Four friends

Four muggle born friends arrive at Hogwarts.
The timeline is a bit messed up, but whatever, ignore it.


3. The Train Ride

We boarded the train together and sat down in a compartment near the end of the train I threw our trunks into the overhead racks and sat down next to the window.

I pulled out a book and started to read, I was completely silent and didn't look up until I heard the compartment door slide open, the same boy that complimented my shirt in the wand shop came and sat down next to me, he leaned over to me and whispered, "You're not making any noise killjoy."

I smiled and kept reading, for a few seconds. "Jodie, do you have any idea who this is?" Asked Ethan.

I shook my head and pulled a bar of chocolate from the bag I had next to me, "No, I have no idea, but he is the person who complimented my shirt and called me a killjoy, so here." I passed him some chocolate, I passed some to my friends too.

"I'm Remus by the way, Remus Lupin." He told us.

We each went round saying our own names until Chrissie said, "I'm Kobra Kid."

I glared at her, her name is actually Christina Bishop." I told Remus.

We talked for about five minutes until the compartment door slid open again and two dark-haired boys came in and sat down next to Remus, a short, chubby boy followed behind them and sat next to Christina.

"I'm Sirius," stated the boy on the other side of Remus, "this is James," he pointed at the other dark-haired boy, "and that is Peter." He finished pointing at the boy next to Chrissie. "Who are you?"

I started speaking first, "I'm Jodie, that is Sarah," I pointed at Sarah, who was next to the other window, "that is Ethan and that is Christina." I pointed at the other two, Ethan looked very uncomfortable, probably because he was squashed between Sarah and Christina, but then I noticed that Chrissie hadn't takes her eyes off Sirius since he entered the compartment.

"What about this little guy here then?" Asked Sirius abruptly, he was pointing at Remus, who was trying to get a glimpse of what I was reading.

"I'm Remus." He stated firmly.

"Cute name." Started James, "I remember learning about a kid called Remus in history," I was watching them and I could tell that Remus was uncomfortable, "do you remember that Sirius? What was it again? I know it was something to do with the Greeks."

I glanced at Sarah and saw that she looked extremely annoyed, it the way that you would be if someone kept saying your name wrong, "Actually it was the Romans." She stated.

"What was that little lady?" Asked Sirius.

"I said that the story you two idiots are talking about is from the Romans." Elaborated Sarah, she was glaring at the two boys now, I could tell it was making Remus and Ethan really uncomfortable.

James sat up and looked at Sarah, "So, are you going to tell the story or are you going to make one of your friends who actually remembers it tell the story?" He asked mockingly.

I looked at her quickly and whispered her name under my breath to try to get her to shut up, but it didn't work, "Romulus and Remus were abandoned in a river and found by a wolf," she paused, history had never been her strong point, I had been watching Remus the whole time and I saw him flinch at the mention of the wolf, "the wolf raised them as if they were its own cubs, until they got too old, they were then taken in by a shepherd who nurtured the boys until they were more like worriers than boys," I kicked her leg to try to get her to shut up, she finally got the message and smiled, "That's all you really need to hear." She told them firmly.

Me Sarah and Chrissie waited outside the compartment door so that the boys could get changed. "Sarah, while you were telling that story I was watching Remus," I started, "he looked really uncomfortable throughout the whole ordeal, which is why I asked you to stop."

Sarah looked at me over the rims of her glassed, "Really? I that really why you stopped me, or is it because you have a crush on this Remus kid."

"Likely," I muttered sarcastically, "actually, ask Chrissie about Sirius." I suggested with a smirk.

Christina looked offended, "How dare you accuse me of, of, yeah you guys are right." She sighed, "I have a crush on Sirius."

Me and Sarah both started laughing, she may think that love is outdated and pointless but she sure does have a sense of humour.

Once the boys were done we went in and got changed into our robes, we had all bought trousers in stead of skirts, because they were much more comfortable an practical.

We tapped on the window when we were done and watched the boys re-enter the compartment, I pulled out the book that I had been reading, it was torn and old and probably about third-hand by now, but I still wanted to finish it before Sarah.

"What book is that?" Asked peter in a tiny voice.

I showed them the cover, I had 'A Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' printed in big golden letters on the cover.

Sarah pulled out her brand new copy and held it up, you could tell that hers was the newer edition because it didn't have 'don't panic' printed on the front and it was cleaner and had less rips and tears around the edges.

They all nodded in approval, I glanced out of the window, we were at the station, finally, it was starting to get dark now, and I could still see out into the fields.

We got off the train and saw a huge man shouting, "Firs' years come 'ere!" We followed him to the edge of a lake, we were told to get in the small boats that lay around the edge, four per group, I went across with Sarah, Chrissie and Ethan, I spotted Remus sitting with Peter, Sirius and James, it was the first time I noticed the scars that marked Remus's face, it looked like a wolf had slashed him right across his face.

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