Gang leaders girl: BOOK 1

**BoOk OnE**
Isabella is being married if to the leader of the Martinez gang. She hates been a pawn in the dangerous game but you do what you need to for family, right? The leader of the Martinez gang is ruthless and cruel which has Izzy sceptical about the situation. Will they find love? Will Isabella learn to care for him? Will he learn to care for Isabella? What happens when Isabella is kidnapped?
Read to find out!
#gang #leader #marriage #forced #love #romance #rose #thorn #sex #18


1. One

“Isabella! Get your ass down here now” My brother Romeo shouts from down stairs.

“I’m coming!” I snap back. My brother and father are taking me to the ball in order to meet Bruno. Bruno is the leader of the Martinez gang. I really don’t want to go.

My mother had picked out a violet purple spaghetti strap tight dress and black heels for me to wear. It shows of my perfect curves and tanned skin. I’ve been working for 18 years for this body and I’m damn proud of it. I have to make a good impression on him. I’m going to be given away like an object and I’m seriously not impressed. However I have to put on a brave front for my parents otherwise the alliance will be broken which would mean total war between the gangs.

“Oh meha!” My mother sighs as I walk down the stairs.

“Hey mumma” I smiles.

“Bruno will love you Iz” Romeo smirks.

“Shut up” I snap turning to give my mum a final hug.

“Come on” my dad looks at me sadly.

If Bruno wants me I’ll be given straight away and I’ll never see me familia again; apart from formal occasions. Those sort of events only happen twice a year.


“Right so Iz you need to be flirty and smiley okay” Romeo takes my hand as we walk into the ball room.

He’s wearing a tuxedo just like all the men in here. The women all wear the most sexiest piece of clothing they own tonight because it’s such an important and judgemental day.

The room is so elegant and the light buzz of chatter fills the room. It’s like the room has a slight yellowy gold tinge to it. There as pillars and red carpets filled with men and women from mixed gangs.

You see about a decade ago there was an alliance made. All the gangs in America signed an agreement that they’d stick to their own turf and stop killing people. The death numbers were getting higher and police were right on their tail. A year later the treaty was abolished and only five gangs have a true, honest alliance and to keep them running smoothly the first born daughter from each leader had to marry the first born son of an opposite gang. Just with my luck I’m being married off to the most powerful and cruel man in the world.

“I’m going to miss you Romeo” I wrap my arms around his waist as he hugs me back.

“Oi be careful I spent hours curling my hair to perfection!” I tease.

“You look beautiful Isabella” he smiles.

“Thank you Rome” I wink and then I leave him to follow my father.

“I’ll miss you sweet” my dads lips barley move as we walk towards Bruno and his body guards.

Bruno is taller than me and has black buz cut kinda hair where as I have a dark brown Curley hair. His eyes are a piercing blue and his smile is Prince worthy. He’s muscular but not over the top and his smell is intoxicating! He has a chocolatey brown skin.

“Ah Mr.Cartel!” Bruno says, holding a hand out to my father, which he gladly takes. I stand just behind him and listen intently as they chat. I avoid all eye contact and just stare around me.

“You must be Isabella” Bruno smiles as he places two fingers under my chin. He holds my chin up as his eyes travel up and down my body inspecting me.

“And you’re the famous Bruno I keep getting told about” I say too bluntly, snatching my face from his touch. He laughs lightly at this and then offers me a drink.

“Mr.Cartel you have a beautiful daughter” he laughs. My father laughs and smiles at me.

“I’m right here you know” I roll my eyes at them both. They speak about my beauty and my intelligence and my attitude as if I’m not standing right next to them!

“Feisty” Bruno states, nodding his head in approval.

“Here I thought I was being rather calm and polite” I respond sarcasm dripping from every word.

“And quit the comedian” Bruno looks at me making me tense and feel rather uncomfortable. My father gives me a sharp look and I just roll my eyes. I space out for what feels like eternity, drowning out their boring conversation.

“Mr.Cartel I’d be happy to take her out of your hands” Bruno laughs shaking my dads hand. Suddenly they have my attention.

“Just like that I’m given away like a damn object” I muse dryly.

“Goodbye Papi” I smile as he walks away towards his gang and Romeo. I catch his eye and he nods at me. I mouth “I love you” to him and he mouths back “you too”.

Just like that I’m no longer a Cartel. I’m now Isabella María Martinez. Bruno has an arm around me all night until finally at god knows what time he walks with me to a heavily protected Range Rover.

“Are you not coming?” I ask through the open window as he closes the door for me.

“No Isabella I go in a separate car for your protection” he says with his beautiful Spanish accent.

“Oh okay” I smile trying to hide my disappointment.

I’ve been speaking to him all night and I’m actually getting on with him very nicely. Bruno has a tough exterior but a gooey interior, is what I think anyways. I don’t think he’s that scary to be honest.

“Do not worry princess it is only a short drive” he winks, kissing my hand delicately. I smirk as my chauffeur drives off leaving Bruno to get into his car.

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