Broken Hearts Reveal Demons

Katelyn had messed up, and she knew it. The one thing she wanted to know was how to fix it. Her world was crumbling around her, and the one she needed with her most was unreachable, all because of her. She felt like crying, but she couldn't. Firefist's don't cry. The only thing she could do was try and fix the problem she had started, for if she failed, the love of her life could kill others, or himself, and she could never live with herself if she let that happen. Not on her watch.


2. Blackmail

Katelyn had just been trying to get to her locker to go to lunch. It seemed that nowadays, she could never go anywhere without being stopped by someone. Today, this someone was Gene Ramirez. 

The tall, skinny boy had come up behind her and pinned her against the wall of their high school, Phoenix Drop. His black hair was hanging in front of his face, and his deep brown eyes were peering through his hair at her. Normally, the tough girl could take on someone like him any day. But with the way he had her against the wall, with her face against the lockers and her wrists behind her back, she couldn't do much more than struggle, and sass him.

"Very creative Gene. It's not like you do this every time you see me," she commented under her breath, and blew her sky blue bangs out of her face. Katelyn was the type of girl every guy wanted for her looks, but couldn't even touch because of her tough and sharp personality. She was often hit on by any guy who didn't know who she was at first, but she would punch or slap them, or just generally fight back, and they wouldn't even dream of flirting with her again, even though Katelyn knew they still wanted her. She was an attractive girl, nobody could deny that. Her thin waist was very well complimented by her large chest, thighs, and bottom. She was taller than most girls at five foot ten inches, and her confidence and powerful way of striding down the hallways made her seem taller. Her long, sky blue hair reached halfway down her back, and her side bangs often fell in front of her face, covering one of her icy blue eyes. Even if her hair was covering one of her eyes, anyone could tell when she was glaring at them, and for their own safety, they stopped what they were doing and left the room.

Although she looked good, her personality made it a challenge for her to maintain a positive reputation. She was extremely protective of her friends, and she never let anyone touch them. She had been raised to be tough, from her home life. She didn't like to share why she was tough, as the questions often hit too close to home. The one thing that distracted her from the pain of her past was her friends. A few of her friends flirted with her, and she usually didn't mind, but there was one person she just couldn't stand when he did that.

"What can I say, princess! I don't let pretty girls go by me without telling them that I have things they're going to do for me!" Gene whispered into her ear, his body pressing against hers slowly. His breath felt warm on her neck, and Katelyn tilted her head that way as a method of blocking him off.

"Yeah, right! As if I'm going to do anything for you!" she fired back, attempting to get him off her. Gene took the hint-finally-and stood upright once again. Katelyn breathed out with relief, but her sense of alarm quickly rose again once she felt him grab her bottom. That was the last straw for her.

Whipping around, she raised her leg and kicked him square in the chest. The force of the impact sent the boy flying backwards and slamming into the other side of the hallway, denting the locker he landed against. Katelyn didn't waste any time. She took off running down the hallway, at a pace she was certain Gene couldn't catch up with her. Of course, being in track helped her reach that pace. She sprinted down the hallway until she was on the opposite side as that disgusting boy, and she continued to walk to the cafeteria. She didn't have to worry about Gene catching up, because he could never catch her if she ran.

That's why she was a bit surprised to hear more footsteps behind her, followed by a sharp whistle. Katelyn turned around and saw the biggest flirt in Phoenix Drop. None other than Travis Valkcrum.

The tall boy wasn't as tall as Gene, but was taller than most boys at their school with a height of six foot two. He had a messy pile of snowy white hair on top of his head, with one of his emerald green eyes covered by his hair. While his expression was often flirty, the few times he was smiling brightly was a pleasant sight, as his smile could brighten anyone's day. He was wearing the standard uniform for boys to wear at the high school, blue jeans with a navy blue sweater, with a white shirt and dark blue tie underneath, but visible via the collar of the sweater. His casual green sneakers were untied as usual, but he never seemed to notice, or care. He had the type of eyes that everyone knew hid secrets, but his flirty, dorky personality often distracted anyone from that fact. His personality was so flirty, it annoyed Katelyn when he was even in the same room as her. 

The boy had been walking down the hall when she sprinted past, and had instantly known it was her from her light blue hair. It wasn't hard to tell it was her, there wasn't anyone else in the school with light blue hair, except for the girl's brother Kacey, and even he didn't have hair her length. Travis hadn't meant to follow her, but he had to go down the hallway the same way as her. He attempted to give himself a talk about not looking at he behind, but he couldn't stop himself as she slowed to a walking speed. He had tried to suppress it, but he felt the whistle escape his lips just as it formed. 

As Katelyn turned to face him, he felt his cheeks heat up. He had really tried not to be flirty, but he couldn't help himself. Katelyn gave him a scolding glare, and he instantly knew he had messed up. 

"Don't even think about whistling at me, unless you want to have the same thing happen to you that happened to Gene," she warned. Travis hadn't known what had happened to Gene, and he had a feeling in his gut that told him he didn't want to know. He nodded and glanced down, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. 

"Sorry... I really tried not to! I swear!" He tried explaining as he looked back up at the girl, who wasn't buying it at first. After she gave it some thought, she realized he seemed genuine. Her glare softened towards him, and he breathed out with relief. He had an urge to keep explaining, but he thought it would make her not believe him again if he kept blabbering, so he kept his mouth shut. He didn't want to say the wrong thing, especially now, so he just glanced at her hands and stuffed his into his pockets. Her hands looked soft and warm, the type of hands someone could hold once and never let go.

"Alright, whatever... going to lunch?" Katelyn asked, her tone not as sharp as she was just speaking with. Travis nodded and walked up to her, and although he knew it was a bad idea, he grabbed her hand and began walking with her to the cafeteria. He knew he was going to get punched, but he couldn't resist holding her hand. It looked just as soft and warm as it felt in his hand at this moment. 

Katelyn looked up at him with a questioning look and an eyebrow raised. She slowly slipped her hand away from his, despite the fact his hands were pleasantly warm and soft. Travis looked down at her with a pouty face too cute to ignore. Katelyn felt her cheeks heat up and turn a light shade of pink as she looked away from him and down at her shoes as she walked with him alongside her. 

"Aww, we can't hold hands?" Travis cooed as he brushed her hand with his fingers. 

"No! We're at school!" Katelyn didn't understand why he would want to hold her hand. Why hold her hand when he usually flirts? Why not hold hands with another girl who wouldn't punch him? And why DIDN'T she punch him?

She looked up at Travis again and saw him grinning. Ugh, she thought. His grin. That stupid, dorky, cute grin. Wait... What?!

"So if we're not at school, it's fine?" he commented, still grinning, and brushed the hair out of his face, revealing the previously hidden emerald green eye, which was glowing with joy.

"What-no! Of course not! You dork!" Katelyn was nearly screeching with exasperation. Her annoyance was cut short by the bell ringing through the halls, followed by waves of kids rushing down the hallway from the cafeteria. Katelyn sighed as she stepped out of the way of the kids running past her. Travis tried to run after her and grab her hand again, but stumbled and tripped on his untied shoelaces that he knew he should have tied. After catching himself on the lockers, he decided to walk the rest of the way to catch up to the girl, who was far ahead. 

"Great, we missed lunch," she groaned as her stomach grumbled. She looked at Travis's hand, which he had extended towards her, and saw he had a bag of cookies that he was giving to her. She took it gratefully and looked back up at him.

"You're welcome, sweets!" He smiled at her as he watched her open the bag and begin eating the cookies. 

"Thanks, dork," she replied before sticking a cookie in her mouth. The crowd of kids was slowly fading, and she looked around at the kids running into classrooms to make it before the bell rang again. 

"I should probably go... I don't wanna be late..." Travis sighed as he started sprinting down the hallway to his class as Katelyn watched. Just as soon as he was out of sight, she turned and began walking down the hallway again. Then she received a text message. Her phone pinged in her skirt pocket of the school uniform. The girls outfit was a navy blue skirt with a white shirt and a light blue ruffle sailor collar. Katelyn hated it, quite frankly. 

She pulled her phone out of her pocket and saw it was Gene. How did he even get my number? She thought as she read the message, sliding the notification across the screen and typing in her password. The text was a picture of her and Travis holding hands from behind, with the following words written underneath:

I know a certain guy who likes you. News flash princess, we're dating now. If you don't do EXACTLY what I say, I'll tell this certain boy you're with another man, me, and he'll be crushed beyond belief. The choice is yours.

Katelyn didn't know what to do. She sat down against the wall, staring at her phone screen. Then, she shook her head and snapped out of it. She wouldn't let Gene manipulate her, but she couldn't hurt the boy who had a crush on her, who she easily assumed was Travis. She took a screenshot of the conversation and sent it to her best friend, Nicole. She was already late for class, so she had some time to think about what to do. Would she risk her own safety, or her friends?

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