Gang leaders girl: BOOK 1

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Isabella is being married if to the leader of the Martinez gang. She hates been a pawn in the dangerous game but you do what you need to for family, right? The leader of the Martinez gang is ruthless and cruel which has Izzy sceptical about the situation. Will they find love? Will Isabella learn to care for him? Will he learn to care for Isabella? What happens when Isabella is kidnapped?
Read to find out!
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13. fourteen

When we arrive back I get Bruno to quietly go and get the head snake, Maria, to help me get the pups in without waking them up. I figured I should start building bridges if I'm going to survive this place. Bruno grabs Red as he was the heaviest and Maria grabs Delta and Tracker. I pick up Thor and Atlas, making Bruno and Maria follow me to my room. Someone had put a massive dog bed in my room for them but I wanted them on my bed so I could keep an eye on them. Bruno leaves me and Maria in the bedroom.

"I'm sorry about how I treated you at first." Maria whispers.

"It's fine, I would of called you worse if I was in your shoes." I smile.

"These little guys are adorable!" She whisper shouts happily.

"I know right." I grin excitedly. We chat happily until it reaches five o'clock and our stomatch start to rumble. Maria and I go down stairs to grab some food and leave the pups sleping. Bruno and nearly all the gang are down on the massive table in the dinning room eating chips and salad.

"Iz, Maria grab a plate and sit with us." Bruno smiles. I help myself to some food and sit next to Maria opposite Bruno.

"How are the pups?" One guy, Marcel, asks.

"Don't even get me started!" I laugh.

"You better like em we had to travel across country to get the bastasrd" A blonde bitch snaps.

"I'm sorry, were we talking to you?" I smile sacrastically. Bruno stifles a smile and a few of the boys start laughing. Seriously what are these girls problem?!

"Anywayyy shall we all go beach at say 10 tonight?" A boy, Brandon, offers.

"I'm up for that" Maria smiles and everyone nods in agreement. After dinner I put the dogs on leashes and sceptically give Bruno Red and Maria Delta and Thor.

"I'll stay with you so you're not worrying all the time" Maria luaghs lightly. I smile and her consideration and then we all bundle into the oick up trucks and range rovers. The beach was deserted. The moon was out and the stars peppered the sky. The boys started a camp fire going and started dotting massive candles around so they could see their surroundings. I ended up letting the pups off lead as they barely left my side throughout the night. We played man hunt the whole time Delta gave my position away because she got to excited and started barking, causing the others to bark. Thor however lay by the fire with Maria the entire night. That dog was not made for protecting at all he was made to be a cuddle companion. I smile as I watch Maria fuss and talk to him. 

Everyone gathers around the fire to catch their breath. Atlas, Thor and Delta sit with other people getting fust but Red and Tracker stay by me. I pick Tracket up and put him on my lap and fuss up and give Red to Bruno, who was sat next to me.

"Hey, Izzy, you never said how you got out" Brandon says as Delta chews his hand playfully. I clench my jaw and stare into the fire. A few whispers shout at him for bringing up but I just smile and tell them not to.

"It's fine," I smile and then take a deep breath, "Everyday this guy,I can't remeber who he was called, came in and beated me up until I fought back" I shudder and a few people gasp. Bruno tenses as I carry on. "Then on the day I broke out, Tristan brought in a man and left me with him. He made me strip and would of raped me if I hadn't fought back. I shot the man between the eyes and ran." Maria gasps and all the puppies stop what they're doing and travel towards me- as if they knew I needed them now.

"Then Romeo, my brother, got caught so I shot Tristan and killed him. The worst part is, is taht I don't regret killing them. The world now has two less bad guys." I laugh sadly and stare into the fire. Bruno's arm wraps around my shoulders and everyone just stays quiet for some time.

"Well this just proves how strong you are Izabella" Maria says confidently. I smile at her effort to cheer me up.

"Right anyway, who's up for a swim?" I laugh, standing up brushing a few stray tears away. Everyone perks up abit and we all run to the sea. Atlas, Delta, Tracker,Thor and Red race in and out of the water happily, barking at everyone. I scream as Bruno picked me up and threw me into the icy water. When I resurface I'm laughing and am being attacked by over-excited puppers.

"BRUNO!" I scream, laughing as I run at him.

"No iz iz IZABELLA" Bruno screams like a little girl as I splash the freezing water on him. It was at that moment I saw the side of Bruno that I loved. I knew from then on I'd make an effort with him, maybe even start to love him.

Everyone is laughing and running in out of the water for ages until finally we're all way to cold to manage it anymore. We go back to the dying fire and I use my towel to dry the pups fur before they catch a cold. Bruno laughs at my selfless act and runs to his pick up to get me a new towel.

"Thanks" I smile as I wrap myself in the towel, shivering. The pups are all snoozing by the fire and non of us realised that it's actually sun rise.

"Holy shit! It's mornin already" George laughs. Him and Maria sit cuddled together. I catch her eye and she winks, making me laugh.

"Right gang, we better get back. Mike, Sully and George we have to go and collected a debt" Bruno says standing up. We all sadle up and I don't bother putting the dogs on leashes as they were all sticking with us anyway. Me and Maria put the pups in the trailer and jump in. We sit with out legs dangling off, just inches off of the road as we drive. Bruno has music blaring out of the speakers and we shout the lyrics as we drive throught he country lanes. I'm still surprised at where the gang house was positioned. It was surrounded by gaurded forests, ten minute drive from the beach, twenty minute drive to the city and then about thirty minutes until you're in the middle of nowhere, where Matt lives. I discover that Matt was the one who actually suggested the puppies. Thank god for that, I think.

We get to the house at 8:30 so me and Maria go straight to the main bathroom to wash the pups before training. I pull my hair into a bun and put on ripped skinny jeans and a cropped tank top on with converse. Bruno was out doing his gang business so Maria comes with me for training. Matt greets us and we start their recall training. After a few hours doing this all of them have perfected it. In a matter of days the pups have grown so much and have become house trained, can do basic tricks and are obedient to my voice. They were absolute stars! 

We drive home both chatting away and laughing at how clumsy the pups were. For a treat I decided I'd take them to a dog park but Bruno said we should do it with all the gang there as some gangs were acting funny lately. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon me and Maria beome restless as everyone was out and watching the pups had become really annoying. I loved them but damn were they hard work. Maria suggested we go into the back garden to let the pups run about so we each grab a glass of wine and grab a ball.

I sit under a tree with Thor lying on my legs while the rest run about. Maria occasionally threw a ball for them but we were both so tierd. Who knew looking after puppies would be this involved? The suns lazy rays beat down making the air humid and clamy. Slowly the pups start getting tierd and they start seeking refuge under the trees giant canopy to sleep.

"We need a girls night... WE'RE GOING CLUBBING!" Maria smiles excitedly.

"Oh my god yes!" I laugh. We stay outide until Bruno and the lads get back. When we tell them the plan Bruno and George start gobbing off.

"Izabella we only just got you back!" Bruno says condesendingly.

"I wasn't asking for premission Bruno" I snap as I turn on my heels heading for my room. Delta growls at Bruno and then follows me, all the others close at my heels. I hear him grunt and then storm off. Why did he have to ruin everything!? I collapse on my bed and then am smothered in wet slobbers by Thor and Red. This, at least, lightens my mood. After fussing the pups for a while I eventually start getting dressed.

I put on a black tight mini dress with two triangles ct out on the side. I put on silver glittery stillettos on and curl my hair even more. My make up look is a black smokey eye with a dark lip. When I finish putting my jewellery on I walk out my room, with my side kicks following me. Maria is down stairs chatting with a few people down stairs when I go into the kitchen.

"Woah!" Maria's jaw drops, making me blush.

"Look at yourself!" I laugh. Shes wearing a purple velvet v-neck mini dress which makes her look incredible. Her light brown hair is thrown into a cute messy pony tail and she has dark make up on.

"Bruno come and look at your fiance" George shouts. Earlier we decided that George and Bruno would come with us because that's the only way we were alloud to go. Bruno walks in and stops dead in his tracks when he sees me. He's wearing a black suit and looks fine as hell.

"Holy fucking god" He says quietly. I feel his eyes travel up my body as he checks me out. I blush furiously and can't help smile. The moment is ruind when Tracket starts barking and running around.

"Tracker" I shout and instantly he stops and trots over tome, head down.

"Good boy" I whisper, crouching to him and scratching him behimd the ear. H ebarks happily, tounge bobbing side-ways out of his mouth.

"Shall we go?" George smiles as he takes Maria's arm leading her to the door. Brandon walks into the kitchen with Marcel telling me they'd look after my 'babies' for me and nothing would happen to them.

"If when I get back they even have a scratch, I'll decapitate you" I says giving them one last fuss. We are finally a perfect pack- with me as the Alpha. When I leave the house and walk with Bruno to his other car, BMW's latest sports car, I instntly feel guilty. Tracker and Red are scatching at the windows, wanting to follow me.

"Izabella they'll be fine" Bruno smiles as he open the door for me. I give him a supporting smile and ge into the car. Bruno closes my door for me and jogs around the other side. We follow George's car into the city where the best clubs were. As soo as we step out the smell of alcohol and the sound of loud music is apparent. I walk arm in arm with Bruno as we walk into a really posh club. The music is deafening and all the hot bodies is making me turn my nose up. It stinks of sweat and sex. Bruno guides me to the VIP lounge and orders four cocktails. Maria and I happily chat as we start to let loose. George chats to a group of boys from an alli gang.

The whole night is filled with drunken laughs and cringy dance moves. We party into the early morning before we get back. As we walk through the door me and Maria giggle uncontrolably at everything. George blindly stumbles through the door walking into a table which for some reason was positivly halarious.

"Shhh" I say over dramatically. George puts his hands up in defence as if he has no idea what I'm drunkenly on about. Maria is sat on the floor trying to remove her slip on high heels with difficulty. Being drunk makes simple task way to difficult, we discover.

"Izabella you're so pretty" Bruno smiles drunkenly as he grabs my wrists pulling me closer to him.

"And you're like a tanned version of the hulks body" I smile, swaying drunkenly.

"Can I kiss you?" He smiles, his eyes are barely open.

"I don't know, can you?" I smirk.

"Yes" he smiles and chuckles. He plants a kiss on my lips and I kiss back, much to my surprise. His tounge slips into my mouh as he starts kissing me more passionatly. His right hand his placed on the upper part of my back and his other is firmly placed on my bum. I pull back breathless and smile like a three year old in a sweet shop. Brandon ruins the moment when he walks in herding five excited puppies into the room.

"Oh my babies! Hello!" I say in my cute-puppy voice. I stumble onto the floor and start crying. The puppies lick my face and clamber all over me with excitment. I'm also pretty sure Atlas got to excited and peed.

"Iz why are you crying!" Brandon says paniced.

"They're so cute" I sob picking Thor up and snuugling him into my face. When Delta yawn makes a little squeak I absolutly lose it. I start bawlling like a baby all because they were cute. Thinking about it, I seemed rather pathetic. Wait let me rephrase thet: I was pissed out of my head. I sometimes forget how much of a light weight I really am.

I think I actually passed out there on the floor but someone must have carried me into my bedroom because when I woke up I was in my bed, PJs on with my 'babies' surrounding me. My head throbes as I blindly stumble into the shower. I let the boiling water run down my body, soothing my aching muscles. I step out after washing my hair and wrap my self in a towel. After drying my body I slip into converse, denim shorts and an over-sized tee-shirt with the band 'Pink Floyd' advertised on it. I dry my hair and put mousse in it so it keeps its natural afro tight ringlets. My make up is simple with just foundation, brows and eye lashes on. When I'm done getting ready I wake the pups up, leading them into the kitchen. Maria opens the back door for them and they race out for their morning excreation process. I make five bowls of food and one massive bowl of water for them and lay it on the stone path in the back garden. Bruno whistles loudly and they all come running for breakfast. Lazily, I walk over to the big tree in the middle of the garden and sit against the trunk. Soon I'm drowning in puppies with a banging head ache. Brandon maked scrambled eggs and bacon so Maria brings a plate out for me.

"I am never drinking again" I groan as I down my coffee, taking some asprin.

"Niether" Maria agrees as she stares into her coffee. Delta lies against Maria's legs, staring up at her with her big blue eyes.

"Just a little bit" Maria smiles tearing a small piece of bacon off her place and feeding it her. Atlas and Delta are the only girls in the group so we sort of spoil them a little more than Tracker, Thor and Red. Speaking of the babies they're all turning  6 months today. I've officially had them for four months now. All of them have grown so much and it's been amazing watching their personalities develop and grow.

Delta is still very noisy and likes to boss the other dogs around, she is very loyal to me but has a strong bond with Maria. She is the smallest out of all of them. Tracker and Red follow me like a shadow and they are the leaders of the little pack. They both are extreamly loyal and obedient to me and both are so intelligent! I've had their training go on longer as they pick up every command like a piece of cake. Thor is still the lazy sucker he always was but is over protective when it comes to males coming near me apart from Bruno, Brandon and Marcel. Atlas hates bruno. She is extremely over protective of me and is always at my ankles. If I was honest she is the one I rely on the most, it's uncomfortable when she isn't around. Thor is the biggest now. At 6 months he already stands to Bruno's height on his back paws: he's a friendly giant. Every night so far they've all squeezed onto my bed. WE basically have zero room but they are like massve blankets so I don't mind. I love them all so much, so does everyone else.

Tonight Amelia is coming down for the weekend, so I have that to look forward to. Bruno and me have gotten so much closer and I'm now comfortable with kissing or holding hands with him in public. I've now officially accepted the fact I'm the the gang leaders girl!

**Hey guys! How are you liking it so far? Do you think I've gone abit off topic? I think I'm getting carried away with all the puppy business! Anyway I hope you're enjoying it so far! Please comment if you're enjoying it, favourite if you want me to carry on writing and please, PLEASE like this! I really want to stay on the 'Most Popular' page!

Love AnnonymousStorm**


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