat me?!" he protested.

"You better get used to it!" provoked Devon, before Julius ceased their fighting for the third time.  By now, everyone was tired of standing in the middle of no where. Hungry from the lack of breakfast by all 5 members, they marched the street to a nearby restaurant.

"Hey you didn't have to say if you didn't want to," said Julius, as both him and Devon took a few steps behind the rest of the group.

"Well I kind of did, didn't I?" sighed Devon, "by not saying anything, I'm practically saying that I did so bad that I don't want to say anything to save embarrassment. You know?"

"Well, I wouldn't think that."
"You wouldn't think a lot of things." said Devon.

Decorated with fragile-looking wooden engravings and long, patterned glass windows from the outside, the group stepped into a full house of aroma, from the tender and well marinated buffalo wings to the crispiness of the fresh chicken wings. Each table was finely carved with decorations to suit the contemporary design of a welcoming home, with dimly lit amber lights and red leather cushioning on the seats.

"Enjoy your Christmas lunch everyone!" said Julius, as the group managed to squeeze themselves in a tight corner next to a tall decorated glass window with golden patterns, mimicking that of an overgrown plant on a old building. 

"Hey don't you think this is too romantic?" complained Devon.

"Why are you complaining out of all people?" said Shrimp, "why not enjoy it this time around?"
Devon sighed. Although he would hate to admit it, Shrimp was right. Spending such time with the group was rare every after their separation to their respective schools. After the ordering of their dishes, Shrimp eagerly prompted the conversation.

"Have you learnt to drink alcohol yet?" asked Shrimp.

"I only just turned 18 tod-"

"Hap-H-ha-Happy Birthdaayyyy Ddeev-vonn" echoed the group in a semi-happy way.

"Thanks-s guys, but you really didn't have to." he chuckled.

"In that case, let's make today special!" said Julius, as he picked up several pens from his bag and several pieces of paper and began folding them up.

Since young, Julius, being renowned as the eldest son of the Vi Serya family, attending meetings for his father as one of the 8 most powerful wizards in the world. Starting at a young age has helped Julius mature and understand the world of wizardry far more than an average human like Devon, who has only spent his childhood having fun and freedom. His leather bag, given to him by his father, carries his responsibilities as the heir to his father's position, the mastermind of his company...and a few spare pieces of paper to take notes.

Within seconds equal sized pieces of paper were being made. Julius distributed the pieces of paper equally between the five members, and passes each of them a pen.

"The rules of the game are simple," Julius begins to explain, "everyone writes down a question on a piece of paper intended to be answered by someone else in the group. Later, questions will be drawn to be asked. Simple enough?"

"Yeh this game sounds like it sucks already," said a girl in the far back corner of the table. 

"Comeon Ritzy, it's a game to get us back together again!" said Shrimp, "besides, I'm sure Lisa would like it."

"S-sure if you say s-so," quietly whispered Lisa, trying to avoid eye contact with Ritzy, who is sitting right next to her. Shrimp further exemplified his eye contact onto Ritzy, as Ritz clenched her fist and slammed it onto the table. Caught between the tension, Lisa frighteningly sits back into her chair.

"Hey, if today's my birthday, why not just have a fun time together?" said Devon sarcastically, " I mean, we are all here for a reason: to have fun an-"

"There's no need to mock me on what I said," uttered Julius, "anyways, let's write!"
Shrimp and Ritz and shrimp stopped their fighting, and put their head down to write their questions. Having also gone through the tough stages of studying for the final exam, like his friends, Devon saw his friends' studious side. Having their head down, pens clenched tightly, body leaning forward, he can't help but notice how much they have also gone through to get what they already have...except Ritzy...who has begun drawing doodles of electric guitars on each of her pieces of paper.

A minute or so passed, as Devon finished his last question off, only to realise he was the last one to finish his questions. Everyone passed their questions faced down to Julius, as he scattered them around the table to form a oval shape with the centre being free of any paper. After collecting the pens, he left one in the centre before putting the rest away. Ritzy already started sighing and making clicks with her mouth to show disappointment.

"This is primary school stuff, why are we doing this?" she complained.

"I-I think it'll be fun!" says Lisa cheerfully, before her already pale face turned even more pale from Ritz's face of anger.

"Let's start with the birthday boy spinning the wheel!" says Julius, as he hands the pen over to Devon. A hard spin clockwise let the pen spin near the pieces of paper near the corner of the table, before it spun back to the middle of the table. The pen continued to spin. Julius, Devon, Shrimp, Lisa, Ritzy, Julius, Devon, Shrimp, Lisa, Ritzy...

The pen's rotation slowed as it landed onto Ritzy. Not believing what just happened, she picked up the closest paper to her in disappointment.

"Who was your child-hood crush..." she whispered. Shrimp laughed so hard he almost fell of his chair.

"Why did this start off so romantic.." commented Devon as he itched the side of his hair.

"Come-on lil' girl," said Shrimp, as leaned himself over Lisa to glare into Ritzy's eyes.

"Well..." said Ritzy, as she swallowed her pride, "In second grade...I had a h-h-huge crush on Alex..."
"Alex vi Lydia?!" Shrimp said in disappointment.

"I can't say it wouldn't be a great option to have him as a boyfriend right now," commented Julius, "he is, after all, the eldest son to who is said to have the second most magic power in the world right now, next to his father."

"But why HIM?!" questioned Shrimp, "he was the most bland person in the whole entire SCHOOL! And he's like four years older than you!"
"You little rat," rebelled Ritzy, "that's more than one question! You only get ONE."

Shrimp calmed himself down. "There's nothing wrong with having someone you love even though you know everyone won't expect it..." whispered Lisa, as Ritzy spun the pen. 

"Lisa!" said Ritzy, as she gave Lisa a combination between a hug and a neck lock.
Lisa picked up a piece of paper in front of her. 

"What are you planning to do now that you're done with High School?"

"Well I'm planning to get into Delipha's Magic Academy...a-a-and...hopefully finish my course as a conjourer!"

Delipha's Magic Academy, hugh? You have the score for it, you can probably be whatever you want thought Devon, as he wondered what he could be with what he has. He closed his eyes. If he had the chance, he would still make himself recognised, as someone who started with nothing, and ending with everything that he wants. He would do it his way, and-

"Devon!" called Lisa, as he emerged to find the pen facing his way. 

"Out of the two girls here, who would you marr- who the heck wrote this piece of garbage!?" protested Devon has he slammed the sheet of paper onto the table."

A smirk made its way to Shrimp's face, as his eyes floated to the tables adjacent. 

How was he supposed to answer this without offending the other person? Not to mention the fact that he hadn't seen both of them face to face in about 2 years. Lisa shyly looked down into her lap, whereas Ritzy boldly looked back at Devon. Both Shrimp and Julius payed 100% attention to him.

"Uh-h-h...I'd probably t-take..." Devon knew he didn't like either...not in the way it would be perceived anyways. Is he overthinking it? It's only hypothetical, right?Here goes nothing.

"If I had to pick one...and t-this doesn't mean I don't like both of you, because I really do.....a-as friends, you know, then I'd marr-ry...Lisa!"

Lisa looked up happily and blushed a bit. Devon shrugged smilingly, but also secretly admired how cute she could be at times.

"Soz Ritz." he said, but Ritz held up her hand and smiled, "It's all good, I respect it! Just remember double Ds are better than straight As" 

Devon smiled as he reached to spin the bottle once more. The bottle decreased in speed, before stopping in the same position it left. The whole table laughed, as Devon was forced to pick up another question from the table.

"YOU SERIOUS?!" laughed Shrimp, head down on the table and hitting the table with the other hand.

"Bad luck!" remarked Julius.

"What do you think of Leticia?" Devon read out loud, "Leticia as in Alex's younger sister?"

"Yup!" said Julius
"As in socially, personality or-"
"Any way you can think of her as, to be honest"

"Either academically, socially, romantically, se-"
"That's enough information, please!" Devon said, as he took a think. Renowned for her academic skills, Leticia vi Lydia was said to have accelerated in her early years, being the top of her class, even surpassing even her brother for a particular period of time. Despite her family being divorced, she had remained confident in her skills, achieving the perfect score of 400. Her white hair with streaks of pink and green had allowed her to become more recognisable because of her beauty. Rumours said that she would succeed her father's place instead of her brother.

"She's alright...I guess" Devon said honestly, "I mean...she is really good looking...really good looking...b-but I-I don't know her yet, so I can't say. In terms of intelligence, I can't say there's any problem with her, and I'm sure that anyone trying to take her will be disappointed to know that there is no easy way.....HOLD UP!"

"What happened?" asked Julius.
"You're not trying to date her....are you Julius?!"

Julius laughed.

"Of course not! If I was, then I would have applied for Delipha's Magic Academy all along!"
Devon laughed. Imagine if a couple, both of such social and financial power married each other! Their family wouldn't have to worry about a thing! Though that is not exactly uncommon. Rich women are usually married off to another family for financial boosts and support. That's why the 8 richest companies have remained so rich for so long, despite not all of them contributing to society. 

"I think our meal is ready!" said Julius with excitement, as he spotted the waiter managing five dishes with his two hands, carefully balancing 2 on each arm and holding one with his hands. With the wave of his hands, Julius create a small whirlwind to gather all the pieces of paper into the centre of the table, before telepathically creating a small origami box with some left over pieces of paper and letting them float into the box, and into his bag.

"Your meal is served!" said the dark brown haired waiter, as he passes their dishes one by one to the five guests.

"Why doesn't he just telepathically control the plates like you do?"asked Devon.
"Having dark-brown hair restricts what you can use your mana on," said Julius as the waiter left their table, "In this case, he can only create materialistic objects such as paper, cardboard, and maybe even stone like marble. Only small quantities though."

"So magic is still restrictive huh?" remarked Devon.
"Kind of but not quite!" adds Julius, "magic can always be learnt on top of what you have! It's just bothersome, as it's quite hard if you don't have the mana to do so!"

Devon sighed, magic really is hard to understand.

Several hours passed since the group began to eat their lunch. Banter between Ritzy and Shrimp raged from sober to drunk, as Lisa's fight for her own personal space began to seem more and more impossible by the second. Being half drowsy half asleep, both aggressive sides finally came to a rest, with Ritzy lying down on two seats, and Shrimp sleeping on her waist. Being forced to move, Lisa joined Julius and Devon in their conversation. Though Devon hadn't talked much since a month ago, he was already getting use to the others' company.

The evening sunset came really quick, as Julius invited both Lisa and Devon to a nearby hotel to stay.

"Wait-t! A-are you sure?" hesitated Lisa, "With m-me, you and...D-Devon?"
"Asking these sleeping alcoholics will be no help," said Julius, "the hotel is owned by my dad, so it's really no problem if you guys want to stay over for a few days before school starts again."

"January 2nd, just after new years, right?" asked Devon for reassurance.

Julius nodded, as the group of three, sober, supported the drunk back to the hotel. With "Serya Class Hotel" labelled fancily in the centre of the 50 story hotel, there was no missing such a magnificent sky-scraper. A footstep into the hotel already defines the amount of time and care invested into the company. Carefully chosen decorations of diversity, all leading to a particular atmospheric feel were scattered throughout the main hall, elevator, and all 50 floors. 

"I've put both of you in a linked room," said Julius, to see the surprised face expressions of both Devon and Lisa.

"No, I'm not trying to frame you of a cliche romance novel, or even a mainstream ecchi anime scene! I'm putting myself linked to these drunks to take care of them." assured Julius.

"The rooms are both linked by a door, so you cannot physically see each other from your respective rooms. You can however access each others' rooms without taking the main entrance. No invading personal space, no entry unless agreed and no se-,"

"We get it! both Lisa and Devon said impatiently, as they opened their respective rooms.

"Necessities, sleeping wear and underwear have been provided for you in the bathroom!"


Devon lied onto his bed, hair dry, body cleaned. 11:30 already? He thought, I wonder how Lisa is doing, before getting off his bed, he thought about she was doing. Should he text her instead? She's probably resting already he thought.

Having the thought of calling his father to tell him of this event, Devon changed his mind and decided to charge his phone for the night. His father is probably working really hard, and doesn't want to be distracted.

Devon's eyes grow heavy, as he finally decided to close his eyes.

Slowly and slowly..

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