Four friends

Four muggle born friends arrive at Hogwarts.
The timeline is a bit messed up, but whatever, ignore it.


4. The Sorting Hat

We rowed across the lake until we got to the bank on the other side, we left our boats and walked up the hill, through the grounds and into the castle itself.

"I'll take them from here Hagrid." Said a tall woman dressed in green velvet.

"Hey, who do you recon she is?" Asked Chrissie.

I shook my head.

"I believe," started Remus, "that she is the head of Gryfindoor."

She looked sternly at some of the boys who were messing around an then led us to the great hall.

I looked up at the ceiling, it was magical, I could see stars and planets, galaxies and solar systems.

She told us to wait off to the side while the others got sorted.

She took out an old hat and a scroll of parchment, "Potter, James." She started.

"Hmmm," started the hat, "you are a, Gryfindoor!"

He ran to the Gryfindoor table.

"Black, Sirius."

"Hmmm, your whole family have been in Slytherin, but you are hoping to be a Gryfindoor, well then, there is only one place for you, Gryfindoor!"

He ran and sat next to James.

"Baker, Sarah."

I watched as Sarah walked up and sat on the three-legged stool, the hat started to move, "You are expecting to be put in Slytherin? But you would do so much better in Ravenclaw!"

She walked casually over to the Ravenclaw table and sat down.

"Taylor, Ethan."

Ethan walked up and sat down.

"You would be great in Hufflepuff, but you are very strong-willed and brave, I think you would be best suited for Gryfindoor!"

He ran and immediately looked back at me.

"Smith, Jodie."

I walked over, and sat down, I was really nervous, I knew Christina would be in Gryfindoor, but I also knew that I would be close to being a Ravenclaw.

"You are smart, and cunning, and kind, but l can also see, bravery, a strong sense of right and wrong, all good qualities for Gryfindoor, that's it! You're a Gryfindoor!"

I ran over to sit with Ethan.

"Snape Severus."

"Slytherin!" The hat yelled almost instantly.

"Pettigrew Peter."

The short, chubby boy sat down on the stool, the hat was placed on his head, it mumbled for about ten minutes until it finally declared, "Gryfindoor."

"Evans Lilly."

"Hmm, you have a close friend in Slytherin, but you would be much better suited for Gryfindoor, yes, I can see you doing great things in Gryfindoor."

"Lupin, Remus."

He sat bolt upright on the stool while the hat spoke, "You are expecting to be in Ravenclaw, but, you have the qualities of a true Gryfindoor, so Gryfindoor it is!"

He came and sat next to me, he had James and Sirius sitting on his other side and I had Ethan next to me.

Once Dumbledoor had finished his speech and sat down the feast began and food appeared on our plates and water or juice appeared in our goblets.

------------ time skip to the end of the feast --------

The Four houses trudged to their common rooms, lead by their prefects, me and the rest of the first year Gryfindoors climbed the stairs to find our trunks already in our rooms, some of the girls got changed, but me Lilly and Chrissie just flopped onto our beds face-first.

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