Gang leaders girl: BOOK 1

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Isabella is being married if to the leader of the Martinez gang. She hates been a pawn in the dangerous game but you do what you need to for family, right? The leader of the Martinez gang is ruthless and cruel which has Izzy sceptical about the situation. Will they find love? Will Isabella learn to care for him? Will he learn to care for Isabella? What happens when Isabella is kidnapped?
Read to find out!
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17. eighteen

*9 months later*

"Well done Izabella." Romeo chuckles nervously. Swear drips from my forehead as I lie breathless on a hospital bed. Today I gave birth to two beautiful twin. Bruno and I haven't decided what to call them yet but right now we're just over joyed that everything has happened safely.

"I love you so much Iz." Bruno mumbles as he kisses my forehead and squeezes my hand.

"Even during 6 hours of labour and then popping them out, she looks pretty!" Maria grins as a few tears escape her eyes.

"Maria, honey, I love you dearly" I chuckle as I kiss Bruno's hand.

When we arrive back at the gang house everyone is waiting for us. I have a floor length loose black dress on and in each both Bruno's hands is a baby carrier. Over the past 9 months me and all the girls, including the bitchy ones, have become great friends.

"Hey guys...Where are my other babies?" I smile agitatedly. It's been two days since I saw my pups and it has driven me insane! As Marcel goes to speak a herd of excited dogs rush towards me.

"Oh hello, babies!" I laugh as I crouch down and fuss them all. Atlas slowly makes her way over and I have to send the other pups away in order for me to fuss her. She had to have surgery after getting injured on a run. Nether the less she's still my number one girl.

"Right come on, you need to rest." Bruno chuckles after catching up with the guys. Our real babies were sound asleep in their little carriers and look so peaceful. They are a fraction lighter than Bruno and have my big green eyes.

"Okay, okay! See ya guys." I laugh as I make my way slowly to my room. Everyone called out their final congratulations and then disappear. My pups, or should I say dogs, all lie down dotted n my bedroom floor while the twins are in the cots opposite our bed. I lie in Bruno's arm as he traces circles on my shoulder.

"They still need names babe." I chuckles softly.

"Well we have a baby boy and baby girl...." Bruno sighs as he stares at the cots in concentration.

"How about.... Orlando Thor Martinez?" I smile.

"I love that!" He chuckles.

"What about our baby girl?" I frown. This is going to my little princess and I have to get her name perfect.

"Emilia Atlas-Rose Martinez." He whispers as he stares at our baby girl's cot.

"That. Is. Perfect!" I squeal.

"Orlando and Emilia Martinez!" Bruno smirks at the thought.

"Come on, grab a baby. Lets go introduce the newest members to the gang." I giggle as I bend down, ruffling Thor's fur.

I pick up Orlando and hold him close to my heart and gently walk down the stairs. The pups walk ahead of us as we find our way to the back garden where everyone is getting ready or the barbeque. My family was here as well and a few of the more trust worthy members of the Cartel gang. For a while alcohol, cigarettes and any sort of drug was banned from this mansion because of the babies. Bruno coughs ands grabs everyone's attention. Maria is wrapped in George's arms and every stands beaming at us as they wait in anticipation.

"We'd like to introduce the new recruits." Bruno chuckles.

"Introducing Emilia-Atlas Rose and Orlando Thor Martinez." I grin as everyone erupts in cheer.

We are now a family. Granted we were corrupt and dysfunctional but nether the less, we were still a family. I stare back at all the familiar friendly faces and realise that my beautiful twins would always be protected and never alone. I'd make George and Maria their God parents as I wouldn't trust anyone else and Romeo will become the trusted Uncle Rome. Even though I'm not technically a Martinez yet, I still feel it. Bruno and I are parents now and for a fact, no one would ever harm our babies and live to tell the tale.







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