Gang leaders girl: BOOK 1

**BoOk OnE**
Isabella is being married if to the leader of the Martinez gang. She hates been a pawn in the dangerous game but you do what you need to for family, right? The leader of the Martinez gang is ruthless and cruel which has Izzy sceptical about the situation. Will they find love? Will Isabella learn to care for him? Will he learn to care for Isabella? What happens when Isabella is kidnapped?
Read to find out!
#gang #leader #marriage #forced #love #romance #rose #thorn #sex #18


4. four

Isabella POV:

I binge watch the Kardashian’s until it turned 6 o’clock. I jumped into the bath and did an “illuminate” face mask. After that I shaved every square inch of my body and then got dressed. I put on a v-neck red mini dress and paired it with nude heals. I do a black smokey eye and red lips to match the dress. My hair is in its natural tight ringlet curls and I do a side parting clipping one side with a diamond clip.

I check myself out in the mirror. My small frame is showed of in this dress and my honey coloured skin is exposed. I look hot! I smile to myself and then leave my room. It’s five to eight so I pace-fully walk to the front door.

Bruno stands at the door chatting to his friends as I approach his jaw literally drops.

“You. Look. Stunning!” Bruno breathes.

“Thank you” I blush. Bruno walks up to me and plants a kiss on my cheek and then takes my arm gently.

“See you later gents” Bruno laughs as we walk out of the house.

Bruno holds the door open for me which makes me smile. Honestly I’m not seeing the dangerous and cruel side of him yet. I guess it has only been a day realistically.

“You’re so beautiful Isabella” Bruno smiles at me, taking my hand.

“Thank you Bruno” I smile, looking down in embarrassment.

“I know the circumstances are the best but I promise I’ll do what ever it takes to make you happy” He puts a finger under my chin making me look into his ocean blue eyes again.

I smile at him as he leans in, placing a soft kiss on my lips. He grins and then kisses me again but harder. I surprise myself when I kiss back with just as much passion.

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