2. Two

Unknown number: Hey, it’s Amber

Unknown number #2: this is Shawn

Amber: Is this Samantha?

Sam: Yup

Shawn: hey, we’re going to go to the mall tomorrow at 4 if u wanna come

Sam: I’ll be there

Amber: Cool. We’re meeting at the fountain btw

Sam: Good to know

Shawn: ok see u then

Sam: Mkay!

Amber: K bye

I can’t believe it. They actually care! But do they? And if they do, why would anyone? What if I do something stupid? It’s getting late, so I go to bed.

The next morning, I get up at 6:30 and get ready for school. I grab a plain black long sleeve shirt and black leggings. I go to the bathroom and do my makeup, then my hair. I go down stairs to get my backpack ready. I’ve only been there for a day, and I already know I hate school. I eat a banana and yogurt for breakfast. I grab my phone and listen to music while I wait for my bus to come.

I end up waiting for about 8 minuets, and it is currently 7:34. My bus should be here by now. I turn off my phone and put it in my backpack, getting ready to head back home, and my bus comes. “Sorry, the bus is running late,” my bus driver tells me. “Your new assigned seat is #13, with Shawn.” Yes! I don’t have to socialize on the bus!

I walk down to seat #13 and sit down next to Shawn. I grab my phone again and listen to music. When we get to school, it’s 8:03 and we’re late. Yay! I don’t have to suffer as long! I put my stuff in my locker and take my binder to first period.

When I walk in, I feel like the entire class is staring at me, wondering why I’m late. Mrs. lam takes my late pass and I go in my seat, next to Shawn and Amber. “Okay, now that everyone’s here,” Mrs. lam glares at me and Shawn, “we can get started on the first lesson of the year, fractions.” I didn’t pay attention to what we were doing in class, I mostly just stared at Amber. She was wearing black skinny jeans and a grey shirt. I feel like a total creep. After a few more periods, it was lunch time. I went to a table for 4, that nobody was sitting at, and just sketched on my notebook. After a few minuets, Amber came to the table. “Hey.” Unlike me, she had a salad for lunch. About a minute later, Shawn came to the table. He didn’t have a lunch either. They started talking, while I awkwardly sat to the side. “Hey Sam what stores do you like at the mall?” Amber asked. “Well, Hot Topic is my favorite store,” I replied. “Same here,” Shawn said.

I see Jen walking towards our table. “Hey bestieeeeee! Can I sit with you?” No. Please. Go. Away. “Get lost bitch,” Shawn tells her. Damn. “Sam, why are you sitting with these… emos? Here, come and sit with me.” WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY BITCH? “GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME!” I flip her off. She looks like she’s about to cry. Good. Amber and Shawn just stare at me as Jen walks over to another table.

After a few seconds, we just continue our normal conversation, like nothing even happened. After a few more minutes, the bell rang and it was time for class. “Bye,” I told them, as I got up. “Bye,” Amber replied. Shawn just nodded.

The rest of school was boring. I just kept thinking about lunch. So, did I overreact? Am I going to get in trouble? Does everyone know or did that bitch not tell anyone? It’s 4 minuets until the last bell rings and I just sit there, not paying attention to the teacher, and just thinking. Why would she think we were friends? I don’t have any friends. Well, Amber did sit with me at lunch. She probably just felt bad for me. I was all alone, as usual.

Suddenly, the bell rang, and I got to go home. Finally. I dash out of class and go to my locker to grab my stuff.

I put on my backpack and go to the bus. I walk to seat #13 and sit next to Shawn. This time, I realize that Jen was sitting in the seat across from mine. She just glares at me, while I couldn’t care less. I ignore her, and this time Shawn talks to me, so I don’t listen to music. Before I leave the bus, Jen trips me. “Shit!” Shawn helps me up, as I again, flip off Jen as she just sticks her tongue at me. Immature. I get off the bus and walk to my house.

When I go in, my mom says, “Hey, what would you like for dinner?” I reply, “Could we get some ramen ?” “Sure. Also can you do laundry?” I start walking up the stairs. “Fine.” I go do the laundry, and after I’m done I look at the time and it’s 3:47. I dash downstairs and say, ”Hey mom, can you drop me off at the mall, I’m meeting up with some friends.” “Sure,” she replies. I hop into the car, and I get dropped off.

“Call me when I need to pick you up.” “Ok I will,” I respond as I get out of the car. I get to the fountain at 3:57 and Amber’s sitting at a bench with someone else. I walk over and sit next to her. “Hey,” I say. “Hi. We’re just waiting for two more people, Shawn and Brian. This is Kathleen.” “Call me Katie,” she tells me, looking annoyed. “And this is Sam.” “Hi Sam.” “Hey,” I reply. She is wearing a black sweatshirt and jeans, and she’s kinda short. We start talking about what stores we’re going to and what we’re getting.

Shawn walks up to us with someone else, probably Brian. He was tall with short, blond hair. He was wearing a plain purple shirt and blue jeans. That’s the most color anyone is wearing in this group…

“Hey guys!” Katie yells, while jumping into Brian’s arms and giving him a hug. “Where were you today?” Brian asks. “Sorry, I was at the hospital from passing out,” she sarcastically replies. “WHOEVER DID IT I WILL BEAT THEIR ASS!” Brian screamed. Is this what usually happens or... “NOBODY!!! I WAS JUST DEHYDRATED YOU IDIOT!!!” Ok… “FUCKING SHUT UP YOU’RE PROBABLY SCARING SAM! WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN?” I guess Amber just answered my question…

As everyone is just yelling at each other, I just awkwardly just stand to the side. Finally, Amber says, “Can we just go shopping now?” “Fine.”

“Ok Sam, this is Brian. Let’s go now,” Amber says as she’s walking to the first store, Hot Topic, and we all follow.

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