Four friends

Four muggle born friends arrive at Hogwarts.
The timeline is a bit messed up, but whatever, ignore it.


7. I Will Never Hate You

About a week went by before me and Remus spoke to each other properly again.

It was during a potions lesson, I was paired with Remus, which was kind of annoying because I had been getting the silent treatment ever since the full moon.

"Remus," I began quietly, "are you ok?"

He stayed silent and just shook his head.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked.

"No." He replied firmly.

I didn't try to talk to him again after that. "It's just that," he started hesitantly, "my father told me not to tell anyone, but I guess I did."

"Did he say not to tell someone who was the same as you?" I questioned.

He thought for a moment, "Well, he told me that werewolves aren't accepted at Hogwarts."

"Well I guess he lied." I shrugged and glared at Chrissie, who was watching me.

"Get on with your work!" Commanded professor Slughorn.

After the lessons were over I found Remus walking around the grounds, alone.

I walked up to him, "Look Remus, I'm sorry if I hurt you that night but it would have been an accident, and you ignoring me now is just plain childish." I sighed.

I noticed Remus start crying, "I know that it's childish but I don't want you to hate me, that's why I'm shutting you out, that's why I'm barely talking to anyone anymore."

I pulled Remus into a hug and whispered, "Trust me, Remus, I don't hate you, I never would, no matter what happens, I promise I will never hate you."

I saw Chrissie, Sirius, James and Ethan in the window of the Gryfindoor tower watching me comfort Remus, I glared up at them and they walked away.

Remus pulled away from the hug and I put my arm around his shoulder, we walked back inside the castle together, up the moving stairs and into the Gryfindoor tower, it was getting late so we went up to our separate dorms, the girls followed me and started to question me about why I was hugging Remus, I guess the boys did the same to Remus.

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