Broken Hearts Reveal Demons

Katelyn had messed up, and she knew it. The one thing she wanted to know was how to fix it. Her world was crumbling around her, and the one she needed with her most was unreachable, all because of her. She felt like crying, but she couldn't. Firefist's don't cry. The only thing she could do was try and fix the problem she had started, for if she failed, the love of her life could kill others, or himself, and she could never live with herself if she let that happen. Not on her watch.


6. Glass Upon Stone

Katelyn froze the second she saw the two pairs of eyes staring back at her. They shared the same violet color Katelyn had seen in Travis's eyes before, they blinked at the same time as one another, and they were staring at her with the same revenge. Katelyn knew one of them was Travis, but it was near impossible to tell which pair belonged to her heartbroken friend.

Dante stepped in with her and peered into the darkness at the pairs of eyes. His powers allowed him to see energy forms of living things. He gently nudged Katelyn and subtly pointed to the pair of eyes on the right.

"That one's Travis, and the other is somebody else who has the same energy type as him," Katelyn heard him whisper in her ear. Katelyn gave him a small nod while looking in the direction of the eyes on the right, which glared back at her.

Katelyn opened her mouth to speak to him, but she was cut off by both pairs of eyes turning away and disappearing into the darkness. She looked around the church for where they could have went, as did Dante. Then, they both heard a voice that was unfamiliar to both of them, but it felt as the source of the voice came from everywhere, but at the same time, nowhere.

"You two are fools for entering this place in search of us, alone."

The voice was deeper than Travis's was when he was in his form, so they knew it wasn't him. It sounded incredibly similar to his, though, so the person must be related to him somehow. The voice had a sharpness to it's tone that sent chills running down their spines.

"We just want to find Travis! We-I have to make things right!" Katelyn called out, scanning the floors, the walls, the ceiling. She was unable to see anything through the darkness, but she knew it was around them somewhere. Suddenly she felt Dante tap her shoulder.

"Uh, Katelyn... Look up," he whispered, pointing directly above them. Katelyn slowly lifted her head and looked up at the ceiling. What she saw was both pairs of eyes staring down at her. Katelyn now could see a difference in the eyes. The eyes on the left had more anger behind them, more wrath. The eyes on the right held no emotion whatsoever, almost as if the person behind them had nothing left living for. 

"It's too late to fix it, Katelyn. It always was," another voice answered back from the darkness. It wasn't the deep voice they had just heard, so Dante and Katelyn assumed it was Travis. He had pain behind his voice, but it wasn't the same pain his voice held before. It was a pain that came from suffering, or from being constrained against something. Something inside him wasn't okay, but none of them knew what, not even Travis.

The pair of eyes on the left suddenly dropped to the floor, standing at their full height, about six foot six. The intimidating energy they gave off made them seem much taller. They stepped forward, into the faint light of the open doors, and Dante and Katelyn could see that it was a man, very much similar to Travis.

He had a muscular build, with an intimidating stature. His bright purple eyes stared down at them intensely, watching their every move. He had white hair that was identical to Travis's, and had large, black, spiraling horns protruding from his head above his ears. 

Dante stepped back wisely, looking up at the large man and never divirting his eyes. Katelyn, however, stood directly in front of him. Her eyes narrowed, glaring at him.

"Who are you?" she demanded, watching him as much as he was watching her. The other pair of eyes dropped as well, landing next to the large man. It was indeed Travis, but instead of having an angry and upset energy, his energy contained nothing, as if he carried no emotions any longer.

"He's my father. I've released him from his dimension, where I had previously trapped him," he answered for her, looking down at her blankly. Katelyn looked up at him, her intimidating expression changing to shocked.

"Travis..." she managed to get out, before words failed her completely. He looked down at her still, his expression not changing. He had no emotions shown anywhere, as if he was an empty soul. 

Travis's father watched the two of them, until he had enough. He grabbed Travis by the arm, and before any of them could react, stabbed him through the stomach with his long, glowing red sword. Travis gasped for air, then looked down at the wound. He then looked up at his father with betrayal in his eyes. His father simply smirked evilly and dropped his body. 

Travis's vision was clouding slowly. His demon form had more energy, so he wasn't going to die right away, but he was fading quickly. His breaths became shorter, and the distance between each inhale grew longer. Katelyn dropped to her knees with tears filling her eyes. She had wanted to set things right, not make them worse than they were.

Dante had seen what had happened, and held off Travis's dad from attacking her as well by holding him off the best he could. Of course, he was upset over what happened to his friend, and was taking the pain out on the cause of Travis's pain. They fought for a good while before the large man disappeared into thin air, sensing he would lose the fight.

Tears were rolling down her cheeks, even as Katelyn wiped them away. She had so many emotions at the moment, she didn't know how to express them in the little time she had. Travis was staring blankly up at her, blinking occasionally. His breaths were sharp and short, and his eyes were filling with tears simultaneously as emotions. With his father gone, his barrier for emotions was lessened. He could feel the pain of his wound, and his heart. He knew he had done some wrong as well, but even through all of this, his love for Katelyn still burned strong in his heart. He wished he could tell her his feelings, but the end of his time was coming. 

He looked up at Katelyn, seeing her tears run down her face as she hung her head low. Seeing her in this state of sadness caused his tears to flow as well. He hoped she would be okay in his absence, but he wanted to be there for her throughout their entire lives.

Katelyn was frantically thinking of ways to solve this, to save him. As she racked her brain, she came up with nothing. She opened her tear-filled eyes and could see Travis weakly smiling at her as his eyes were fluttering closed. Her tears stopped flowing, feeling her heart drop to the ground. The instant his eyes closed, she felt her heart shatter worse than glass upon stone. She couldn't lose him. She just couldn't. That's when she got the idea.

She would give her life to him, and stay behind for his life. In her Jury of Nine form, she could do such things.

Slowly, she slipped her hands underneath his head, and lifted it into her lap, gently cradling his head against her thighs. she bent down and gently kissed his forehead, pressing her lips into his gray skin, which was going cold as his life faded. She rose back up, more exhausted than she had ever been, and fell backwards, landing on her back. She exhaled for possibly the last time, and shut her eyes with a faint smile on her otherwise blank face. Her skin flushed of all color as the light from her eyes faded away.

Then Travis woke up.

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