Gang leaders girl: BOOK 1

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Isabella is being married if to the leader of the Martinez gang. She hates been a pawn in the dangerous game but you do what you need to for family, right? The leader of the Martinez gang is ruthless and cruel which has Izzy sceptical about the situation. Will they find love? Will Isabella learn to care for him? Will he learn to care for Isabella? What happens when Isabella is kidnapped?
Read to find out!
#gang #leader #marriage #forced #love #romance #rose #thorn #sex #18


14. fifthteen

I'm making dinner when the front door bell goes. Bruno looks at me with the biggest smile and then we both sprint towards the door. I fling the door open and Amelia stands there grinning.

"Izabella!!" She squeals and jumps up onto me, enveloping me into a tight squeeze.

"I missed you so much sweet heart!" I smile as I pull away from her.

"I missed you too Izzy" She beams.

"What have you forgotten about your big bro?" Bruno chuckles, arms open.

"Bruno!" she screams running up to him and jumping into his arms. After she meets the dogs and says hello to the rest of the gang, I dish up dinner. I'd made her favourite: Spag bowl. The whole night is spent catching up with Amelia and the entire gang had stopped what they were doing just so we all could hang out.

Maria and George had decorated the back garden with fairy lights and had put a bed sheet up against the fence. The plan was to watch a movie using a projector and bed sheet. Maria had brought out bean bags and hundreds of blankets. It was so cute and defiantly tumbler worthy! I sat on a bean bag with Bruno and had Atlas and Red by my feet. Amelia sat on one cuddled up with Thor and Delta was with Maria. Tracker was sat with George. The rest of the gang was dotted on a bean bag, beer in hand, around the grass. It was so perfect. Bruno's arm was wrapped around my shoulders and occasionally he would kiss my forehead.

"Okay?" He asks.

"Better than Okay." I smile and snuggle into his arm. Maria is about to say something when all the dogs start growling and barking.

"Boys we got company." Bruno says jumping up. He pulls a hand gun out from his waist band and so do the other 30 lads.

"Thor" I call and he runs to me. Amelia runs to me, whiter than a ghost.

"Stay with Thor sweet heart, okay?" I smile trying to calm her down. She's crying uncontrollably and shaking. Me and the five girls in the gang all stand together with the dogs surrounding us. Red and Delta have gone with the boys to find the intruders. The night was ruined so quickly. Tracker starts barking furiously which causes all the other dogs to start snarling. We look around for the culprit but no one was there.

"They she is" A voice booms and a man heavily armed starts running towards us. He fires a few shots which send me into defensive mode. Tracked and Thor attack him and when he's trying to fight them off I shoot him down. Just like that I have another death on my conscience.

"Everyone okay..." I  start but I'm horrified with what I see. Amelia lies there, bleeding out and gasping for air. Maria has taken her jacket off and is trying to stop the bleeding. My stomach drops and tears blur my vision. The girls are hovering around her, crying hearty sobs. 

"Atlas get Bruno" I shout and she barks wildly as she runs inside. Instantly I'm at Amelia's side and I've taken her hand. I shove all the girls away apart from Maria who attempts to stop the bleeding. I look into Maria's eyes and I can tell what she's thinking- Amelia isn't going to make it.

"Just breathe you're going to be fine, sweet heart." I sniff tears streaming down my face. I can't lose Amelia!

"Izabella, I'm sorry." She says quietly as tears start spilling from her eyes.

"Don't say that! Just breathe" I smile, tears staining my face.

"Tell Bruno I love him" her voice catches her throat. Amelia's face contorts into pure pain as she takes her last dying breaths. 

"No no you're going to tell him" I say gripping her hand tighter. Where is Bruno?!

"" she whispers and then her grip loosens and her breathing stops. . Amelia has died in my arms...

I start crying wildly and let out  pained cries. I hold her body close to mine, her blood soaking into my clothes. I start mumbling words, trying to tell myself this isn't happening. My heart feels like it's been stabbed and kicked about.

"AMELIA!" Bruno shouts as he runs out of the house to us. I don't even look up. The tears won't stop and my heart aches. I hear Bruno collapse to the floor and start sobbing. The gang surround us and the majority start gasping or crying. There was a lot of crying. It was at that moment something clicked inside of me. I was no longer being the innocent victim, I was going to be the victor. I was going to be the untouchable, feared Izabella Martinez. Thor starts howling causing a chain reaction. Tracker, Delta, Red, Atlas and Thor all howl and you can hear the pain with each breath. Slowly, people start drifting away to mourn on their own but I stay there, silent. My dogs lie down next to me and don't leave my side for hours.

I feel Bruno's arm around my shoulder guiding me to stand up. George and Marcel pick Amelia up and take her away. Bruno pulls me into a hug and I explode into masses of tears. It hurt. It hurt that Amelia had just died. It really hurt.

"Come on" Bruno says softly. He leads me back to my room and makes me get into bed. Like clock work Atlas, Tracker, Thor, Delta and Red jump on and lie down. As soon as I hit the bed I'm already asleep. I hear Bruno whisper something, kiss my head and then leave. I just wanted to sleep this night away, forget everything. A part of me thought that I'd wake up to Amelia playing with Thor but it won't happen. Amelia's dead and I swear it to you now, I will kill who ever took part in the murder of Amelia Martinez. 


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