Broken Hearts Reveal Demons

Katelyn had messed up, and she knew it. The one thing she wanted to know was how to fix it. Her world was crumbling around her, and the one she needed with her most was unreachable, all because of her. She felt like crying, but she couldn't. Firefist's don't cry. The only thing she could do was try and fix the problem she had started, for if she failed, the love of her life could kill others, or himself, and she could never live with herself if she let that happen. Not on her watch.


1. What to know about the story

First off, the story is set semi-normal mystreet AU, but with forms. Travlyn is the main ship of the story, but other ships are mentioned. My friend and I roleplay based on these four main characters (Katelyn, Travis, Nicole, and Dante) and we've added our own characters who might not match their names with how they actually are in the series. For example:

Dante's mom: Julie

Dante's dad: Jared

Travis's mom: Xia

Travis's dad: Richard

Something to know about the characters:

Katelyn lives with her dad and her younger brother Kacey, because her mom was killed in a house fire years ago for being falsely accused of having an affair, and her dad is abusive to her because she reminds him so much of her mom and it's a painful thing for him, so she has PTSD along with being tough as normal and tsundere.

Travis lives with Dante's mom and dad, because his mom was killed by his dad, and Dante's mom and dad treat him as if he was their own son. They have one older sibling, Gene, who teases them mercilessly.

Nicole lives with her own parents, and only gets bullied a lot at school if she isn't around Katelyn, who would protect her.

Each of the characters have their own form. I'm going to show you what they are in the following way because I'm a dork.

This is demon Travis. He has a red sword. His abilities are: Walking on walls/ceilings, hovering, and moving objects telepathically/creating objects out of thin air.

This site won't let me upload a picture of Katelyn's EXACT form, so here's one that's close enough:

This is Katelyn's Jury of Nine form, but she has all white eyes and a silver-tinted blue sword. She has no abilities, except she is a phenomenal fighter.

There is no pictures for the next two. Dante's form is a glitch demon (based on Antisepticeye) as is his dad, which means they can essentially teleport, and transfer energy between living things. His mom is a hydro elemental witch, which means she can control anything to do with water. Nicole is a shadow knight, which means she's a better fighter and stronger than in her normal form.

You will learn more about the characters further in the story. Enjoy!

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