Broken Hearts Reveal Demons

Katelyn had messed up, and she knew it. The one thing she wanted to know was how to fix it. Her world was crumbling around her, and the one she needed with her most was unreachable, all because of her. She felt like crying, but she couldn't. Firefist's don't cry. The only thing she could do was try and fix the problem she had started, for if she failed, the love of her life could kill others, or himself, and she could never live with herself if she let that happen. Not on her watch.


4. Breaking Point

Ever since she had agreed to let him tell her what to do, Gene had been loading Katelyn with work for her to do, leaving her little to no time to herself or with her friends. 

On the first day, Gene had made her come over to his house after school and do his homework. She would have broke right then and there, but luckily, Gene had a younger brother, technically two. The first one is Dante Ramirez. He was his biological brother, and was quite nice. He didn't flirt with Katelyn at all, which was a relief to her, and the whole time she was there, he had somehow found out about what was happening to her-probably from his crush, Nicole-and gave her snacks and distracted Gene so she could have time to herself. She was grateful of him, even though Dante and Nicole liked each other and she didn't approve. She didn't know what Nicole saw in him. Sure, he was stronger than most boys, and he was nice, but Nicole apparently liked his messy, ocean blue hair and bright, deep blue eyes, along with his bright, large smile. Maybe it was that he was taller than the short girl. Her short height of five foot two made Dante's height of six foot one look taller than he was, or Nicole shorter than she was. Katelyn didn't exactly like Dante, because of his and Nicole's crush on each other, but she was thankful for his kind acts towards her during her first day of blackmail.

On the second day, Gene made her share a kiss with him, and wouldn't let her go until she kissed back. She would have done it much sooner, had it not been in the girl's locker room while she was changing for gym class. It took her a good fifteen minutes to convince herself to kiss back, just to make him let her go. His breath was repulsive, and his lips were rough. He was not an ideal person to kiss out of force. She did it anyway, as he was pinning her against the wall and wouldn't let her go to class unless she did. After he left, she finished changing and went out to her class, which had already started. Luckily, Nicole was in her class, and she told her everything that happened. Nicole said that she would tell Dante, so he could tell his and Gene's parents, but Katelyn didn't know if she did, or if she forgot, as forgetting was her nature. 

On the third day, Katelyn could call it the worst. Gene made her follow him around, carrying his supplies, and wouldn't let her go to her classes. She got marked absent from all of her classes, and received Fs. Gene, however, made her do his work for him, and he received As. Which enraged Katelyn greatly. She wouldn't normally do work without getting credit for her part, and she received no credit whatsoever. 

She knew she had to do something. And that's why, on the fourth day, she snapped.

Gene had made her come over again, wasting her Saturday. She was to wash the dishes, clean every room in the house, and do the laundry, all before his parents got home. Luckily, Dante was home, along with Gene's second brother, who happened to be Travis. Unfortunately, Katelyn was unaware he had a second brother out of adoption.

Katelyn scrubbed the dishes in the sink with anger boiling inside of her. She was angry enough to nearly scratch the plates she was washing. As soon as she finished her task, she turned to Gene, who was sitting on the countertop behind her, eating a bright red apple.

"Nice job princess. Next, clean the house. I mean spotless! If I find a single crumb on the floor, I'm telling the boy who loves you, which will be easier and faster than you could ever believe."

Katelyn narrowed her eyes and glared at him, her icy eyes burning with a fire hidden inside. She tossed the soapy sponge into the sink and stalked into the living room, her fists balled up and clenched at her sides. She had just begun to pick up the clothes strewn around the room when she couldn't take any more of this any longer.

"You know what Gene! I've had it with you!" she exploded as she dropped the clothes and whipped around to face him. His expression changed from satisfied to surprised, and for a reason she instantly knew, it then faded to cunning.

"Very well then. Travis, come here!" he called upstairs, grinning evilly at Katelyn with a look in his eye that was plainly vengeance. Katelyn didn't know Travis was here, or why. He and Dante were friends, she knew that, but why did he have to be here now?

Travis came thumping down the stairs, not wanting to upset his potentially dangerous older brother. From what he could hear upstairs in his and Dante's room, there was somebody else here, a girl. The voice sounded familiar, but he just couldn't put his finger on who it belonged to. That is, until he came downstairs and saw Katelyn's sky blue hair and icy eyes staring back at him in disbelief.

"What's going on here, Gene..." Travis asked, highly suspicious. Why was Katelyn here? Dante wouldn't have invited her over, he knew they didn't have a strong relationship. She wouldn't come over with Gene if her life depended on it, he knew that as well. So why could she be here?

"Oh, nothing, I'm just hanging out with my girlfriend! Right, Katelyn?" Gene slyly answered, looking his younger brother straight in the eyes with a cocky smirk on his face. He watched as Travis's face drained of all color and his eyes went blank, with only hints of fear and heartbreak contained inside him.

"W-what..." Travis managed to stutter out, turning to Katelyn and looking her in the eye, his own wide open, with the brightness they normally contained within the emerald color faded away completely. 

"I'm not his girlfriend! I promise! I wouldn't ever do this-" Katelyn began to frantically explain, before Gene cut her off, making the whole situation worse.

"Oh yes you are! We even kissed in the locker room a few days ago! Remember?" 

Travis couldn't feel anything. Except fear, of course. Fear, and resentment, but most importantly, heartbreak. The woman he's loved for years, with someone like Gene. He couldn't bear to be near them any longer, and hear any more about their relationship. 

He ran upstairs with tears forming in his eyes, but he wiped them away, only to be replaced by more tears. They ran down his cheeks as he ran into his room and collapsed onto his bed, sobbing into his pillows.

Katelyn felt more than just "bad" about what she saw. She glared at Gene, then ran upstairs, following Travis. She ran to his room and stopped at the doorway, seeing him crying and in such a state that he was. His head was so far buried in his pillow she could barely hear him, but his body heaved in such ways that informed her he was sobbing heavily. She couldn't believe she had let him come to this state of sadness.

Katelyn slowly and quietly walked into his room, and sat down on the edge of his bed even slower. Carefully, she reached out and carefully stroked his hair in a comforting way. The instant she touched his hair, he froze. She could tell he was still crying, but the heaving sobs had ceased to continue.

Travis laid there, silent, for a long while as she was stroking his hair, attempting to calm him down. He had always wanted her to touch him with affection behind the touch, but now it seemed pointless. She was dating Gene, and she always pushed him away anyway. There was no point of loving her any longer, but for whatever reason unknown, he couldn't shut out his feelings for her. 

He sat up and wiped the tears off his face, facing away from her. Katelyn took her hand back, hoping with all her might that he was alright, so she could explain her situation to him. Her hope remained as he stayed silent, looking down and telling himself to stop loving her, but no matter what he did, he couldn't. He was angry, outraged, confused, and heartbroken, but his face still showed blank to emotions. That is, until, his demon from inside took over.

Travis turned to face Katelyn, and the emerald eyes she expected to have seen had changed to a deep Byzantium shade of purple. Above his ears to the side of his head were two shimmering, black, spiraling horns. His normally tan skin tone had changed to gray as ash. When he opened his mouth to speak, white, razor-sharp teeth were in place of his usual ones. He was a demon out of his heartbreak.

Katelyn sat there, looking him up, then down, then back up again, with her mouth agape in shock. She wasn't frightened of him, for she had much more to be frightened of in her life. She was simply in shock from his quick transition, and how his eyes were staring into hers with such anger and pain that she felt it inside of herself. Travis spoke to her with such a voice that she could hardly recognize as his. It was deformed in a way. Scratchy. Shattered. Deeper. Darker. More evil. She couldn't describe it as anything other than that.

"Do you know what you've done, Katelyn."

His words cut her down to the soul, in a sense where she was scarred with such pain she had never felt. She knew she had done wrong, but she had only been trying to keep him from being hurt.

Katelyn glanced around the room quickly, unsure of what to do, or how to respond. 

"I didn't mean to hurt you-" she began to explain, but she was cut off by a horrific wailing sound from nowhere, but at the same time, everywhere. Katelyn instantly bent herself over and held her ears to shield herself from the piercing noise. Travis didn't move in the slightest, stiff as the core of a planet. He continued to stare into her soul, letting every part of her know how she hurt him. 

The noise suddenly ceased, and Katelyn sat up slowly, taking her hands off of her ears. When she rose her head and looked where Travis had been sitting, he was gone. Vanished into thin air. The atmosphere had a strange emptiness that was being filled with danger, much like how an hourglass fills the bottom half with sand as time was running out. Time.



Katelyn knew her time to fix what she had created was running out, second by second, minute by minute. She had to find Travis, but she had next to no idea where to begin searching. She had to explain her situation to him, but she hadn't the slightest clue how. She had to make him forgive her, but she couldn't imagine a single situation in which he would forgive her for what she did. 

What could she do?

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