Four friends

Four muggle born friends arrive at Hogwarts.
The timeline is a bit messed up, but whatever, ignore it.


9. Mistletoe

"WAKE UP SLEEPY HEADS!!" Yelled Lilly and Chrissie.

I groaned and his under my duvet, "No." I murmured in response.

"Yes, lazy, wake up it's Christmas Day!!" Replied Chrissie.

When I eventually dragged myself out of my four poster bed and down to the great hall, I saw my owl fly in through the window, followed by Sarah's, then Ethan's then Chrissie's, some other owls arrived as well, but we took no notice.

Chrissie stood up and started yelling, holding up something she had got in her letter, "I HAVE TICKETS FOR A CONCERT!!!" She screamed, before sitting back down and showing them to us.

"I'll come," said me, Ethan and Remus in unison.

Chrissie had been sent four tickets to see My Chemical Romance live, on Veir Island.

"They're VIP tickets!!" I pointed out excitedly.

"What does that mean?" Asked Remus.

Chrissie stood up again, "It's means that we get to stand at the front and maybe meet them!"

I pulled Chrissie back down to the bench.

"Calm down, don't make too much of a scene," I told her.

She did eventually calm down when she saw that the tickets were fake and they were for when we would be in America anyway.

We walked back to our common room together, the nine of us (Sarah tagged along because she was heading to the Ravenclaw tower that wasn't too far from our own).

Chrissie stopped in a corridor, I heard James, Peter and Ethan snigger from behind us.

I looked up, mistletoe.

I groaned, I was with Remus, then I realised that Chrissie was standing under a branch of the white berries too, she was with Sirius. I held back a snigger and tapped her shoulder.

"What?" She sighed.

"Look up."

She did, she put a hand to her forehead, "Damn it." She whispered realising who it was that she had to kiss.

"Three, two, one!" I gave Remus a small kiss ok the cheek.

"There done." I snapped.

Chrissie gave Sirius a small kiss on the lips, then she turned away because she had gone bright red.

I noticed that my cheeks were flushed and started to walk towards our common room, fast.

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