Gang leaders girl: BOOK 1

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Isabella is being married if to the leader of the Martinez gang. She hates been a pawn in the dangerous game but you do what you need to for family, right? The leader of the Martinez gang is ruthless and cruel which has Izzy sceptical about the situation. Will they find love? Will Isabella learn to care for him? Will he learn to care for Isabella? What happens when Isabella is kidnapped?
Read to find out!
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19. Final Chapter! But don't worry, I'm making a sequal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Okay so Emilia never, under any circumstance, take this necklace off and Orlando the same with ring." Bruno says as he helps our daughter but the necklace on and I slide the ring onto our sons little finger. The necklace had the Martinez rhyme on it and inside the silver locket was a message saying 'we love you.' Orlando was given a thick silver ring with a big blue stone in the middle. Around the jewel it had, 'to the moon and back' in cursive.

"It's to big." Orlando giggles.

"You'll grow into it son." Bruno says as tears threaten to spill.

"We love you so much my beauties." I whisper as we have a massive group hug. My heart feels like it's breaking all over again...

"Why are you crying mummy? We'll be back in a few days." Emilia smiles as she wraps her arms around my neck.

"I know sweetie." I chuckle as I try and compose myself.

"Remember that you'll always be a Martinez and no matter what anyone says, you will always be our babies and that is it." Bruno smiles as he pulls Orlando up onto his shoulders.

"Forever and always, never apart. Maybe in distance but never at heart." Orlando and Emilia sing as we walk them to the car where George and Maria are waiting. Maria will be leaving with Emilia and staying with her until she comes back home and George will stay with Orlando. They'll need protecting and they volunteered.

"Thank you Maria." I whisper as I pull her into a tight hug. She wraps her arms around me as a few tears escape both of our eyes.

"Bring me home one day." She chuckles sadly. I sigh and gives her one last squeeze. We say our final goodbyes to George, Maria and our children and ten they disappear down the drive.

"It hurts Bruno." I say quietly.

"I know Princess, I know." he says kissing my forehead. Last night we decided that Thor would go with Emilia and Delta would leave with Orlando. Tracker was now too old and would eventually pass and I needed to be there when it happened. He was my old boy and he was never leaving my sight.

"They'll be in our arms soon Izabella and when they do we will be a family again." Bruno says as we walk back into the mansion.

*The end to book one!

Thank you for all the love and support I've really appreciated it!

There will be a next book but in the eyes of Emilia and what life throws at a 14 year old!

Will she see her twin brother again?

Will they see her parents again?

Keep an eye put for Book Two: Emilia Martinez.*

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