Broken Hearts Reveal Demons

Katelyn had messed up, and she knew it. The one thing she wanted to know was how to fix it. Her world was crumbling around her, and the one she needed with her most was unreachable, all because of her. She felt like crying, but she couldn't. Firefist's don't cry. The only thing she could do was try and fix the problem she had started, for if she failed, the love of her life could kill others, or himself, and she could never live with herself if she let that happen. Not on her watch.


3. Aftermath

The blinking bars of her digital clock read 5:12. It was almost time for her father to return home from work. Katelyn was laying on her bed, pondering Gene's text message. What could she do? 

Her phone rang next to her on her bed, and she picked it up. Luckily, it was Nicole. The ringtone was her favorite song, Dance, Dance by Fall Out Boy. She slid the ringer across the screen, which answered the call, and put her on speaker phone.

"Hey Nikki," she greeted her friend by her nickname. 

"Hey Katie, I got your text. Who is that?" Nicole responded. The girl's high pitched voice was higher than the average girl, but certainly not the highest she knew, which belonged to Kawaii-Chan. 

"It's Gene, I don't know how he got my number, but I knew it was him. Who else could it have been?" she reasoned, running her fingers through her sky blue hair.

"Well he's a jerk! You know who the boy who likes you is, right?" Nicole replied. The faint crunching sounds coming from her side of the call told Katelyn her friend was eating chips.

"Yeah, it's Travis, duh."

"Bingo! Well, this is up to you! Either you can crush Travis completely, or you can be Gene's girlfriend!" Nicole pointed out rather unhelpfully.

"Wow, thanks Nikki. Really helpful there," Katelyn informed her with a sarcastic and annoyed tone. 

"Sorry! Just trying to help! Well I gotta go do homework, see ya later Katie!" Nicole cheerfully said goodbye to her friend before hanging up. 

Just as her friend hung up the call, Katelyn heard a door open from downstairs. Her dad. She scrambled off her bed and ran to her desk, not to fake doing homework, but to hide. She dove underneath it and hid under where her spinning desk chair was. 

Katelyn was afraid of her father for a very reasonable excuse. He was painful to be around. Part of why Katelyn was so tough was because she had to be strong to survive at her house. Her dad was much stronger than her, and would hurt her if he saw her doing anything he didn't approve of. Normally, he wouldn't hurt his own daughter. He still cared for her, even though he gave her scratches and bruises every day. She so much resembled her deceased mother that it pained him to look at Katelyn without forming injuries on her, to remind him it wasn't his departed wife. Katelyn knew this, so she didn't tell anyone about what he did to her. The only part she found unfair was that her younger brother, Kacey, didn't get hurt nearly as much as she did. She knew it was because he didn't much resemble their mother, but she didn't care. 

Her mother had died years ago, when the sixteen year old girl was not much older than four. Kacey had just been born, and was almost a year old. Katelyn didn't know exactly what happened, as it was said that it was just a house fire, but all she knew was that her mother had given her life to protect her daughter. Her. Every day that passed, Katelyn regretted her death, blaming herself. She knew she could have protected her mother, had she been given the time. But even as she regretted it, she always lived by her mother's last words to her. Every day, she heard those words in her mother's comforting voice.

Stay strong for me. Mommy loves you.

Katelyn hid under her desk during the crashing sounds downstairs, until she heard silence. Usually silence meant her dad had fallen asleep. She crawled out again, listening for sounds, and silence was all she heard. She stood to her full height and looked around her room. She had to find something to do that was quiet enough to not wake her dad. Well, she might as well reply to Gene.

She grabbed her phone and typed in the password, then opened the text conversation between her and Gene. She typed her message, her light blue painted fingernails tapping and clicking against the phone screen, and then hit send. Her message read:

Alright, fine. Don't tell him a thing, and I'll do what you say.

Katelyn sighed. She had just signed herself up for the unknown. Gene could be dangerous, she knew, but it was already too late, and she could take care of herself. Gene texted back, and his message was:

Great, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, princess ;)

Katelyn gritted her teeth in annoyance to prevent herself from throwing her phone into the wall. She hated when he called her that, and she hated being manipulated. She couldn't find the word for what was happening to her. Then it came to her, simple as that and plain as day.

She was being blackmailed. Not for the first time certainly, but this was more unpleasant than the other times. Something about this was upsetting her, she just couldn't figure out what.

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