Gang leaders girl: BOOK 1

**BoOk OnE**
Isabella is being married if to the leader of the Martinez gang. She hates been a pawn in the dangerous game but you do what you need to for family, right? The leader of the Martinez gang is ruthless and cruel which has Izzy sceptical about the situation. Will they find love? Will Isabella learn to care for him? Will he learn to care for Isabella? What happens when Isabella is kidnapped?
Read to find out!
#gang #leader #marriage #forced #love #romance #rose #thorn #sex #18


11. twelve

I can't believe i just did that! Adrenaline starts pumping around my body as i quickly scamper out of the room. There are voices shouting from every direction but i keep running. Each foot step slams against the floor as i run for freedom. When i reach the front door an evil cackle sounds through out the house, making me stop in my tracks. I remove my hand from the handle and slowly turn to face the noise. Tristan stands there with Romeo at gun point. "Romeo!"  I gasp.

"Izabella run!" he shouts.

"Ah ah ah, do that and i'll blow his brains out" Tristan mocks.

"Get out Izzy please!" Romeo pleads.

"No, I I I can't let you just die!" I stutter, tears start to leak from my eyes and my stomach drops.

"Izzy. Listen to me. Get out now!" Romeo looks at me in the eyes, pleading me to go. It's as if he was trying to communicate with me. Tristan then cliks his gun ready to shoot and my heart literally jumping out of my chest.

"FUCK YOU TRISTAN" I shout and then pull out the gun I was hiding. Romeo almost smirks at me because my bold move. With out thinking I pull the trigger and then gasp. Romeo stands there eyes squinting as he waits for the pain but when it doesnt arrive he looks at me. i hold thegun still pointing up ready to attack. Personally, I'm horrified. i just stand there staring at the body on the floor.

"Iz give me the gun" Roeo says quietly as he walks towards me. petrified i tare at him, frozen. i fell paralyzed. romeo walks to me taking the gun out of my hands and enveloping me in a hug. As soon as my face gets mushed with his chest i explode in tears. Two people died today because of me.

"It's okay princess" Romeo says as he kissesmy forehead.

"Romeo, I I I" i stutter but can't get any words out. My crying has turned into hearty sobs when i realise Bruno's men are here evacuting th building. After a while Romeo lets go and takes me to his car. He tells me that they had been tracking me and getting ready to attack but when i tried to escape it fucked the plan up.

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