Four friends

Four muggle born friends arrive at Hogwarts.
The timeline is a bit messed up, but whatever, ignore it.


8. Truth Or Dare

Over the next few weeks, me and Remus became quite close friends.

When the next full moon came, we walked to the shack hand in hand, I had managed to get Sarah to convince the others that we were studying with her in the Ravenclaw tower.

Over Christmas, me, Chrissie, Ethan, Sarah, Lilly, James, Sirius, Peter and Remus got into a game of truth or dare.

We mostly picked dare because we knew what would happen if we picked truth, 'who is your crush?' I was asked that dreaded question at one point, "I don't have a crush." I told them simply, lie.

"Are you sure?" Questioned Chrissie mockingly.

"Yes I'm sure." I said firmly, "Now if you don't mind, "I would very much like to get on with my go."

We continued for ages, no one was stupid enough to pick truth except Chrissie.

"Truth or dare Chrissie?" I asked.


"Who is your crush?" I questioned.

"I don't have a crush." She replied.

"Yes you do! You told us on the train!" Exclaimed Sarah quickly.

We all looked at her, "Come on Chrissie, who?" Asked Ethan.

She sighed, "Sirius."

Everyone looked at Sirius, then back at Chrissie, "You're serious right?" Asked James, "You're not kidding right?"

"Trust me James, she admitted it on the train." I told him

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